Popular Orientalists’ Approach to the Holy Quran

Very good summary of orientalist approaches to the Quran.

As Salamo Alaikum

In this tabulated piece I attempt to summarize the popular /major Orientalist works surrounding Quran. Initially their works was limited to translation with some preface/companion. Those translations were far from being decent and even further from being fair. However, of late their works have snowballed and now they have been able to put forward elaborate (conspiracy) theories surrounding the Quran.

Needless to say their works are far from being fair. This tabulation is not intended to be exhaustive nor is it intended for any pedagogical purpose regarding Quran. This is aimed to be a basic reference source regarding different authors in their theories and claims about Quran. This work is essentially summarized from The Quran and the Orientalist by Dr Mohar Ali.

AuthorAuthor informationViews on Quran
Robert Ketenensis ,
Herman of Dalmatia
First Latin translators of QuranThis translation was commissioned by Raymond the Archbishop of Toledo and…

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