NEW VIDEO: Revenge of the Apostates | Muhammad vs. Jesus | Episode VII | Part 2

We’re back, young padawans. Darth Hammer criticizes Islam’s stance on apostates and affirms his belief in “freedom and human rights”. This video will briefly explain the Islamic stance on apostasy and then discuss the topic of “freedom of religion” from a Biblical point of view, exposing the hypocrisy and deception of modernist Christians and their love of “freedom”.

23 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: Revenge of the Apostates | Muhammad vs. Jesus | Episode VII | Part 2

  1. Mikail of the revived islamic caliphate

    Hey dude, what is meant by the kingdom of God ? I heard that being mentioned alot but i dont exactly know what it means. Ibe read that it means a spiritual realm which God reigns supreme but doesnt God rule the entirety of…..welll everything?

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    1. stewjo004


      No one can really say for sure, it’s an ambiguous term. But the most popular opinion I believe is the system of governance God will setup after overthrowing all the world governments.

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  2. Carl

    Peace be upon you, QB.
    I do not know where to put this, but I found this substack written by some mushrik, this may or may not be related to the topic at hand:

    I was interested in learning about the kalima concept and I hope you can clear me of the misunderstanding of this author’s view of the Kalimantullah (is it word “from” or “of”, if I recall correctly). Thanks!

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Carl

      This piece is such light work I’ll answer:

      1. “In Islam, there is no such thing as ‘conversion’ to a ‘faith’. These are Christian concepts that can only be applied to Islam with barbaric imprecision. What exists is adhesion to a legal community, through a public declaration that is valid regardless of any inner ‘faith’ or ‘sincerity’.”

      Incorrect and this is enough to end the discussion of this person not knowing what they’re talking about. To begin in Islam all actions mean nothing without the intent (aka “inner faith” using this person’s vocab) Evidence for this:

      “Narrated ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab:

      I heard Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) saying, “The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended…”

      This is a monumental hadith in Islamic theology. A person can do a good or wicked act but the intent is the foundational principle. For example, talking to my atheist boss when I was younger he said why should he go to Hell when he’s a good person. I asked him to explain some of his good and he said that he helped a lady with her bags in the line of Home Depit. When i asked his intent he said to get her to hurry up. And that was his reward and so he can’t expect anything from God then.

      2. “As soon as confirmed by an Islamic authority, Mr. So-and-so, after joining Islam, abandoned it, not only the Islamic courts but all Muslim citizens in the world have not only the right, but the duty to kill him if they have the means to do so.”

      Uhhh no? There is a thing called “due process” and Islam is HIGHLY against vigilantism. Being neutral Islam favors structure and order in society which is why we have so many process in place. So this point actually contradicts his last point of a “legal community”

      3. “The superiority of a civilization is not measured by its material or even spiritual achievements, however admirable they may be, but by its capacity to absorb and integrate the worldviews and “points of view” of other civilizations without losing its unity and identity, strengthening them.”

      Not saying I agree or disagree but where is the evidence for this statement?

      4. “The superiority of the West, in this respect, is not only evident, but overwhelming.”

      Uhhhh okay the West did not “absorb” anything until after centuries of revolutions and killing. Even then the only reason the ideas became popular was not because of proven superiority but through colonialism forcing its ideas onto subjugated populaces. They are not really like what was originally envisioned.

      5. “The West can study Islam in depth and with complete freedom, but Islam cannot study the West without filter and censorship, because if it does, it dies in two generations”

      Again says who? All that would happen is what China (aka Sino civilization) did and it would be absorbed and given a new twist. Also, Christianity has almost been completely disposed of in the western world soooo….

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Carl pt 2

        6. “No one in Islam has written a history of Islamic philosophy comparable to that of Henry Corbin.”
        Yeah, that was because we as a society said Greek philosophy is dumb and discarded it. Using the circulation argument the West wouldn’t even have these works, to begin with as they were in Arabic then translated into European languages and caused the “Enlightenment” that they’re currently bragging about. Also as for reading their works, we would read them and then summarily refute them.

        7. “In the US, when a guy falls into diabolical possession, he cuts people into pieces. Many Muslims do the same thing, they say, without any help from the devil. A Muslim, when he becomes an extremist, hangs a bomb around his neck and goes to blow up a church. The Catholic, when he becomes an extremist, hangs a third on his neck and goes to pray in front of an abortion clinic.”

        Idk what to even say to this stupid claim:

        I mean seriously it’s just too much idk where to start. Like Christendom is literally the poster child of religious extremism and the entire concept of “secularism” caught on in the West because they didn’t want Christians in power.

        8. “A careful reading shows that the Koran affirms the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ instead of denying it as so many Muslims proclaim. There is no escape. What is the Koran according to itself? It is “Kalimatullah”, the Word of God. What is Jesus according to the Koran? “Kalimatullah”, the Word of God. If the Word of God is not God, what is it? A created thing? Impossible. By definition, and the Koran itself states, the Word of God is eternal, it is the creative Word. Jesus is Eternal, he is the creative Word.”

        Well, that was a big jump to idolatry. Instead of being seeped in paganism let’s read:

        The angels continued: “Mary, God gives you the good news of a Word from Him. His name will be Jesus Christ the son of Mary. Held in honor in this life and in the Next, he will be one of those who are brought close to God.” (3:45)

        Notice nothing about a “creative Word that was just the author imposing his beliefs on the text. The reason he is called this is simple as the Quran says he got this because God told him to be this time without a father. Using the logic provided then everything is God as God does this with all things:

        When I want something to happen, all that I say is: “Be” and it comes to be. (16:40)

        9.” This is so because Islam does not understand itself as a “way of salvation”, like Christianity, but as a “sacred society”, a kind of divine Civil and Penal Code (“din”), which regulates only external conduct of people and not the intimacy of their souls (which for Christianity is everything).”

        Yeah I mean I guess if you ignore the Quran:

        He (has) carved for you a path from the religion that leads to life. (42:13. )

        “My people, you think something is wrong with me? I am calling you to salvation and you’re calling me to the Fire!” (40:41)


        Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying:

        Observe moderation in deeds and understand that none amongst you can attain salvation because of his deeds alone. They said: Allah’s Messenger, not even you? Thereupon he said: Not even I, but that Allah should wrap me in His Mercy and Grace.

        And the many popular books (outside of mysticism btw again showing the author’s ignorance) Oh look the notorius “Salafi scholar” Ibn Taymiyya has two books that I’m aware of dedicated to the subject:

        Click to access diseases-of-the-heart-taimia.pdf

        There is literally NOTHING in Christianity that we do not have except more in-depth and explained.

        Finally, it’s funny this moron talks about “civilization” in his propaganda piece when their own civilization straight up says we are a contender for “end of history” in the “clash of civilizations” so wth are they even talking about? Are they arguing their “superior civilization” can easily be toppled by a “lesser one”? I mean the entire arrogance of the article was simply appalling. They are not presenting anything new to us and we are still trudging along just fine.

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      2. Carl

        Thanks, but this long information is not needed. A video on the article gave it away: David Wood, I presume? Talk about “preservation” is a tedious duty!
        If I had an account to post on the author’s comment’s section, I would’ve typed (1) a polytheist doing a poor critique on the Way of Submission, (2) to remember the disclaimer of reading/analyzing/studying the Recitation without bias is to not commit excess… and (3) keep your false messiah and Hellenistic gobblygook to your level.


    2. The Quran says Jesus is the Word “from” Allah. This is actually referring to Jesus’ created status, as the Quran says elsewhere, e.g., Surah 3:59 which says that Jesus and Adam were created when Allah said “Be!”. So, Jesus was created. These Christians are desperate to promote their false and idolatrous religion to Muslims by misquoting the Quran.

      Anyway, good to have you back.

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      1. mr.heathcliff

        look at how the word “hanif” is used in aramaic and look at the qurans use of it with qualified “wa ma kana minal mushrikeen”

        so when quran is using “kalimatu min hu” these are clean and holy terminologies free from pagan trinitarianism just like “hanif” is clean and holy terminology free from mushrikeen infected ideas from quranic point of view, why these crosstians dont allow quran to SPEAK what it wants to say?


      2. Carl

        Thanks very much for all your insights, my unbiased knowledge and understanding on the Way of Submission is ever increasing, though slowly.
        Common ground, moderation, all those things: that’s the Middle Path one has to take to balance his or her life’s work.
        As for the concept of the word, or Kalimatullah, it seems clear as day to me now: it is a creation of the God, and all messengers mentioned in the holy books including the Recitation are intermediaries of the God teaching the monotheism in one form or another. A good act of service, indeed. To go further, the “word” is the product of creation itself. Well, the next bits are a philosophical ramble so unless you’re curious, I’ll stop here.


  3. Caliph ibn mumthaz

    Did this guy even know that the 3 degrees: Islam, eeman and ihsan?
    This alone disproves the whole argument of Islam being concerned with our external actions ( Islam) and not our faith ( eeman). Seriously tho even then, external actions are important as that would also be an indication of true faith (ihsan).
    other than the blatant ignorance and misrepresentations, I already distrust a writer when he refers to the Quran as the “Koran”. ( yes I am aware that it’s a transliteration but it’s just alot of islamaphobes and non Muslims refer it to that way that’s all.)

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Ibn Mumthaz

      Yeah, that whole point was ridiculous I just didn’t want to spend even more time on Islam, iman and ihsan (another FOUNDATIONAL principle of our faith) If I was guessing this kaffir confused us judging things based on the apparent means we don’t have an emphasis on the internal. Meaning if you have a person who claims Islam and doesn’t openly violate any of the 5 pillars or 6 articles of faith we accept their word regardless as our job is not to cut open people’s hearts. Again it wouldn’t be so bad if the person who wrote this article wasn’t so arrogant while being wrong.

      Regarding “Koran” I normally wouldn’t have a problem but I agree with majority of the time they are trying to be disrespectful when using it. Also personally hate the word “Islamaphhobes” as it doesn’t exist, call those people what they are, kafirin, kuffar, fasiqeen etc as I’m sure that’s what the angels will be calling them when they rip their souls out.

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      1. mr.heathcliff

        ” even more time on Islam, iman and ihsan (another FOUNDATIONAL principle of our faith)”

        when a pagan crosstian says one needs the “holy spirit” to help a person follow the right path, they are saying nothing different than a muslim. Allah causes TAWFEEQ to settle in the hearts. the differences is that the pagan crosstian thinks it is thirt person of trinity whereas a muslim will say Allah causes the tawfeeq in the heart.

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      2. stewjo004

        @ Mr. Heathcliff

        Interesting point. So thinking about this are they basically saying they’ve become mini gods as a part of God has settled into their hearts?


    1. stewjo004

      @ Ibn Mumthaz

      “Sometimes we have the opportunity to do good, but we do not have the ability. Sometimes we have the ability to do good, but not the opportunity. In the end it all comes down to tawfeeq…Tawfeeq comes from the root waaw-faa-qaaf, which means to agree or reconcile. Tawfeeq is both the ability and the opportunity to do something and this happens when all the means come together so you can do the good you want, and this is only from Allah”

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  4. Mikail of the revived islamic caliphate

    Hey dude, is it valid for one to say may Allah support so and so or support me with the holy spirit ( jibreel peace be upon him)? Its just on islamqa, in a question talking abput the holy spirit i found that the messenger of Allah peace be upon him made dua for hassaan ibn thaabit may Allah be pleased with him saying may Allah support you with the holy spirit and they mention dawood peace be upon him saying ” never stop supporting me with the holy spirit?
    Also in my imaginary/ hypothetical fictional universe, i want to name a caliphate although i dont know how to name it. I thought naming it after a dynasty wpuld be a little anachronistic especially since this universe takes place in a hard science fiction setting. What do you think wpuld be a suitable name? Also is a caliphaye supposed to be a federation or more of an alliance of nations where the central goverment isnt that strong? Can the office of the caliph be a hereditary office or its a purely elective and meritocratic office?


    1. stewjo004

      @ Mikaail

      Allah hu alim regarding the Holy Spirit.

      You have a lot of freedom in regard to a name. I would try and look at the word used in the hadith “you will go back to a rightly guided caliphate”

      Again open on the formation and the elective is the best way but people have abused the hereditary.


  5. Caliph ibn mumthaz

    Thanks its just that I did come up with some names but all of them aren’t very good. I tried to incorporate the idea of the caliphate uniting the entire human race and calling it like the caliphate of mankind or something btw that name isn’t actually the one of the names I came up with but it’s just to show you an example of what I am trying to go for.
    Also I’m curious, is there a full testimony of faith a full shahaada? As in a more longer version?


    1. @Mishal

      “Also I’m curious, is there a full testimony of faith a full shahaada? As in a more longer version?”

      You have what is

      1) Necessary
      2) and what is not necessary to utter

      Just to give a more correct meaning to your term, a “full shahada” is what is necessary i.e

      “”I bear witness that there is no deity but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God”

      Another common reading is “abd’duhu (servant) wa rasooluh (and messenger)”

      After that we can add what we want within the diameter of what can be added as a confession of faith ergo it is halal…take this hadith for example

      “It is narrated on the authority of Ubadah b. Samit that the messenger of Allah (ﷺ) observed:

      He who said:” There is no god but Allah, He is One and there is no associate with Him, that Muhammad is his servant and His messenger, that Christ is servant and the son of His slave-girl and he (Christ) His word which He communicated to Mary and is His Spirit, that Paradise is a fact and Hell is a fact,” Allah would make him (he who affirms these truths enter Paradise through any one of its eight doors which he would like.”


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