Twitter Tales: Response to a Christian on “Satan” Visiting Muhammad as Gabriel

Salaam alaikum! I had a recent discussion on Twitter with the Christian apologist “Al-Finlandi” (it is still ongoing). Here’s just a brief background. He had posted a tweet quoting an oral tradition from the “desert fathers” (a book of such “sayings” is available in English), which warned that “Satan” could appear as an “angel of light” in the form of Gabriel. Naturally, the suggestion was that Muhammad (peace be upon him) could have been a victim of such a trick. Below are my responses to Al-Finlandi. The 2nd response was made in 2 parts.

First response
Second Response, Part 1
Second Response, Part 2

6 thoughts on “Twitter Tales: Response to a Christian on “Satan” Visiting Muhammad as Gabriel

  1. Mishal

    Sooo Satan is appearing to Muhammed peace and blessings upon him as a angel telling him that he will establish a strictly monotheistic religion and with a particular emphasis on pleasing and worshipping the only one true God? Aaaahhh OK Al filandi

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  2. mr.heathcliff

    its not the fact that their phony god died that is the problem, the problem is that ISLAM denies their pagan theology that god has to come down and get destroyed by his own creation for sins, to these kaffir this is what is “satanic”

    one crosstian tried to change the goal posts not long ago on efdawah

    he said “islam is inherently satantic because it tells you not to sacrifice”

    you see the difference?

    A B
    “dying for a friend” vs “a god dying for the sins of his friends”

    islam is not denying A (what were the prophets doing? what do you do when someone child is about to drown? ), it does deny B, ALMIGHTY does not get “sacrificed”

    he is not his creation

    worship, trust, repentance, sincerity , deeds (sacrifice) does not apply to Him

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  3. mr.heathcliff

    next to “missionary wall of shame” is it possible to create a second header which says “is islam satanic” so then all your responses can be added to it ALLAH willing

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  4. stewjo004

    @ QB

    Wasn’t this dude supposed to respond last time you beat him up but never did? Also an interesting point here:

    “Alfinlandi next said that demons have “great powers” & can orchestrate “an illusion”, in response to the the Prophet’s ascension to heaven. Apparently, it doesn’t dawn on him that if a demon can fake a meeting with God Himself, then appearing as “light from heaven” is easy. ”

    Does it not dawn on them the irony that they are saying the exact same thing the disbelievers said about the prophets of old?

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  5. I remember an argument that it couldn’t be Gabriel because the entity choked the Prophet (scholars already suggested various reasons for it), which is an interesting suggestion by christians, I suppose Jacob got his joint broken by the angel after a Thai massage gone wrong

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