The Flat Earth According to the Gospel of Matthew – Twitter Thread

5 thoughts on “The Flat Earth According to the Gospel of Matthew – Twitter Thread

  1. Mishal

    Seriously, how explicit can it get that their object of worship quotes the old testament commandment ” worship the lord your God and serve him only”. Nah no thank you, leave us to our wishful thinking and straight up pagan rituals.

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  2. Mishal

    Hey guys, ik this not exactly the place to ask but im wondering, the prophet peace and blessings upon him titles include being the sayyid or chief of the sons of adam. In the quran, ibrahim peace be upon him is called the imam or leader of mankind. Alot of the time, sons of Adam alayhissalaam or bani Adam is often interchangably used for mankind. Is there any authentic source that explains the differemces between these titles? Also the whole son of man thing, So its a name for a intercessor deity in the book of daniel. I heard that eesa peace be upon him called himself as the son of man amd the son of man is sometimes used for mankind. So is jesus the son of man or its another figure? Whats the role of that figure? Also im curious as to the mahdi being prophesised in the previous scriptures. Is there any evidence to back the claim up? This question is mainly out of curiousity than anything else.


    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      Ibrahim (ﷺ) being called an Imam of Mankind is because we Muslims follow his ways. Allah calls Islam the religion of Ibrahim (ﷺ) in the Quran

      Who can forsake Ibrahim’s religion, except the one who fools themselves? I chose him in the worldly life, and in the life to come, he will be among the righteous. (2:130)

      Ibrahim was neither a Jew nor a Christian, he was one intent toward finding the truth and who submitted to Allah. He was not someone who equated others with Allah. So without a doubt, the people with the best claim to Ibrahim are those who follow him and his ways, like this Prophet and the believers. And Allah is the Protector and Helper of all believers. (3:67-68)

      Even when Allah mentions this keep in mind he is building the Kaaba which is an obligation upon mankind so in a sense he is our Imam even from a linguistic perspective.

      Regarding Muhammad (ﷺ) I am not saying it does not exist but I haven’t seen this title for him (but again it can exist this is just my ignorance)

      As for Bani Adam that is because everyone on Earth is a child of Adam so that is why we have that title.

      As for Son of Man, we have no authentic narration of Isa (ﷺ) describing himself as such nr any mention of such a thing (more than likely shirk the Jews took from the Babylonians). Regarding the title itself, you have to look at the context, as words change depending on them. it can be an alleged title and humans still be called it.

      And I am not aware of anything about the Mahdi in any other literature so Allah hu alim


  3. Mishal

    also ik that the quran doesnt confuse the father of musa peace be upon him to the father of maryam peace be upon her but can you clarify the whole issue for me as im not exactly familiar. I know in the christian tradition, maryams fathers name is jaochim but in islam, im not exactly sure if imran is the name of the father of moses and the father of maryam. Please explain it as im pretty confused. This isnt a doubt btw


    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      No reason to think there’s a mess up. Simply two men with the same name (you should understand this better than anyone how many Muslims are named Abdullah or Muhammad)

      The Joachim name doesn’t even conform to their “standards” of “authenticity” so it can be ignored.


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