The Bible’s Satanic Verses 😱😱

7 thoughts on “The Bible’s Satanic Verses 😱😱

  1. lol joke’s on them but the Logos (their logos) as a concept has pagan origins

    “Among the systems offering an explanation of the world in terms of the logos, there are the MYSTERY RELIGIONS. These cultic communities did not see their task as lying in the communication of knowledge of a scientific nature, but of mysteries to their initiates who strove for purification in the recurrent enactment of sacred actions. The foundation for the cultic actions was Sacred Texts. Among them were the cults of Dionysus, the Pythagoreans, and the Orphic Mysteries. By means of these cults, non-Greek, primarily Egyptian, ‘theological speculations’ influenced Greek thought, such as in the Isis-Osiris Mysteries, which OSIRIS [Nimrod] — the logos created by ISIS [Semiramis] — is the spiritual image of the world.

    “Similarly in the cult of Hermes, Hermes informed his son Tat in the Sacred Text belonging to the cult, how, by God’s mercy, he became logos, and thus a SON OF GOD. As such, he (Hermes) brought regulation and form into the world, but himself remained a MEDIATING being BETWEEN God and matter, on one side, and God and man on the other. The logos can also, however, appear as the SON OF HERMES, resulting in a triple (trinity) graduation: God (who is ‘Zeus’), Son (Hermes), and LOGOS” (Vol. 3, p. 1085, Zondervan Publishing, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

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  2. Mishal

    @the expert
    In the quran altho idk which verse, in that verse Allah is basically destroying the whole concept of him having a son ( indeed he is above what they say about him), in that he says that if there were EVER to be a son of God, then he wpuld have picked him from his own creation. Im wondering what does this mean and what is the overall wisdom and meaning behind that verse?

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    1. @Mishal

      I found this tafseer summarizing my thoughts i.e it’s not alluding to anything ontological

      “That is, it is just impossible that Allah should have begotten a son. The only possibility is that Allah should choose someone for Himself; and whomever He chooses will inevitably be from among the creatures, for everything in the world, apart from Allah, is His creation. Now, evidently, however exalted and chosen a creature might be, it cannot have the position of the offspring. For between the Creator and the created there exists a great disparity of nature and essence and character, and parenthood necessarily demands that there should be the unity of nature and essence between a father and his offspring. Besides, one should also bear in mind the point that the words: “If Allah had intended to take a son, He could have chosen from what He created” themselves give the meaning that Allah has never intended so. Here the object is to impress that not to speak of taking a son, Allah has never even intended so.”

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