12 thoughts on “A Christian get embarrassed on Deuteronomy 21:14 and the rape of female captives

      1. @Stew, No problem mate, it worked for all research publishers I’ve used…it may not work for some papers here and there but it works for most…don’t feel bad about it coz all the money goes to the publishers


  1. Mishal

    I have a few questions that i hope you can clarify stew.
    A. Did the prophet saw ever try to marry mariyah ra? Tyeres quite a few scholars say that he freed her and married her. I heard she rejected the proposal tho. If so, why?
    B. What is the correct opinion ( which opinion has the most amount of evidence backing it up) on the asbub ul nuzul of surah tahrim? Since theere is definitely some authentic evidence to back up a story of hafs a and aisha may Allah be pleased with them had annoyed tge prophet saw in forbidding a slave girl to himself, then the verses were revealed. How should we reconcile with these narrations to the honey incident? I know why its the honey incident is accepted by the majority of scholars but you yourself said that the majority opinion is not always the correct opinion. Can you clarify the matter for me?
    C. IF the maria hafsa ra incident is true, how can we exactly reconcile with this with the status of the prophet saw?

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      1.Allah hu alim but the strongest opinion is he did not marry Mariyah(ra). As for if he tried or not I am not aware. I have read all known marriage proposals/ rejections of the Prophet(saw) and do not recall Mariyah(ra) among them. And since we recorded other women rejecting his(saw) offer such as Fakhitah bint Abi Talib(ra) imo (but I can be wrong) this is just to get around her being a concubine.

      2. Regarding Surah Tahreem, I’m gonna be neutral now as this still seems to be bothering you (and you know me, I straight up made an argument that concubines were okay) So I tried looking for anyone else besides a tabi narrating the story and couldn’t find it so unless you have a reference that is what I am going to assume is the available information/evidence. Now if you wanted to go with “everybody’s right” you could say both incidents were close to one another as they don’t contradict. However, even in normal evidence in Islam outside of “embarrassing” incidents, a Tabi can NEVER override a Sahabi. To show you what I mean we have Sahaba(ra) who were like 10 when the Prophet(saw) died (example Ibn Abbas(ra)) If they narrate a hadith about the Prophet(saw) we automatically assume they heard this from another Sahabi and we don’t need to know that Sahabi’s name and the chain will be considered complete. A Tabi, no matter how righteous could not do this, bringing us to the first problem of disconnection. The person narrating this tale was not even a Tabieen but a THIRD generation Muslim who was not there (heck not even alive) plan and simple. Even ignoring this from a common-sense perspective, Aisha(ra) who most importantly was involved in this incident does not mention Mariyah(ra) and that is a BIG THING to leave out. Now, whose testimony has more weight the person both sides agree were involved or a person living decades later? Now if one argued “she lied” from embarrassment (which is a serious charge but we’ll roll with it) she narrates many “embarrassing” things about her husband (like him washing semen off his clothes) So we have no reason to doubt her testimony (especially bringing it back to the theological side that God Himself has testified to her righteousness and truthfulness). Outside of testimonies the Mariyah story simply does not fit into what the Quran says:

      “If both of you repent to Allah because your hearts deviated all will be well. But if you collaborate against him, be warned that Allah is his Protector, along with Gabriel, as well as the believers and angels who will aid him.” (66:4)

      Where in the Mariyah(ra) story did the collaborate againt the Prophet(saw)!?!?!?! They didn’t, so it doesn’t even make sense.

      As I said the majority doesn’t matter the evidence does and the evidence is weak for the Mariyah(ra) incident.

      3. Now let’s ignore these issues and for argument’s sake say the Mariyah(ra) story is stronger in authenticity, first question, and? What did the Prophet(saw) do that was haram? It’s his concubine, in his house that he pays the bills on. For example, let’s say I have two wives and one wife walks in on us (may Allah protect us from such a fate!!!) what did I do that was wrong? Yeah, she’ll be jealous, etc but I didn’t “do anything” it was basically just an accident like walking in on someone getting dressed. Nothing here detracts from his status other than he is a human (as the Quran says) Even if you want to argue “well why did Allah send a surah down?” Same reason the honey is an issue. The Prophet(saw) is our example and if someone narrates he forbid concubines that is making something that is halal, haram which is shirk. And Allah hu alim.


      1. Mishal

        Jazakallahu khair. May Allah increase your reward. Thanks for beimg patient with me and even clarifying the issue from both sides. Im overthinking again and i should know by now that theres essentially nothing wrong here. Youve made a bunch of valid points at the same time you were humble. Qb also ckarified the issue befire but i was overthinking things and being irrational. I shall be more careful with regards to the content i come across. Can you teach me a dua that helps me to replace all the doubts i have with certainty? Its just theres this anxiety that i feel where even after reading an answer to a doubt that examines it even from a neutral point of view and clarifies it with good points, i get this overwhelming feeling that maybe the answers logic is flawed and im just naive to not realise it or that theres a refutation to that answer or the person is lying. Please is there a dua that could help me with these anxieties? Jazakallahu khair.


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