5 thoughts on “Watch “THE SECRETS OF CHRISTMAS! 🎅🎄 – Halal Homer

  1. Mishal

    seriously even non religious people are celebrating christmas. I knew a while back that this holiday is nothing but christianity trying to compromise the very teachings its founded upon to appeal to more and more people in an alleged attempt to spread salavation or whatever. Also our perverted friend christian dunce had made a video where the title is something along the lines of christmas is in the quran. Oh boy, i knew that just from the title alone is just bullshit but im just curious as to what happens inthe video? What are the bullshit evidence that allegedly proves that christmas is somehow approved in islam?


  2. Mishal

    Welp that mightve been what he said in the video or not. I havent wayched the video tho as im afraid that i might lose braincells just from the few seconds of that. Im curious as to what so called evidence suggests that christmas is mentioned in the quran


  3. Mishal

    Hey wilhelm if thats actually your name lmao, what are your main areas of expertise? The reason im asking is that i have a question byt im just making sure im asking the right person lol


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