Watch “The Islamic Dilemma: does the Quran endorse the Bible ? [DEBUNKED]” on YouTube – Full Metal Theist

An excellent video debunking the desperate Christian argument that the Quran “endorses the Bible”.

7 thoughts on “Watch “The Islamic Dilemma: does the Quran endorse the Bible ? [DEBUNKED]” on YouTube – Full Metal Theist

  1. Mishal

    hey akhi. I just wanna pour out all of my troubles in here so that ill feel a little bit better. Ive bewn having these doubts lately that sprouted from david wood. Even though its a refutation video, for some reason it creates and brought all back those doubts i have abput islam, specifically the prophets character. I thought i would know that his claims are false and that he has been refuted several times. Then theres christian dumbass prince who inplanted thise disgusting claims of the prophet muhammad, the whole he wanted to habe sex with all the women astaghfirullah and then there jay smith whose claims that the quran ahs been corrupted had creeped into my mind again even thpugh ive talked and saw posts of this brother named abu safiyah who proved that the quran is preserved. I saw detective o wils video where in the comment section, this atheist i presumed tried to put asperasions on the idea of the different modes of recitation beijg from Allah. Ive come to the point where im doubting my own sanity and everyones character, thinking that they are taking the apologists words out of context or they are ignorant or something like that. I know that i mightve troubped you and annoyed you but i really need some help. You told me to pay attention to what reputable and reliable scholars said but theres this anxiety that crept up, suspecting that they might not be honest amd they try to hide this from everyone. I cant anymore, ive felt like that the truth is jist hiding away from me and that everythings alot more grey instead of black and white. I lobe this religion. I love Allah, his slave and messenger, his companions male and female. I dont want to know that this religion’s scripture is changed, or that the prophet is lying, was ruthless or that he was a lustful creep astaghfirullah or that this religion is unjust and cruel or anything like that. I have found out the wisdom behind the rulings and i cherished it. It only seems like that suicide is only option. I know that it yields a huge punishement but why should i go through this painful cycle of torment and doubt. I cant handle it. I always thought that maybe they were onto something and they were putting something that would disprove this religion to light and scholars in the past and future tried to hide these thimgs. I dont want that to be true man! I dont want any of this. I really dont know anymore. I might as well just die so that i wont habe to deal with all this.

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    1. Vaqas Rehman


      Brother I’m going to say to you the same thing I said to alexanderabood.

      Please do not end you’re life! Its not worth it to look for a permanent solution to a temporary problem! I don’t know the exact feelings you’re feeling but I can surely relate and sympathize. I have depression and anxiety, everyday feels like a struggle, but I still haven’t given up and neither should you. I implore you to seek guidance and mercy from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and also to seek therapy and counseling for you’re feelings and issues. You’d be surprised how effective therapy can help. Please I ask you again to not end or even think about ending you’re life!

      I also suggest taking a well deserved break from the internet and taking time to reconnect to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to try to ease you’re mind.

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    2. @Mishal, btw are you a lady? Mishal is popularly a girl’s name as well

      “You told me to pay attention to what reputable and reliable scholars said but theres this anxiety that crept up, suspecting that they might not be honest amd they try to hide this from everyone”

      What matters are the ingredients behind their rulings and claims, if the ingredients are all fine and clear then there’s no reason for you to think this way

      Are you on discord? I’d like to invite you to a server…my comments with links often goes into spam i’ll just post my ID here

      Username: Your girlfriend’s boyfriend #1670

      ID: 483196177207132160

      Hit me up


  2. stewjo004


    I’m going to teach you a bit of wisdom I learned when I was younger…look at the people giving you the advice.

    What I mean is somebody can really only take you as far as they themselves have done (this is why the Prophet(saw) is our example because as Micahel hart noted basically everything he(saw) did in the religious and political field was successful) Now let’s look at some of the people you noted:

    Wood-tried to kill his father with a hammer and is a clinically diagnosed psychopath
    Shamoun- Lied in court to get out of taking care of his children
    CP- Made a ton of inappropriate sexual comments to women

    All of these people are pieces of sh!t just on a day to day level let alone religion. As I said before notice again NONE of them bring academic sources its just their personal interpretations that no scholar for over 1,000 years of our history thought. This has nothing to do with “hiding” they simply don’t have anything. Same with that kaffir Jay, notice NO SCHOLAR MUSLIM OR NON-MUSLIM agrees with him. It is just this dude (or Brubaker) talking. Meanwhile, on our side you’ll notice in my articles I almost never quote Muslims when attacking their laughable text. it’s only recognized scholars of the field. The reason they had to throw ‘something’ out there was that we were lighting their @$Se$ up after we finally found out they have at least a little “hadith criticism”.

    What they are doing is nothing new, they are just the new wave of orientalist (who were also formed from missionaries) because they can’t defeat Islam with the sword. There’s no point in killing yourself as Allah says you can’t say you believe without being tested. He has already informed you about their and our situation. This is one of the whole points of Al Fatiha that we recite 17 times a day “guide us up the straight path, the same path of those you favored” we are not the first ones to go through this (and probably not the last) but it is your turn on the chopping block for Allah to show what you’ll do. Be patient, do what Allah says and we will inherit the Earth as the end is for those with taqwa.

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  3. Mishal

    jazakallahu khair guys. Im a guy btw wilhelm but its understandable as you noted that mishal is a popular girls name but i thpught its a unisex name but anyways. Thanks its really helpful. Btw im not gonna commit suicide as i know its gonna have a huge punishment in the hereafter and also that comment came out as a result of my crisis of faith and stress. Im feeling way better now and i really hope that i cpuld able to repent to Allah and try to have a great relationship with him ( hopefully inshaallah ill be one of his wali but thats in the hands of Allah alone). Thanks stew amd vaqas for helping me with sincere advice and valid points. Maybe the reason for these conflicted feelimgs i have is because of me going too far in the whole maybe their viewpoint has some valid points even though they exaggerated or it has some scholarly credibility but i should realise that these people arent scholars and that their viewpoint is not true like certain viewpoints in any sort of topic.

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