5 thoughts on “Watch “A Universe From Nothing” on YouTube

  1. and as usual, no evidence that the Islam god is the creator or that any god is. the laws of physics can be just as “eternal” and just as much the cause of the universe. No magical gods needed at all.

    just theists who need to claim that only their god is the creator and having no more evidence than the next theist who has a different god and claims the exact same thing.


    1. stewjo004


      I’ll help you out because usual with atheist you’re straw-manning. The argument presented is not what is the right concept, but of the concept of a higher being or beings. So now I’ll present the argument from the Quran for you, did you create yourself or were you created from nothing? Now go ahead and explain to everyone how 0+0++0=1 the floors all yours.

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      1. and no evidence of a “higher being” either, stew. Like all theists, you want to pretend yours is the “right” one.

        I did not create myself. The universe appears to have arisen from nothing per current physics.

        Did your god create itself? If not, all you have is special pleading. And you still can’t show your god to be the only one.

        But you can try. the floor is yours. Do show that all other gods believed in by humans are not real but yours is.


      2. stewjo004


        1. “you still can’t show your god to be the only one.”

        I think you don’t know what a strawman is so first let’s catch up to speed:

        The discussion is not specifically Islam but of the concept of higher being or beings

        As for your other two points, I’ll answer:

        2. ” The universe appears to have arisen from nothing per current physics.”

        Something cannot ever come from nothing. Again you are basically arguing 0+0+0=1. Even if you disagree with Islam, the fundamental issue is this. Explain how something can come from nothing.

        3. “Did your god create itself?”

        No in Islamic theology Allah has no beginning. One of it’s names is “Al Fatir” which is basically the “trigger” or “initiator”. For example when you have all the dominoes and you knock over the one causing the effect that is what it is.

        All praise and gratitude is God’s, the heavens and earth’s Original Trigger who made angels messengers with two, three, four pairs of wings. He adds to creation as He pleases… (35:1)

        4. “Do show that all other gods believed in by humans are not real”
        This goes into your fundamental misunderstanding of Islamic theology. Most religions have a common a distant high God that created everything including the other gods, quick examples:

        Shangdi- China
        Qamata- Xhosa
        Imana- Barundi
        Waaq- Somalia

        I can keep going but the point is made. What these people did was add other deities around that high creator god which is why they’re fundamentally weaker than it. I saw on your blog you used to be a Christian so you should be able to understand as they did this. There was “God the Father” who was the ONLY god then later Christians turned Jesus(as) an the Holy Spirit into other gods alongside Him and so they now worship 3 deities. In Islamic theology, this happened repeatedly so it is not just exclusively “our god” as most people have the concept, we are attacking these “add-ons” likee in the example of Christianity.

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