6 thoughts on “Watch “Webinar Excerpt: The Trinity Contradicts Early Church Teachings” on YouTube – Sapience Institute

      1. Sorry it alludes to colossians but taking Ignatius in context im sure he meant it in terms of someone created, most probably as an Angel the same way as Clement of Rome and Justin


  1. IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH (c. 30-107-110 C.E.): “…Stand fast, Brethren, in the faith of Jesus Christ, and in his love, in his passion, and in his ressurection. Do ye all assemble yourselves together in common, every one by name, in grace, in one faith of God the Father, and of Jesus Christ his only-begotten Son, and *First-born of every creature* ; but of the stock of David according to the flesh ; being conducted by the Comforter, in obedience to your Bishop and Presbytery, with an undivided mind, breaking one common loaf, which is the medicine of immortality ; a preservative that we may not dye, but live in God, through Jesus Christ: a purgative to expell all evil…” – (Williams Whistons Primative Christianity Revived Vol 1 – Ignatius of Antioch to the Ephessians (LONG VERSION) Chapter 20)

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