3 thoughts on “Watch “How China is trying to destroy Islam and Muslims -What you need to know” on YouTube

  1. alexanderabood

    May God’s curse be upon China and all those who have hatred towards Islam. Because, those people who have hatred are so misinformed. Now I really do hate China for what they do, myself, I could not watch it as it is disturbing video. Would it be a good idea if I try to contact Chinese government and talk about this matter? Because, this is what I had in mind to do. And I know also it’s root cause as well.

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Alex

      You can try but I doubt they’ll care unless you have something to offer (and that’s assuming this isn’t just culturally “how they do things” because remember they tortured the hell out of Buddhism)


  2. alexanderabood

    I wonder, is there any possibility for anyone to make such contact and find a way of contacting? Because, I’m planning on making drastic changes in the world. And I’m also planning on making all Muslim countries from Asia, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East to declare war on khawarij all at once so we can eliminate the black sheeps from our community. So people will have no reason to accuse Islam of terrorism and so people will know that Islam does condemn terrorism. The only way we can prove this, isby attacking the terrorists and annihilate them. Because, the only reason Chinese, apostates and Christians have hatred towards Islam, is because of this reason and the only way I can cure them is by annihilating the terrorists and show to people that Islam does indeed condemn terrorism.


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