4 thoughts on “Watch “Is Jesus God – Shamoun DECIMATED by Ijaz Ahmad” on YouTube

  1. stewjo004

    @ QB

    I agree with you110% ( I think even Hamza Tzortis said the same thing and that it’s really only) What I think Muslims should do more instead of “debates” which come with the problems you said is to simply engage in discussions where neither side attacks the other. There is a topic, the speakers simply state their pov and then questions from the audience. In this format nobody is defensive and the people can choose who made more sense. When this was done with Bilal Philips on “salvation” the preacher on the opposite side said the audience should be Muslims which was FAR more powerful than any argument we can ever make in a debate:

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  2. mr.heathcliff

    ijaz ahmed said that a force like death had mastery over a being which you (scumoun) identify as yhwh. so one force gave your PAGAN composite being AN experience which it did not have before i.e LOSING life. what did the MARTYRS dying (these same martyrs are DEPENDANT on the will of ALLAH to continue to exist) have to do with a COMPOSITE being experiencing a FORCE over it ?

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