Watch “Rabbi Stuart Federow refutes Michael brown on Genesis 18 “God is not a man nor an Angel”” on YouTube

Another new Muslim channel on YouTube provides the Jewish answer to trinitarian nonsense about Genesis 18 and the three visitors of Abraham (pbuh). Like, subscribe, and share! Trinitarian lies need to be exposed!

99 thoughts on “Watch “Rabbi Stuart Federow refutes Michael brown on Genesis 18 “God is not a man nor an Angel”” on YouTube

      1. QB the dirty son of Mutah

        Since you claim Ijaz destroyed Sam. I challenge you to upload the full debate on your channel. It should not be a problem since it’s a victory according to you 😆. No editing and no adding text for damage control 🤣. You’re even smarter than Mustafa. At least he had the courage to come on the panel. You will have a longer career than him. You know your place kid. 😆 Prove me wrong, if you can’t upload it, you’re just a dirty son of mutah talking rubbish. 🙂

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      2. LOL, Abdul-Baal, you filthy crosstian monkey, why did your boyfriend only upload about 4 hours of an almost 6-hour discussion? And how does that change the fact that your boyfriend “Hassamo”, the abusive deadbeat divorcee, got throttled by Ijaz? You see little Baal worshiper, the opinions of losers such as yourself mean about as much as a rat’s tail to reasonable people such as myself. And while your boyfriend needs the support of morons like yourself to give him an income, the rest of us actually have real careers. We have jobs and we provide for our families with hard work, like real men. We expose the lies of your pagan religion and its main propagandists, like Hassamo, in our spare time.

        Oh and one more thing, Abdul-Baal, tell your fat boyfriend to post the video that Ijaz has been asking for a few years. What is “Hassamo” afraid of?


      3. Hey Abdul-Baal, the diseased pagan monkey, reasonable people acknowledge that your boyfriend got smashed by Ijaz. In shaa Allah, more people will see the fraud that your master and his pagan religion are!


      4. QB a filthy coward.

        Sound like the m0r0n can’t take the challenge. That’s what happens when you talk sh!t. You get humiliated. Filthy rat bring evidence both videos are longer. Or are you talking from your a$$ again? 🤣 You’re complaining about length. While we can find more than 4 hours on several Christians channel. I’m yet to see the Muslims cowards upload a video close to 5 hours. Muslims are ashamed of Ijaz performance. You don’t even believe what you’re saying that Ijaz won. The Christians came into your house, and smashed it. Nothing you can do about it coward.

        When your ‘ready’ let us know. You know where to find us. You know us. We can arrange an appointment to smash you in a live debate as well. The day your man enough. The day you stop hiding in your wife garment like your Prophet. All you can do is acting while hiding. 😂 The same invite goes to your m0r0n of a boyfriend Mustafa. To save time, we can smash both pricks at the same time.


      5. Hahahah, what’s the matter filthy monkey? Did I hurt your feelings, Abdul-Baal? Or it that I exposed your fat boyfriend? So where’s that missing hour from your boyfriend’s video? Hmmm?

        So how’s your career going Abdul-Baal? I know who you are, whore of Babylon. 😉 How’s that job at McDonald’s? Still dreaming of getting that GED? 😂😂😂


      6. 😂😂 “The crosstians” got smashed. Your uneducated boyfriend absolutely got fried by Ijaz. Crosstians excel at one thing: being loudmouths. Thankfully, your pagan religion is hemorraghing right now. Millions are leaving your Baal cult. But keep supporting your fat boyfriend and giving him an income. It will make it more enjoyable when he gets smashed again and again. 🤣


      7. Abdul-Baal, did you ask your fat boyfriend about that video Ijaz was asking about? Why is he such a coward? What is he hiding? Tell him to man-up. His unholy spirit can’t help him.


      8. QB failures

        A Muslim with an illiterate prophet speaking of GED. 😁 You fail every challenge. You failed to upload the whole debate without editing. Without adding text like the m0r0n Ijaz for damage control. You failed to prove both videos are longer. And you will fail to send a debate challenge. You won’t do it. You know your place kid. I feel sorry for you dirty son of mutah. 🙂


      9. Hahaha, what’s the matter dishwasher? You didn’t graduate high school did you? It’s understandable why you’re stuck at McDonald’s. 😂😂

        Did you ask your fat boyfriend, little monkey? Where’s that missing hour? Where’s that video from years ago that Ijaz was talking about?

        And why do you worship Baal, filthy monkey?

        Who cares about your “challenge”? We saw your boyfriend get smashed. Get over it, whore. 🙂


    1. Your worst nightmare

      I noticed twice Sam Shamoun was on a Livestream. And you’re on the panel. And both time you did not try to refute him when it comes to religion. It’s very smart. You let the other Muslims get destroyed. Smart move for your career. The Christians came into your house, and smashed it lol.

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      1. Jamil

        Abdul Baal??? LOL. Dude, one thing is you expose yourself as being ignorant of Ugaritic and Hebrew, but even Arabic you don’t know?!
        Go take some Semitic classes. What in ignoramus, can’t even get his insults right!


      2. 🤣🤣🤣 Oh really, Abdul-Baal? Are you sure you want to go there, little pagan? See my video on the subject, dummy. Get educated so you don’t embarrass yourself over and over again.

        Ouch!! 😂


      3. Jamil

        LOL, dude get some education and, try constructing Abdul Baal grammatically correct. You’re ignorance an embarrassment!


      4. 😂😂😂 The pagan is desperately trying to go off on tangents. English-speaking followers of morons like Christian princess would more likely get the reference. It doesn’t matter if it’s not grammatically correct in Arabic. And actually, since the word Baal literally means “Lord”, “Abdul Baal” would simply mean “servant of the Lord”. The only kicker is that this “Lord” is plagiarized from Canaanite mythology.

        So Abdul-Baal or “Abd Baal”, whichever one you prefer, I ask: why do you worship a false pagan god, you filthy monkey? 😂😂


      5. 🤣🤣🤣 The troglodyte keeps embarrassing himself with his poor English grammar! It’s “YOUR ignorance is an embarrassment”, dummy. Not “YOU’RE ignorance is an embarrassment”. 😂😂 Go back to elementary school, silly pagan. Ask Baal to help you get an education.


      6. Jamil

        LOL dude, you had three languages you could choose from and you exposed your ignorance of all three when trying to create an insult.
        What an own goal!

        Maybe you can take some Arabic lessons – in Baalbek!


      7. 🤣🤣 Monkey, you showed your own ignorance in each language. You’ve embarrassed yourself too many times already. Have a little dignity.

        Now, why do you worship a pagan god, Abdul Baal (servant of the lord)? Don’t keep deflecting. 😂


      8. Jamil

        Show that you can get it grammatically correct in one language first. Then you can talk. You are just embarrassing yourself with your ignorance.


      9. Monkey, you couldn’t get any language grammatically correct, not even English! Who are you to talk about grammar? Again Abdul-Baal, stop deflecting and answer the question. I turned the tables on you quickly and now you’re struggling to save what little dignity you have left. Why do you worship a pagan god? And why can’t you write grammatically correct English? 🤣🤣


      10. Abdul Baal, where did you learn English?

        When you figure it out, then try to answer the question of why you worship a false Canaanite god. It’s okay Abdul. I know you’re butthurt. Don’t worry. I find it extremely hilarious that you’re struggling so much to deflect from your pagan religion. 😂😂


      11. Jamil

        So you’re too embarrassed to admit that your Arabic is so poor you can’t even construct a grammatically correct insult?

        Did you sleep during Arabic classes? Or maybe you don’t know Arabic at all? Are you just pretending to know but got caught?


      12. 🤣🤣 Dummy, I showed you that both titles are correct, Abdul Baal. Are you too embarrassed to admit that your English is so poor that you couldn’t avoid making multiple errors within a few minutes? 🤣🤣

        Did you sleep during English class? Or maybe you don’t know English at all? Are you just pretending to know but got caught?

        And no monkey, I never claimed to be an Arabic speaker. But as I said, “Abdul Baal” is still correct, just like saying “Abdul Masih”, which you pagan crosstians call yourselves (at least the Arab Crosstian pagans). You have nothing left, Abdul Baal. The tables were turned on you pretty quick and it has all backfired. That’s what happens with Crosstian loudmouths.

        So I ask again: why do you worship a Canaanite god? Answer the question abdul-Baal. Go on, filthy monkey. 😉


      13. Jamil

        Ahhh, so you don’t even know Arabic. I could tell from your poor “Abdul-Baal” construction. Maybe someday you’ll learn enough Arabic to create grammatically correct insults. Until then, try not to embarrass yourself too much.


      14. Ahhh, so you don’t even know English. I could tell from your poor “you’re” construction, instead of “your”. Maybe someday, you’ll learn enough English to create grammatically correct insults. Until then, try to embarrass yourself much, so I can laugh at you. 🤣🤣

        Again monkey, why do you worship a pagan deity? Answer the question Abdul Baal. Come now, little boy. I know you’re scared to actually deal with the issue. Most crosstians are. I love it. 🙂


      15. Jamil

        Why? You’re embarrassed that your “Abdul-Baal” backfired and exposed your ignorance of Ugaritic, Hebrew and Arabic even as you were trying to create an insult?


      16. Why? You’re embarrassed that your “you’re” backfired and exposed your ignorance of English even as you were trying to create an insult?

        And again, I embarrassed you on your obsession, fool. “Abdul Baal” is like “Abdul Masih”. Baal literally means “lord”. So saying “Abdul Baal” is like saying “servant of the lord”. Unfortunately for you and your fellow Crosstian pagans, the “lord” here is a false Canaanite god that your Bible unknowingly used to create its own myth. Sorry, Abdul Baal. I know you’re butthurt, but please, don’t stop embarrassing yourself and desperately trying to go off on tangents. It shows how fearful you are of seeing your pathetic Bible destroyed. 😂😂😂


      17. Jamil

        All right, my friendly advice is, maybe learn some Ugaritic, Hebrew and Arabic then you won’t expose your ignorance. Or maybe stop making insults in languages you don’t even know? Cause it’s embarassing. Bye for now “Abdul-Baal”.


      18. All right, my friendly advice (not really, because you are a pathetic and demonic pagan), maybe learn English, then you won’t expose your ignorance. Or maybe stop making insults in languages you don’t even know? Because it’s embarrassing. Come back real soon, Abdul Baal. I need to embarrass you some more. 😉

        When you come back, make sure to answer the question: why do you worship a false Canaanite god? Why did your Bible use a pagan motif to creat its own myth? Bye Abdul Baal! 😁


      19. Jamil

        I’ll come back soon,
        only if you work on your Ugaritic, Hebrew and Arabic to show you can “creat”, as you put it, a grammatically correct insult.

        Too embarrassing, but it looks like you need to work on you English, now that you’re at it.


      20. Come back soon, but only after you work on your English grammar, Abdul Baal, to show you can “create” a grammatically correct insult.
        Too embarrassing, but it looks like you need to work on your own English, and not nitpick about the typos of others, now that you’re at it. Work on “you’re”, as you put it, own ignorance and stop embarrassing yourself.
        I’ll be waiting, pagan monkey. I’ll need an answer to those questions, okay? Bye Abdul Baal! See you soon!


      21. Abdul Baal, when you come back, make sure you have read Mark Smith’s book “The Early History of God”. You may also want to see John Day’s book “Yahweh and the Gods and Goddesses of Canaan”. Okay, little boy? This is your homework, in addition to working on your English grammar. 😁


      22. Allah = Baal

        Thank you for proving Allah is Baal. Why Muslims apologist like to destroy the filthy satanic cult of Islam.

        And argue not with the People of the Scripture… Our God and your God is one, and upon him we surrender. S29:46

        Say (unto the People of the Scripture): Dispute ye with us concerning Allah when He is our Lord and your Lord? Ours are our works and yours your works. We look to Him alone. S. 2:139

        Why you worship Baal you filthy 🐀? 😂


      23. 😂😂😂 Abdul Baal, are you upset that I exposed your filthy paganism? And don’t quote the Quran you depraved monkey. You are not worthy of the sublime Word of Allah.

        What’s the matter, monkey? You have to deflect from the truth about your Bible, huh? Poor, pathetic crosstians always deflect from their Bible. How will you convince people to follow your silly religion if you are so afraid of defending it? I know what the problem is. You see, deep down inside, you know your religion is false. You’re just not courageous enough to admit it. Now go worship Baal, pagan simian. 😂😂


      24. Muhammad the slave of Baal 😊

        I feel sorry for your Baal worshiper. I wonder if Muhammad could possibly make it more difficult for his followers. In a sense, Muhammad is a gift. He made it easy to expose Islam.

        I was about to say, to be fair it’s the stupidity of Muhammad. Not your fault. But when I think about it. You’re dumb enough to use arguments that backfire on you. Muhammad stupidity continues with his followers.

        I don’t have to defend an argument that backfires on Islam and destroy this satanic cult. I like the argument. It proves your stupidity.

        Did you do your 5 daily prayers to Baal? 😂


      25. I don’t feel sorry for you Abdul Baal. You will burn in hell like the garbage you are. In a sense, your Bible is a gift. It makes it so easy to expose crosstianity.

        I was about to say, to be fair, it’s the stupidity of your Bible authors and dummies like Paul. And it is your fault too because you’re such an uneducated moron that you not only cannot defend your silly Bible but have to desperately deflect to Islam. The stupidity of Crosstianity continues with it’s followers.

        I don’t have to respond to a silly argument from a jackass with no education. I like the argument. It proves that you pagans are following a false and satanic cult that gets crushed under the weight of facts.

        Did you pray to Baal when you took him as your savior? 😂😂😂


      26. Hey monkey, slave of Baal, deal with your Bible’s reliance on pagan myths. Stop running, coward. I know you have to go back to your dishwashing job, whore of Babylon. But you need to be humiliated some more before you go So go on, filthy idolater. I know you’re afraid of getting smashed like your fat boyfriend got smashed by Ijaz. Tell him to post the video Ijaz has been asking about. Also ask him why there is more than an hour of the debate missing from his version. That’s your homework, you pathetic animal. Get to work. 😁😁


      27. Until you deal with the topic, your comments will be deleted, filthy monkey. Stop deflecting and start dealing with the topic. Coward crosstians always deflect when they can’t defend their satanic religion. 😂😂


      28. Newkidontheblog

        Hahahaha! QB’s Arabic is so bad he can’t even put two words together without making a mistake?! This is hilarious, LOL!


      29. Hahahaha! Another Crosstian Abdul can’t deal with the paganism in his Bible and has to deflect! This is hilarious, LOL!

        Abdul Baal, like your monkey brother, let me explain to you that I never claimed to be an Arab speaker nor was the title “Abdul Baal” meant to be correct according to Arabic grammar. In fact, I didn’t even give it any thought at all! Nevertheless, since the word “Baal” also meant “lord”, to call you Abdul Baal would mean something like “servant of the lord”. But you are also a servant of the pagan god whose name was Baal. You are a hell-bound pagan who doesn’t realize that he unwittingly believes in a pagan myth. That’s hilarious, LOL! 🤣🤣

        Regardless, you silly monkey, I know you guys are desperate to cling to irrelevant details so you can deflect from your pathetic and satanic religion. How will you guys ever succeed in bringing people to your religion if you will always deflect like cowards whenever your religion is skewered and barbequed? 😂😂😂


      30. And if you want to see really bad Arabic, just check out your fellow pagan clown Al-Fadi. Farid has exposed that moron, just like I have exposed your satanic religion and it’s reliance on pagan mythology. 😂


      31. Newkidontheblog

        QB: “In fact, I didn’t even give it any thought at all!”

        No, that’s exactly the point. You don’t exactly help yourself by pointing out your limited mental capabilities. You’re so hilarious, LOL!


      32. Hahaha, oh boy, this is hilarious! So I’m supposed to make sure that a term follows the rules of a language I don’t speak, and never claimed to speak, just because you morons demand that? 🤣🤣😂 Oh silly monkey, you make me laugh!

        Anyway, this still doesn’t change the fact that your Abduls (notice that in Arabic, the plural of Abdul is written differently 😉) are desperately trying to deflect away from the harsh truth about your pagan religion. Aww, silly butthurt Abdul Baal. You’re so hilarious, little Abdul, LOL! 🤣


      33. The other ironic and hilarious thing is that you moron worshipers of Christian princess don’t seem to realize that when you refer to a Muslim as “Abdul”, what you are literally calling that Muslim is “servant of the”. 😂😂 Crosstians are so stupid!


      34. So coward, will you deal with the paganism in your Bible? Speak, little monkey. Don’t be a coward like all the other Abduls (yes, this is not the correct Arabic way to write the plural 😉). Don’t run, cowardly pagan. Try to defend your Bible for once.


      35. Newkidontheblog

        Think, QB, think. I know you said it’s not your forte, but at least give it a try.

        Abdul is an abbreviated form of the full name, commonly used by Muslims and Arabs. Not the same as your ignorantly misconstrued name.

        Your language and mental skills are really not very impressive. You might want to do something about that.


      36. 😂😂😂 Think, Abdul, think. I know you said it’s not your forte, but at least give it a try.

        Abdul is not an abbreviated form of the full name, jackass. In Arabic, it literally means “servant of the”. It’s a combination of abd and al. When an Arab-speaking Muslim is called “Abdul”, it is in combination with some other word, such as Abd al-Rahman. You see, moron? I’m just applying the same argument you idiots are making. 😂😂

        Your language and mental skills are really not very impressive, Abdul Baal. You might want to do something about that.

        Now get on with it, pagan monkey. Deal with the paganism in your Bible. Stop running, coward. 😁


      37. Newkidontheblog

        Hahahaha, you really are clueless.

        Now you’re scared to come up with words of your own, because you’re afraid you’ll be exposed for not thinking again. LOL. Then, clueless as you are, you parrot instead. Hahaha you’re too hilarious.


      38. Hahahaha, you really are clueless, Abdul Baal.

        Aww, what’s the matter little monkey? You getting frustrated?

        “Parrot”? Hahahaha, this coming from the Abdul fanboy of donkeys like Christian princess et al. 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t you morons get tired of embarrassing yourselves?

        In all seriousness Abdul Baal, why are you so afraid to deal with your pagan Bible? Come on sweetie. I know you’re afraid, and I promise that I’ll try not to laugh at you as you crash and burn. Won’t you give it a try? Pretty please? 😁😁


      39. Newkidontheblog

        You mean debate with someone who already admitted thinking is not his forte? Someone who can only parrot as he is afraid of being exposed as clueless once again? Don’t you realise how clueless it is of you to propose something like that?

        But if you want to debate I’m told there are plenty of people on the internet, like the fella’ you mentioned, specialising in clueless people like yourself who can’t even put two words together without making a mistake. If you’re lucky he might even be willing teach you some Arabic grammar!

        Maybe it’s worth a try?


      40. Hahahaha, oh little monkey, why are you afraid? Come on little man. Defend your Bible. Your god Baal is depending on you.

        Lol, why would your bring up your fat master Christian princess, who had run away from debating Farid? 😂😂

        And he will teach me? You mean the guy who invented a new imam? Would you like to meet Imam Murrah, you donkey? 😂😂

        I’m still waiting Abdul Baal. Will you defend your god? Or will you keep running like a coward and embarrassing yourself? 😎


      41. Quran on the floor collecting dust

        I was wrong. I had one Quran on a table. So I drop it and put my foot on it. Now both Qurans are on my floor collecting dust. Can you be more stupid? So that I take it to another level. What was it? I’m not worthy to quote the Quran? 🤣


      42. Lol, Abdul Baal, you’re only assuring that you’ll be buried deeper and deeper in hell as your burn for eternity. Baal won’t save you then. Neither will your mangod.

        You see monkey, uncivilized morons like you think that people give a rat’s tail about what you do or say. You’re a loser. No one cares what you think, say or do. On the day of Judgement, you will be humiliated and thrown into the hellfire for eternity. And just like we laugh at you now, we’ll laugh at you then as well. Now go worship your pagan god, Abdul Baal.


      43. Newkidontheblog

        QB: “Lol, why would your bring up your fat master Christian princess, who had run away from debating Farid?”

        Think, QB, think. You’re not this clueless, are you?

        Every time you write something you expose more examples of thinking not being your forte. Though to be fair, you admitted that yourself.

        I didn’t bring him up. You did. Remember? You’re the one who said: “Parrot”? Hahahaha, this coming from the Abdul fanboy of donkeys like Christian princess et al. 🤣🤣🤣”

        Since you brought him up, all I did was suggesting you contact him for some Arabic lessons, instead of continuing to embarrass yourself.

        Think, QB, think. You’re not really this clueless, are you?


      44. 😂😂😂 Oh you’re really stupid aren’t you, Abdul Baal. I said why would you bring up Christian princess, who ran away from DEBATING Farid. Think Abdul Baal, think. You’re not this clueless, are you?

        Everytime you write something, you expose more examples of thinking not being your forte. Though to be fair, you really can’t help that, seeing as you are clearly one of the mindless Crosstian drones I see so often.

        And I brought up Christian princess because he’s the idiot you morons parrot. Again, “Abdul” is an incomplete phrase. “Abdul” what, you dummy? Plus, Christian princess was the one who couldn’t read Arabic properly and literally invented a new imam that had never existed before! And you want me to take Arabic lessons from him? 🤣🤣

        Now, I’ll give you one more chance to man-up and defend your pagan god, Abdul Baal. You’re getting hammered here and your fear is quite palpable. Take your beating like a man, or monkey, or whatever specimen you are. 😁


      45. Newkidontheblog

        Hahahaha! Now that you’ve once more exposed your lack of thinking, embarrassing yourself even further, you’re back to parroting again? Is that to avoid exposing how clueless you are?

        “😂😂😂 Oh you’re really stupid aren’t you, Abdul Baal. I said why would you bring up Christian princess, who ran away from DEBATING Farid. Think Abdul Baal, think. You’re not this clueless, are you?”

        Think, QB, think, I still didn’t bring him up. You did, remember? But now that you did, you can run to your phone and call him and have a chat. But I bet you’re afraid you will be exposing some more of that lack of thinking and those poor Arabic skills you so excel at, am I right?

        Try to think, QB, think. Are you really that clueless? Why do you do this to yoursel?


      46. Hahahaha, oh Abdul Baal, why do you insist on embarrassing yourself like this, you diseased monkey? You brought up debating with Christian princess, dummy! 🤦‍♂️ I responded by pointing out how that doesn’t help you, because your fat master ran away from debating himself! Get it, you baboon?

        Think, Abdul Baal, think.

        Now, are you ready to discuss your pagan Bible? Or will you cower in fear? I’m waiting, Abdul Baal.


      47. Papers of the Quran

        Thank you for being stupid enough to insult. Now I will rub the papers of the Quran on my private part. After a nice workout. Especially the Arabic part. Allah and Muhammad can thank you for that.
        Don’t be too stupid that I end up pissing on it. I will have to go get another Quran.
        Muhammad and Abu Bakr did not know what Allah will do to them. You must be stupid to speak of hellfire. M0r0n where are you getting this false assurance? You will end up in hell like your dirty prophet. Don’t be so confident about judgement day.


      48. Newkidontheblog

        Could you start doing some thinking please, didn’t you read what I said?

        “You mean debate with someone who already admitted thinking is not his forte? Someone who can only parrot as he is afraid of being exposed as clueless once again? Don’t you realise how clueless it is of you to propose something like that?”

        I answered you, but you didn’t answer why you’re not giving him a call if you so want a debate?

        Is that because you’re afraid you’ll once more expose your lack of thinking and your poor Arabic?


      49. 🤣🤣🤣 Aww, so scared. It’s okay, Abdul Baal. Pray to your god to give you some courage. I know thinking and research is not your forte, but you got yourself into this. So, go on monkey. Defend your Bible. Otherwise, you’re in the wrong field and should find a different hobby. Actually, on second thought, stay in the field and keep running away when your pagan religion gets skewered. It will help others see that crosstians have no answers and that Crosstianity is a false religion. 😂😂😂


      50. Here you go, you neanderthal. Deal with the paganism of your Bible. 👇 😁

        In his “vision”, Daniel saw the “Ancient of Days” and provided a vivid description of this being (who was obviously “God”), including clothing that “was white as snow”, and hair that “was white as wool”. But as historians have recognized, this description of a white-haired and elderly deity seems to be influenced by pagan mythology. According to Hammer:

        “[t]he imagery probably comes from Canaanite mythology, in which El was regarded as an aged deity with grey hair.”[168]

        Professor Mark S. Smith also notes that this motif of an aged deity is common in Canaanite myth, where “El is an elderly bearded figure enthroned, sometimes before individual deities…, sometimes before the divine council…”[169] Moreover, just as Yahweh was referred to as the “Ancient of Days”, El was also given similar titles, such as “ageless one” and “father of years”.[170] In fact, it seems that Yahweh’s elderly nature was even depicted by other cultures. Smith points to a coin from the Persian period (c. 4th century BCE) with the marking “Yehud” depicting an “enthroned bearded god”. Smith explains that (emphasis ours):

        “[t]he iconography belongs to a god, apparently Yahweh.”[171]

        Figure 1 – A Persian coin depicting an elderly and bearded deity, most likely Yahweh. Note the wheels of the throne (cf. Daniel 7:9; Source:

                    Moreover, the imagery of a “son of man” approaching the “Ancient of Days” shares similarities with Canaanite myth as well. According to Hammer:

        “[i]n Ugaritic texts Baal, the younger god, is described as the one who slew the dragon Itu and so gained victory over the sea, thus establishing his kingship. (In verses 13-14 the second figure is seen as the recipient of authority at the hand of the ‘ancient in years’ and this may reflect the ancient mythology preserved in the enthronement festival of New Year rites.”[172]

        This parallel is also noted by John Day, who additionally points out that the “son of man” appears before Yahweh “coming with the clouds of heaven” (Daniel 7:13). This is reminiscent of (emphasis ours):

        “Baal’s stock epithet…‘rider of the clouds’…by virtue of his role as a storm god.”[173]

        In addition, Day observes that the “son of man” in Daniel is given authority after the destruction of the “beasts of the sea” (Daniel 7:3), similar to Baal, whose “kingship was dependent on his victory over Yam, the god of the sea…”[174]

                    Thus, the anthropomorphic characteristics of God raise serious questions about the influence of pagan culture on Jewish monotheism. The influence of Canaanite mythology on the imagery in Daniel 7 is undeniable. Given the fact that pagan cultures dominated the Holy Land for thousands of years, it is not surprising that some theological influences did occur.

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      51. Newkidontheblog

        Try to think, I know you said it’s not your forte, but at least give it a try!

        This has nothing to do with your poor Arabic skills. It also has nothing to do with you being afraid to call in because you’re know you will expose yourself as not being. able to think before putting two words together. And without making a mistake, mind you.

        But if you do call the fella’ you brought up, do let me and the world know, so we can learn from your mistakes.


      52. 😂😂😂 Aww, still soooo scared, aren’t you little monkey? Why? Are you so apprehensive about seeing your religion torn to shreds? My Arabic is not a concern, it’s just something for you clowns to deflect to, even though I never claimed I knew Arabic! 🤣 Try to think, Abdul Baal. I know it’s your forte, but at least give it a try!

        And again, little neanderthal, why would I need to call your fat master, when that fat master can’t even read Arabic properly and has run from a public debate with Farid? 🤦‍♂️

        So let’s go Abdul-Baal. Stop pissing your pants and man-up. Defend your god and take your beating so we can move on and conclude that Crosstianity is a false religion and that crosstians like you are full of hot air. Begin…

        Question 1: Why is Yahweh an old man?
        Question 2: Why is he sitting on a wheelchair with fire?
        Question 3: Why is the Canaanite god El also described in the same way?
        Question 4: Why is the son of man described in the same way as the storm god Baal?

        Time for your beating to begin. Oh wait, you’ve already been severely beaten. I guess this is round 2. 🤣🤣


      53. Abdul Baal, either man-up and take your beating or go be a laughable and pathetic troll somewhere else. You might need a new hobby, so you don’t embarrass yourself and your religion. 😂😂 From now on, your comments will be deleted if you do not discuss a relevant topic.

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  1. Vaqas Rehman

    Funny didn’t paper boy use that very passage as evidence that God eats? And that such a concept was jewish? Yet here we have a Rabbi denying that God eats.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. mr.heathcliff

        salaam brothers

        if the jews performed an animal offering and that allowed them to come into”direct relationship” with “father in heaven” and they did not worship the sacrifice, how comes in crosstianity

        1. The sacrificed is worshipped

        2. is a wall between the father and believer

        So why is the intermediary worshipped and his human sacrifice used as a reminder?

        so jesus died to use jesus to chat with the father, but jews had it better in ot days, they got to chat with holy father directly to come in relationship.

        it appears that animal offerings were a progression and jesus a regression

        Liked by 2 people

      2. alexanderabood

        That is so true. They even use our Islamic textbooks to justify their oximoron trinity. No wonders why Jews don’t embrace Christianity. Because, Tovia Singer have exposed the deception of Christians and he is a Jewish Rabbi. Christians don’t see that we are following the form of monotheism which Jews have. Christians want for everyone to be like them. They don’t realize that Islam is the purest form of Abrahamic religion

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Vaqas Rehman

      I’ve seen many Christians say and believe that the “angel of the LORD” is actually God himself via a theophany of the pre-incarnate Christ. You’ll even find the idea in bible commentaries as explanations of certain verses.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Vaqas

        I’ve heard similar but common sense would end that as God is not an angel and in other places the messenger is called the Lord (because he speaks on God’s behalf even though the messenger is standing there talking its still from Him) So they are officially going Gnostic (again) and making the angels manifestations of God? How are they becoming more pagan?

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Vaqas Rehman


      “How are they becoming more pagan?”

      The arguments that I have seen are

      1.”The angel of the LORD refers to God or about God in the first person”

      2.”people treat the angel as they would treat God”(bowing to it , speaking to it as God ect)

      3. My personal favorite and the most ridiculous “the angel of the LORD stops appearing after christ is born therefore they are the same person”

      basically the purpose is to try and prove that God “comes down” from the hebrew text to try and sync up with their theology. Its desperate and easily refuted via a simple google search of all things but hey what can you do 🤷

      Oh! heres an idea lets ask Ken about it and see where he stands.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mr.heathcliff

        hey? so yhwh appears as a ghost and cannot tell the hebrews about “internal sins” of the heart? ken is making yhwh a d**k . so you have theses theophanies and all yhwh is telling jews is about beautiful prisoners of wars and banging them?


  2. alexanderabood

    QB failures,

    Let me show you how dump your comment is. Firstly, do you know what Mutah means? Mutah means Arrange Marriage. So what the heck are you saying? Are you son of Arrange Marriage? Look how stupid you sound. This idea is obviously from Christian Prince, the Arab clown donkey.

    And if we are son of Mutah, then you are son of bitch😅😅😅

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      1. alexanderabood

        :))) I’m not sister but brother to you.

        By the way, do you know how many embarressing lies Christian Prince have said? Christian Prince have said that Paul is the Messenger of God and not only that but he made miracles in the name of Jesus the Messiah by showing Islamic texts and also. If you watch Farid Responds, you will see how many shameful and embarressing lies Christian Princess makes😅😅😅. This part I still remember it and it never gets old. Farid is a destroyer, because he destroyed Farid many times

        Liked by 1 person

  3. alexanderabood

    Bro, can you visit my website and see some of my articles I made? Because, I made a story of idolatry and story of Jesus Christ when presenting Quran 3:45. I also made an article about polygamy and I would like you to visit and see what you think of it, because I don’t want to do any mistake. I’m also gonna make articles that will suffocate some people like David Wood and Sam Shamoun in couple of days. I have a plan on how to do that.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. mr.heathcliff

        whore of babylon, can you tell your readers why yhwh inspired writers to talk about different d**k sizes? i mean why not leave it to ” they are doing adultery”
        why mention fluid emissions and d**k sizes? yhwh was such a d**k that he wore a d**k for what? Have urge to experience urine emission, semen emission, ? whats your thoughts on jesusyhwh telling mary m to drink his semen for eternal life?

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    1. Carl

      That is where you are wrong. What was revealed to Moše (Moses) was the Law, Daud (David) the Psalter, and Yešua (Jesus) the Evangel, just to name a few. Not what was written by the scribes, since the revelations began spreading orally at the beginning.
      The Biblios was compiled after council upon council of bishops. The Law is not written by Moses, and the four Evangelion are like the hadith.

      If you disagree with these, please produce your proof.

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