Watch “Dr. Jay Smith and Al Fadi are Embarrassing” on YouTube

Yikes, the Christians truly are pathetic! Brother Farid destroys the charlatans Jay Smith and the supposed Arabic “expert” Al-Fadi. It is amazing that this low level of Christian apologetics actually has followers. This speaks volumes about the mental abilities of most Christian apologists.

7 thoughts on “Watch “Dr. Jay Smith and Al Fadi are Embarrassing” on YouTube

  1. Abbas

    They are not sincere to themselves. They know Truth, but ignore knowingly.
    That is the reason Allah gave humanity Ayat e Karima to accept our ignorance and ask forgiveness., but these followers of Satan deny this act. They continue denying and Allah sealed there mind, and hearts with eyes.
    May Allah save us all from such foolishness, and keep us in His divine guidance, Aameen.

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  2. Tony Stakes

    Islam is facing the greatest crisis in its history. The Seera of Ibn Isaq modified by Ibn Hesham before 833 . . . The Hadith from Al Bukari before 870, Sahih Muslim, At Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah; Abu Dawud and An Nisaai. . . .And the Tafsir of Al Tabari around 923. The Seera is full of tall stories like a flock of little birds stoning the attackers of the Kaaba with little stones. Trees and rocks bowing down to the Prophet. Muhammads heart taken out and washed in iced water by Gabriel and Michael? The Hadith wittled down from 600,000 sayings to only 7,397 nearly 240 years after 632? Have you guys tried psychodelic mushrooms by any chance? You’ll like them.


    1. 😂 It seems you’re on some kind of drug, given the silly comment above. Moron says “Islam facing the greatest crisis…” then proceeds to list “modifications” from 1200 years ago. 1200 years ago = “greatest crisis in it’s history”??? 🤣🤣

      Go back to that little basement in your parents’ house and find something better to do with your time.


    2. Abbas

      John 16:12 (Jesus said)
      “I have to say many things but you are not ready yet ”
      In other words Jesus said that you are not matured enough to understand what Jesus wanted to say more.
      You are still on same mental level even worse then time of Jesus, because you are now Pagans. Paganism is sin. Jesus never preached Paganism but to worship only one God Almighty.

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