Clarification on what happened between Paul Williams and Me Yesterday

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم

All of mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good deeds. Understand that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. (Ahmad (22978))


A beautiful hadith from the Prophet that apparently some people who claim to be/have been Muslim never truly internalized. So this post today is dedicated to Paul Williams over at Blogging Theology who also acts as a popular Speaker’s Corner figure for Islam (when he chooses to not flip flop on his religion)

The post that started the whole thing was called “Legends Are More Powerful Than The Truth” [1] Basically the implication was black people were inherently more dangerous to themselves than others (we will see in a bit he actually carries more sinister views). Before getting into that claim (which quite frankly is strange for Williams to be commenting on seeing as he’s not even from the United States and to the best of my knowledge never stepped foot in the projects a day in his life)


I responded trying to keep the situation light even though this is not the first time Williams has posted racist crap like this. The gist of our exchange was I agreed with user “CL” who pointed out like anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of history there were many things that came before and context is important. However, because Paul listens to white supremacists and advocates to their views (more on this in a bit) he then proceeded with the standard propaganda of “FBI statistics”  (which wasn’t even accurate and hilariously ignores the fact that they are big reason the African American community is in shambles as he ignorantly thinks it has to do with slavery, but I will be giving him a more formal refutation later this week inshAllah)


I then asked Williams if he really wanted to challenge me on this and after realizing he would lose our exchange then proceeded to call me a “fanatic” (it might be weird for Williams not to see someone not flip flop on their religious beliefs for stubbing their toe but that doesn’t make one a fanatic) delete my posts, puts my comments “under moderation”  while keeping a few up for propaganda purposes as he laughed with some fellows whom I don’t recall seeing when he needed help when others were attacking him over decisions he made at Speaker’s Corner.


Before beginning I want no one to make a mistake, Paul is a racist. Not in how people use the term every which way or like an older generation racist slip. I mean he is a genuine bonafide, racist. I had suspected this long before the incident this morning, given him clearly being uncomfortable with the idea of there being large amounts of non-whites in London and saying how they’re aren’t Brits [2] .I live in the 3rd highest population of white supremacist in the US so I recognize them anywhere. Even if one wants to ignore my “gut” or try to say “I’m jumping to conclusions” there is plenty of evidence to substantiate this. 

One big smoking gun, in an exchange between Paul and I when I confronted him about his racism was that he promoted once on his blog Jared Taylor’s (a legit known white supremacist) derogatory video towards black people called “If You See A  Pattern Close your eyes” [3]

I then presented the following to Williams and he never approved the comment as he knew it would expose him:




As can be seen, when asked why he is promoting white supremacists he never took the comment off moderation.

Or for example, a few days ago he posted the autopsy results of the infamous George Floyd killing. [4] The purpose of that was to show the “poor mistreatment of poor white cops to the liberal agenda” 

Other indicators are in his reaction to me refuting him. If one thinks about it, he allows people to come onto his blog everyday with spam or trolling comments and never banned them. Now, why would he do that for being called out on for being a racist? He doesn’t do that when he is called all sorts of things. His articles are repeatedly pingbacked from the coalition of the brave he simply ignores it. But why did being called a racist be the thing that set him off? Why did he continue to post more “statistics” after I couldn’t respond? Why did he edit and delete comments from me when he never does that and contradicts his alleged promotion of “freedom of speech”? Because he didn’t want people to see he really is a racist and no one should doubt this.


If one still thinks even after that, he is not he straight up made racist comments about black people let’s read some highlights:


Black culture is “broken”


Black people are the most violent ethnic group:



So this isn’t really a debate. But the one thing that disgusts me more than that trashes racism (as I’ve said time and time again there is nothing a kaffir can do to surprise me)  is all the supposed Muslims who sat there and said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to him (with some even agreeing or considering the stupid shit) So for those Muslims let me make our stances clear with one another. If you feel that way about me, my people or any other do not comment on any of my articles or speak to me again; and please allow me to be the first to tell you my favorite hadith on this subject of what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to say and that is you can ALL go and suck your father’s dicks [5]


As an African American Muslim allow me to speak for all of us, that we are tired of this crap from our alleged “brothers and sisters” who are either silent when incidents such as these occur, selling poison to our communities with no condemnation from even the Imams or trying to justify “cultural reasons” as to why they won’t marry their children to us as they call us “ahki” or “ukti” on the weekend while parading Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) and Malcolm X (may Allah have mercy on him) as “token black guys”.


THAT is the reason Floyd’s death brought about the reaction it did (no matter how many anarchist or white supremacists turned the demonstrations violent [6][7]) It quite frankly has nothing to do with his case, it is the principle in a larger centuries long struggle that a people involved in the largest Diaspora in recorded history have had to endure with no homeland to call their own and stripped of their lineage; while out of touch morons sit and judge from on high as if the Creator died and left them in charge. When finished go back up to the top of this page and really take that hadith in as it’s clear as day that many of you don’t really get it.


Anyways getting back on track, I will, of course, be making a more formal response to his white supremacist propaganda and will allow Paul a chance to rebuttal (but he and I both know it’s not going to end well and that he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of beating me in a debate which is why he didn’t want to get into it in the comment section in the first place)

If I said anything wrong or you think I’m slandering him then go to his blog and ask him publicly to clarify what I’ve said here (just asking him why he is propagating white supremacist views is enough to finish the discussion). I said then and I will say it now Paul Williams is a racist. Thank you.



Paul has given his “response” (mostly just deflection (as he doesn’t refute any of my points other than “I’m not a racist! As if he would admit to it) and nothing of substance since I really do have a “smoking gun”


Quick rebuttals for this light work:

1. He had banned me and censored my comments long before any insults were sent his way. He just didn’t think I’d screenshot

2. No reference is given for this alleged hadith.

3. Not an insult, he is an admitted homosexual (and multiple people have insulted him for it) this is forbidden in Islam and is no different from calling someone who drinks alcohol a drunkard. Racism, however, is more than a sin and negates a person’s Islam:

4. Telling him to suck his father’s penis is actually a hadith for racist such as him:

The irony of all this is he is actually proving black people’s entire point which is deflecting and acting like something wasn’t race-related.











97 thoughts on “Clarification on what happened between Paul Williams and Me Yesterday

      1. It is a strange position for anyone to take, but forgive me if this comes across wrong, it is even more surprising for a Muslim living in the UK to take such a position. The people he appears to side with are vehemently opposed to Islam.

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      2. stewjo004

        @ darthimon

        Well, the reality is this. What is in his (and theirs) heart is known as “Assabiyyah” (it encompasses tribalism, racism and nationalism) it is defined in two ways:

        1.Putting other peoples down and thinking your better
        2. Siding with your people even when they’re wrong

        It’s such a terrible thing, it actually kicks someone out of the folds of Islam so he is by no definition a Muslim anymore (even if he claims to be). Funny enough he has just insulted multiple prophets, disciples of Muhammad(saw) and fellow Muslims with his statements)

        It ‘s funny he just got done quoting something from Yassir Qadhi (popular speaker) on his blog who mentioned this and I believe he is one, in that he only uses Islam to make a Crusade against the “liberal agenda”. it’s all a facade from him as this is KNOWN things that a Muslim cannot say or believe.

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  1. CL

    @ ste2jo004

    This statement from him: “Black culture is broken. It’s up to them to sort themselves out. And not blame the police or whites.”

    shows his true colors, a privileged bleached PoS.

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  2. Vaqas Rehman

    Wow you think you know a guy. sorry you had to go through that stew. and i also apologize for not seeing and commenting on this issue sooner. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who believes systemic racism doesn’t exist has at least an atoms worth of evil that they need to work on. However I think the comment about his orientation doesn’t look good and i can see paul attacking that instead of responding to the points you’ve raised. Lastly, and this may not be my place so if i overstep my grounds i apologize, do you think it is at all possible to get paul to reverse his views through discussion? I believe there have been those with similar views in the past who ended up changing their minds when engaging in dialogue. Just a thought and again i apologize if i’ve said anything out of line.

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    1. I agree with Vaqas, Stew. You should retract the personal attack on Paul’s sexual orientation. I agree with everything else. What he has said about blacks is completely shocking. He might not think it is racist, but it is at the very least, extremely insensitive and is an insult to generations of African-Americans that have been brutalized by whites.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        I’ll be honest I don’t care. There is no doubt he is a racist. I know you guys don’t have lots of experience with white supremacist but they always deflect or talk about “witch-hunts” when exposed

        @ darthtimon

        I know it it hence why I said it. A noted paul himself constantly criticizes homosexuals so its clearly a deflection.

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  3. People may like to know what a nasty character Stew really is.

    Two few days ago he sent me an email containing vile homophobic abuse and hate speech directed at my sexuality. Such insults were hurtful. To abuse people like that is completely contrary to Islam and is a major sin. In the UK where I live he could be prosecuted for a hate crime.

    Regarding the race issue. I am not a white supremacist. Furthermore I apologise for nothing I have written and will not be intimidated by Stew’s childish witch hunt. I believe in free speech and I have made sure that BT is an arena for free discussion for everyone.

    However there are limits. It goes without saying that he is now banned from Blogging Theology for being a unrepentant homophobic bigot and shit-stirrer.

    You who support Stew need to realise what an evil character he is and think again!


    1. stewjo004

      @ Paul

      To begin lol you banned me before I emailed you anything (nice try on the cop-out) but there’s h no need to be coy you could have asked me what I emailed you and it was as follows:

      “Lol man you’re such a cornball. You don’t allow me to comment and then still go with your white supremacy propaganda (and make no mistake Jared Taylor is a white supremacist out of his own mouth

      And to make it worse it isn’t accurate according to the Bureau but don’t worry we’ll get to that in my article)

      Its funny too me that you’re a:

      1. Fag
      2. Murtad
      3. Racist
      4. Have terrible character

      Who treated basically the only person nice to you when you were crying over Ijaz like garbage. But alas I will post my response and then as I know you won’t respond I’ll have Allah take care of you you hillbilly trash. ”

      And I stand by every word of it. The only reason you have anything to say is that you didn’t think people would find out. So again if you’re not a racist then why are you promoting a white supremacist Paul? Don’t worry I’ll wait some more for that answer.

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      1. The term fag is certainly a slur, without question, although I find it rather ironic for Paul to complain of homophobia, given his history of conflating homosexuality with paedophilia and bestiality.

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      2. Vaqas Rehman


        I’m not sure if you’re aware of this Stew but the term “fag” is considered an offensive slur and considering pauls own views on homosexuality one might consider it inaccurate or misleading to call him as such. Again I feel such language doesn’t help you’re case nor is it necessary since i think you’re on the correct side of this discussion concerning race. I hope you will consider what i’ve said as a helpful and if i was annoying in any way I apologize.

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      3. Khalib

        After spending a lot of your time commenting on BT. Trying to impress to become an author. You end up being block. I feel sorry for you. You wasted so much time.

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    2. Khabib

      The brother is upset because he spends most of his days commenting on your blog trying to impress you to become an author. It’s only frustration. Please forgive him.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Khabib

        Funny enough I was asked me to be a moderator by the actual owner of the blog but okay…

        So question why does he keep refusing to answer why he promoted a white supremacist on his blog


      2. Khabib

        Well done, after so much effort commenting on most articles and getting involved in most conversation. You deserve that promotion. I hope you’re proud of your achievement to be able to impress Paul Williams. Now that you’re blocked. You can do the same life achievements on other blogs. Good luck.


      1. Because on his blog he clearly admits it happened. He discusses the historical evidence for the gassing of Jews in eastern Europe. Take it up with him. I’m just saying what he wrote on his own website.


      2. You denied that he denied it, and did so repeatedly despite evidence being presented to the contrary. It’s *very* odd for someone scrambling to deny being a white supremacist to even remotely defend a well-known Holocaust denier.


      3. Perhaps you should heed your own advice? You seem to trawl Twitter to make meaningles quips and then run away. On top of your homophobia and misogyny, you are also exposed as a racist and you defend Holocaust deniers, using ignorance as an excuse. You can’t defend your behaviour, so you resort to personal jibes. Get a life, indeed!

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      4. Ha! Speak for yourself. You cowardly evade points raised in favour of petty insults. Why did you defend a Holocaust denier? Why are you unable to provide any reasonable answers to the questions posed to you about your statistics post on BT? Why do *you* think the problems within black communities in the US are what they are?

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      5. stewjo004

        @ Paul

        Oh look you broke radio silence. Hey Paul I’m quite curious as to why you were promoting a known white supremacist views on black people on your blog if you aren’t racist?

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  4. stewjo004

    @ Vaqas

    You’re fine. As I said to QB I’ll be honest I don’t care its not even a right or wrong thing to me. This dude is talking about “hate crimes” and its a whole different level as far as I’m concerned. I would not have been getting arrested for an email it would have been chin checking him as he walks home from Speakers Corner. So did that put my position in perspective?


    1. Vaqas Rehman


      It did. And while i respectfully disagree as i think other methods would be better to handle this situation, i understand i’m not the one being affected here. Nor do i have the necessary experience to handle this discussion. Not to mention everything seems to have already been said or going to be said so theres nothing i can really add at this point. out of curiosity do you think paul could change his views via dialogue or is that not an option for you?

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      1. ‘Dialogue’?

        Should I really be be expected to talk with someone who abuses people in a way that is completely contrary to Islam and is a major sin?

        It is equivalent of using the N word for black people.

        He is a bigot. And totally happy with it it seems.


      2. stewjo004

        @ Vaqas

        Do you see how they are? An actual hate crime is like what my mother in law went througj when someone tossed a grenade in her car for being in Little Italy.

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  5. stewjo004

    @ Khabib

    A simple question since you, like he keep avoiding the question of Paul promoting the video of a known white supremacist (as the silence is just as damning) and sit there and ride Paul (as opposed to doing what Allah and His Messenger says) Do you believe his comments on black people were appropriate?


    My articles were featured on his blog dumb@$$ (common sense how wold I have his email?) . For example:

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    1. Khabib

      Quran and bible helped you achieved your lifetime goal. All your riding Paul Willams on BT, Quran and bible had to post it. Spends so much time on his blog to get block. Do you feel stupid now for working for him for free? All those comments and an article to get a kick in your a$$ lol. I’ll have a moment of silence for you. 😂

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Khabib

        Didn’t do it for him i did for Allah and His Messenger how stupid do you look? Again do you agree with Paul’s statements about black people? Why is it I’m getting that famous “Christian deflection” vibe right now? it’s almost like you’re not a Muslim or something…🤔🤔🤔

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Khabib

        Don’t you have to go worship a cow or something? All you’re doing is proving my point:

        Paul: Black people are not being discriminated against (cue long racist rant)
        Me: Yeah man that’s pretty racist
        Paul: No its not look what the guy who agrees with me says.
        You: Slave!

        Lol, so thanks again!

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      2. stewjo004

        @ darttimon

        It’s this one non-Muslim dude who tried to say I was racist and then when he realized I wasn’t, just does the occasional bigoted rant at me. it’s quite ironic.

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  6. sam

    Wow! What a surprise!

    Paul, come back to Islam wholeheartedly and never look back before the last breath comes to you.

    Quran 2:

    208. O you who believe! Enter into submission, wholeheartedly, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan; he is to you an outright enemy.

    209. But if you slip after the proofs have come to you, know that Allah is Powerful and Wise.

    210. Are they waiting for Allah Himself to come to them in the shadows of the clouds, together with the angels, and thus the matter is settled? All things are returned to Allah.

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    1. I’m of the view that Paul’s habitual dishonesty needs to be challenged. He is being openly racist, unashamedly so, to go with the various other misrepresentations and obtuse behaviour he indulges in on a regular basis. He needs to be challenged because, whether it’s fair or not, his behaviour reflects upon Muslims.

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      1. Burhanuddin1

        Apparently he is no Muslim at the moment?Anyway yes he needs to be challenged, but I think the greatest challenge for him would be to be ignored. He seems to thrive on the petty scandals he regularly tries to kick off.

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  7. stewjo004

    @ Burhanuddin1

    Wow…it’s been years and I’ve finally seen you speak. But yeah I agree. I was going to do a debate but since he’s clearly avoiding I’m just going to inshaAllah release my rebuttal and then I have nothing more to say to the man.

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      1. Agnostic is an idiot

        Question for you Burhanuddin1:

        How come you were always liking comments made by the anti Muslim commenters on BT? I’ve always found that odd about you.

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  8. stewjo004

    @ Paul

    Man why you showing up like an upset girlfriend? You’ve been exposed as a racist (which is why you’re throwing a temper tantrum and won’t respond to lol why you promote white supremacist videos) and then I’m going to blast you on your dumb@$$ post. And then even after all that you STILL gotta live with the fact that there are more and more people from different nations living in your city.

    So you can go head along as nobody gives two flying rat’s @$$e$ about your blog.

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Burhanuddin1


      “Waaa why is nobody coming to my site? Waaaaa…whoa is me ol chaps!”

      If I had to guess its because you’re a racist pos (that nobody can relate to) who banned two of the more interesting regulars who kicked things off in the comment section? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Vqas

        He’s always held that position he is what we like to call:

        “a liar, liar pants on fire”

        Which is why the little f@g ran away when called out.


    1. “racism is quite natural”

      Was it natural when you were a faggot? No there were various external circumstances contributing to it….same for segregation, once external issues are plucked prejudices will erase themselves with time…and lol I live peacefully in a majority black area (around 60%) mixed with many Indians and Chinese and White people as well for years now, things weren’t the same back then when the black community had a huge education and crime problem due to discrimination and their own culture but with time things changed…segregation is more due to wariness rather than being natural


  9. Nazri

    I am quite surprised by the postings in here. What is all this fuss? As a muslim, upon self reflection, I would definitely categorize myself as a racist. I am from South East Asia and has lived in the US for six years, I stereotype asian americans are smarter and work harder than blacks. But it doesn’t mean I hate blacks. I am only stating my observation. Should the government help blacks more than white and asian american? YES, DEFINITELY, because they are in need of help.

    Allah created nations and tribes. And it is clear that one’s superiority over others is not based on outward appearance but based on inward qualities and development of one’s soul.

    Why are we so angry at other muslims just because they write or say something deemed racist? Should I be angry at a black woman who has rejected me because I am only 5′ 6″?

    Let’s move on beyond this petty matters.


    1. stewjo004

      @ Nazri

      Down the line:

      1. “Asians are smarter than blacks..only stating my observation”

      Besides ignoring that Asian and black history in the US is VASTLY DIFFERENT historical circumstances, this is a key point. You are an foreigner coming to an area and don’t know craps about it while talking stuff. To help your fresh off the boat self the ONLY reason you could even come to the US at all from your backwater country was because of black people and the Civil Rights era (note main reason for Islam in the area as well)

      2. “Blacks need help from the government”
      No we’re good, prefer the government leave our community alone. I know this may surprise you that blacks aren’t stupid but we did NOTHING no other immigrant community did. A simple example to Google is “Black Wall Street”

      3.”Why are we so angry at other muslims just because they write or say something deemed racist?”

      Well that’s easy:
      A. Racism is a form of Asabiyyah which negates ones Islam, hence not Muslim to begin with.
      B. Okay keep the same energy when you come to our country crying about how ever bad wherever you came from is. Key point can’t stand up for basic injustice and expect someone to care about your issues.

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      1. Nazri.

        LoL stewjo004. Aren’t we all racist and being tribal? This is part of human nature we are created with, and the challenge is to rise above this trait. And hence the Quranic verse you quoted at the beginning of this article, as a reminder for muslims?

        Let’s be united in fighting this Asabiyyah within ourselves. Take care and wassalams.


      2. Nazri.

        When someone wrote, “I stereotype ….” it is an admission, that he/she is guilty !

        When someone wrote. “The government should help the blacks …..” it is an acknowledgement of the historical facts you have mentioned.

        My professor in Compressible Flow was a black man graduated from MIT and during that time the Dean of the School of Engineering, a Prof of Aerospace Engineering is a bald black man.

        There you go …. Black people are smart as well and as capable given the opportunity.


    2. Assalamualaikum Nazri,

      You said:

      “…What is all this fuss?….”

      “…..I am only stating my observation.”

      Read carefully 🙂, there’s more to the whole story (check other posts and read this post again) than mere statements of observation…for example quoting Nazis and reblogging British far right propaganda about immigration aside ( and *so on*) if you were a 5″6 brown fellow in london right now Paul would personally have a problem with it based on your skin colour nor would he consider you part of British society and I’m pretty sure Stew already mentioned this in his clarification

      1. Making an observation is one thing, saying Blacks have a higher crime rate is an observation

      2. What matters is the intent behind stating it, as per Hitler Jews held big positions on the upper ladder but what was his intent for repeatedly emphasising it? What if someone with the likes of Richard Spencer saying the same about the crime stats? Would anyone intelligent take it as a “mere observation” or realize there’s an intent behind it? It is obvious for everyone, so is the case with this post

      In my country the mere quotation of statistics about Muslim men marrying hindus will get you arrested? Why? Because if you read between the lines this quotation alone carries heavy ramifications considering the political climate and the possible consequences

      3. Having a problem with too many non whites, calling them non british simply based on skin colour, quoting far right propaganda who also ridiculously thinks there’s a white genocide going on, quoting black crime stats in the U.S all the while justifying segregation, you see a pattern there? It’s all between the lines at the end of the day

      You also said:

      “Aren’t we all racist and being tribal? This is part of human nature…”

      If you mean nature in the same spectrum as sins (it seems that’s what you mean) then I agree ergo that should be pretty obvious we have every reasons to oppose it

      As far as being tribal, well it depends

      1. You can be tribal in a bad way

      2. You can be tribal in a good way depending on *external factors* take Stew’s comment as an example where black people never had a choice

      In the case of Paul it’s “natural” too but in another way, in the line of promoting and justifying it in as it is not a sin nor it is an *inseparable* part of human nature, obviously as Muslims for us that’s merely de la foutaise

      “Let’s be united in fighting this Asabiyyah within ourselves.”

      And the Asabiyyah of others too 🙂


      1. Nazri

        Wa alaikum salam wrwb Dear Asura.

        Thank you for elaborating. And I agree with most of what you have written. But why you guys always interpretating what others have written as opposing your view points? Why is everyone in rebuttal mode?

        1) I lived in a black/Hispanic community for 4 years.
        2) I lived in a white community for 2 years.
        3) I prefer my original country and now settled in South East Asia.
        4) I am 55 years old and been following the development in the US since returning.
        5) I have visited India and Pakistan for at least 30 times.
        Would you agree that I am well aware of what you have highlighted?

        Regarding, “And the Asabiyyah of others too 🙂”. I intentionally left this part, to highlight that in most instances, we fail to see our own shortcomings and instead easily of others’.


      2. Nazri

        I took your advice and read further on Stew’s posts. My goodness !!! I have wasted my time. I came to site strictly because of

        The Quran and Bible Blog
        A Quiet Place in Cyberspace Dedicated to the Search for Truth and Salvation

        Gosh! I am disappointed.

        Best Wishes Everyone.



      3. stewjo004

        @ Nazri

        Lol bye. You were an aging relic from a bygone era. Just real quick before you head out:

        “… nationalism is a jaahili call that involves kufr, criticizes Islamic sharee’ah and divides Muslims, joining Muslims to non-Muslims…In their view a…kaafir is closer and dearer to them than a non…Muslim. This is clearly kufr and disbelief in Islam and its laws…It is a well known principle of Islam, that no Muslim has any excuse for not knowing, that the call for…nationalism or any other kind of nationalism, is a false call, grave error and blatant evil; it is a bad jaahili attitude and a plot against Islam and its followers. That is due to many reasons that we have explained in a separate book entitled Naqd al-Qawmiyyah al-‘Arabiyyah ‘ala Daw’ al-Islam wa’l-Waaqi’ (Criticism of Arab Nationalism in the Light of Islam and Reality).

        So accept or don’t you can argue with Allah about it on Qiyamah.


      4. @Stew

        “Having a problem with too many non whites, calling them non british simply based on skin colour, quoting far right propaganda who also ridiculously thinks there’s a white genocide going on, quoting black crime stats in the U.S all the while justifying segregation…”

        Just to confirm and update myself, is my list complete here or anything more to add?


      5. stewjo004


        Uhhh…I believe you hit the nail on the head, the only update I can think of certain colonized individuals trying to defend the stupid stuff.

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  10. mr.heathcliff

    1. “Asians are smarter than blacks..only stating my observation”

    according to which studies and who was behind the studies?


    1. Nazri.

      You qouted stewjo004. Not me. I wrote the following:

      “I stereotype asian americans are smarter and work harder than blacks. But it doesn’t mean I hate blacks. I am only stating my observation.”

      “I stereotype ….”. I am pointing out i acknowledge my mistakes and it is stupidity. It is the first step towards correcting myself.


  11. Nazri.

    @stew. You wrote ..

    “So accept or don’t you can argue with Allah about it on Qiyamah.”

    The Noble Prophet s.a.w, has said, “By the One, in Whose Hands my soul is ……”

    You can argue with Allah on Qiyamah if you wish. I do not dare.

    Yes, Nationalism is not Islamic.


    1. stewjo004

      @ Naziri

      I kind of find that hard to believe when you’re currently arguing about Allah’s ruling on tribalism trying to defend it. Haram and removes one from the folds of Islam, therefore Williams is wrong, end of the story. But alas I know England did a number on you so kind of like talking to a wall.


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