Tales from YouTube – Pagan parallels and pachyderms

Continuing with this new series, I present here another hilarious conversation with a Christian troll. I now call trolls like these “Abdul-Baal”. Try using it the next time you encounter these ignoramuses and see how frustrated they get! Anyway, I challenged Christian Abdul “jxcess3891” on the parallels between Daniel 7 and the Baal cycle. As usual, there were many deflections at first. Then, it got interesting:

jxcess 1

Notice how he completely side-stepped the parallels and decided to try a silly analogy instead. Naturally, I responded:

jxcess 2

The Christian Abdul then doubled down on the “symbolic vision” argument and then tried to change the subject in back to back comments:

jxcess 3

jxcess 4

This Christian, like many others, first used a strawman argument by claiming I was a “hypocrite” for trying to disprove the Bible but also use it to “validate the prophethood” of Muhammad (peace be upon him). This level of stupid is sadly very common. If the Christian Abdul had bothered to watch my video, he would have known my position on using the Bible to prove that Muhammad was a true prophet (hint: I don’t use the Bible for that purpose).

Now concerning the appeal to Surah 2:210, I had already responded to him earlier by showing that the verse was not saying that Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) will literally come riding on the clouds on the Day of Judgement. This was simply a metaphor to explain the stubbornness of the idolaters in Mecca in their refusal to believe in the resurrection of mankind on the Day of Judgement. Of course, this was nothing more than another attempt by the Abdul-Baal to change the subject and to deflect away from the embarrassing parallels in Daniel 7. But, he also appealed to a silly polemic about the “Year of the Elephant” and the attack by the Axumite king Abraha on Mecca.

First, I dismantled his weak response to the Daniel 7 parallels and compounded the Christian’s woes by providing even MORE examples from elsewhere in the Bible of the dependence on pagan myths:

jxcess 5

Then began a fun series of comments on the elephant polemic in which the Christian exposed his ignorance and cut/paste Google searches:

jxcess 6

The “walking dead” comment seemed to really hurt the Christian, as he has ignored taking about it at all. He also ignored the other Biblical parallels with paganism and instead deflected yet again to the Quran!

jxcess 7

But his desperation in promoting the elephant polemic further exposed his incompetence:

jxcess 8

My response came in waves. I demolished his weak argument about Daniel using pagan motifs due to his “limited understanding” by pointing out that the parallels in the Pentateuch (such as Genesis 49), which he ignored, would have come from “Yahweh”:

jxcess 9

The Christian also didn’t realize that since Daniel had a “vision”, it had to have come from “Yahweh”, which means that “Yahweh” used a pagan motif to show Daniel some silly mystical vision about the “son of man”! Next, I began the Christian’s slow demise on the elephant polemic:

jxcess 10jxcess 11

This is where the Christian exposed his reading skills and pathetic copy/pasting of other Christian apologists:

jxcess 12

Note the pathetic attempt to project himself as an objective researcher (while appealing to conspiracy theories), claiming he had knowledge of an “inscription” that showed conclusively that Abraha had died in 553 CE. This facade of academic integrity quickly crumbled:

jxcess 13

It was obvious that this clown had not researched the inscription at all. He didn’t even realize that it was the same inscription I had already cited! Moreover, he misquoted Munro-Hay, who simply stated that Abraha probably died sometime after 553 CE. He did not state that Abraha had died in that year! It became clear to me that the Christian’s errors were simply the result of blind copy/pasting of an article by the pseudoscholars at Answering-Islam. I know, what a shock, right? After doing a little digging, I found that Islamic-Awareness had already refuted AI the same way I had refuted this Christian:

jxcess 14jxcess 15

After this intellectual beat-down, the Christian was evidently (and understandably) mad and began ranting about “muta” (temporary marriage). When a Christian troll jumps from a topic like that, you know you have struck a nerve and damaged his ego. Mission accomplished! 

11 thoughts on “Tales from YouTube – Pagan parallels and pachyderms

  1. Vaqas Rehman

    Hilarious exchange and all, but whats to stop Christians from saying that the similarities are there because the descriptions and titles were previously revealed and of divine origin?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Tom

    Wow, “Mishael Al Saif” embarrassed you big time. You do a good job with the bottom of the barrel, but the moment someone with a brain showed up, you got exposed as a flat track bully.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤣🤣 Oh really? Hahahaha, that loser tried to appeal to the opinion of one particular church father, who used a preposterous analogy to explain the trinity. The loser even admitted that the analogy wasn’t 100% perfect. Don’t worry, I will get to that pimple in due time, inshaAllah.

      Meanwhile, this loser that you call “someone with a brain” has a proven track record of nasty comments about Islam. While he plays the victim on my channel, a quick search shows this troglodyte’s true nature:


      So don’t worry. He’ll be sent to the bottom of the barrel soon enough, inshaAllah. 😁


    2. Now since you opened your mouth, Abdul-Baal, and decided to post on this thread instead of the appropriate thread, let’s see what you have to say about the pagan parallels in your Bible, specificially Daniel 7. Are you able to back up your big mouth or are you one of the “bottom of the barrel”? 🤔


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