Tales from YouTube – The dynasty collapses

As-salaam alaikum. I thought I would report on some of the hilarious comments I have been getting from Christian apologists, most of whom are trolls trying to be wise guys but end up regretting they opened their mouths. The first example is a dude name “Mr Dynasty”. I had been conversing with him on Full Metal Theist’s channel about the “miracle of reinterpretation” that Christians perform whenever they read the Bible and come across verses that are inconvenient for them. I set a trap for him by asking him if rabbits chew the cud (yep, my favorite error in the Bible), and of course, he stalled for a while (I assume he did so while frantically Googling for something to say). After I called him out for his stalling tactic, he finally posted a link to…Tektonics.org. Of course, I jumped on this since I had already debunked the Tektonics article in my response to Sam Shamoun (who also used the same article in his bumbling attempt to save the Bible). Anyway, “Mr Dynasty” eventually made his way to my channel and began commenting on the video about the age of the earth in the Bible.

Mr dynasty 1

It was obvious here as well that the Christian was Googling for a response. Again, I noticed no real response to the arguments I made in the video, except for the vague claim that the Biblical genealogies were “shortened versions”. He didn’t show how, but just claimed that they were shortened. This demonstrated that he had not watched the video because I had already dealt with this claim and proved that the genealogies could not be “shortened versions”. After several meaningless comments and more stalling, he made this astonishing claim:

Mr dynasty 2

Notice that he provided no source for this claim. Again, this was probably something he read during his frantic Google searching and just threw it out there. Naturally, all I had to do to debunk this unsubstantiated claim was to provide examples from much earlier than the 19th-century to show that the belief in a young earth was ancient. I first provided the example of Augustine:

Mr dynasty 3

Augustine lived more than 1500 years ago! Now, you would think that this would be enough to get “Mr Dynasty” to admit he was wrong. But no, you would be wrong!

Mr dynasty 4

Despite seeing a source from much earlier than the 19th century, this brainwashed apologist persisted in his idiotic folly! Instead of being honest, this fool continued to lie to himself. But I didn’t end it there. At this point, I just wanted to have some more fun with him. So, I gave some more examples, starting with the view of Theophilus, the 2nd-century bishop of Antioch:

Mr dynasty 5

But it didn’t end there. “Mr Dynasty” then switched gears and made another claim based on his Google search:

Mr dynasty 6

Now, this is where it really got fun. What did Origen say about the age of the earth?

Mr dynasty 7

All of the early church fathers’ beliefs in a young earth can be found in this article: https://www.icr.org/article/early-church-defended-creation-science.

From this point on, “My Dynasty” began promoting the unnamed “books” by Michael Heiser and John Walton. But I soon realized something. “Mr Dynasty” had not actually read the books himself! He just saw something about them during his Google search, presumably their interpretation of the book of Genesis in an “allegorical” way, and just ran with it. I started suspecting that he had not actually read the book (and neither had I), but before making the accusation, I tested him. Notice how he pretended like he had read the book and then advises me to read it!

Mr dynasty 8

Once I realized he was bluffing, I called him out:

Mr dynasty 9

So, he deflected and just threw another book out there. Obviously, I am pretty sure he has not read this one either! Even though he didn’t admit in on this thread, he went to a different thread of comments on the same video and after a little prodding from me, finally admitted it, though only implicitly:

Mr dynasty 10

And this is where we stand currently. The bottom line is that most Christian apologists are brainless and dishonest trolls. Don’t trust anything they say. Scrutinize them and their lies will fall apart.



15 thoughts on “Tales from YouTube – The dynasty collapses

      1. stewjo004


        Fair enough what are you without the help of your teammate. Now that “Reasoned Propaganda Videos” is begging for refutations. Seriously did you see his crap “10,000 convert to Christ in one-day” blah, blah, blah.

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      1. stewjo004


        Oh, this clown has a bunch, (sorry I make it a policy not to link)

        Kyai Sadrach led 10,000-20,000 Muslims to Faith in Christ!

        Ex-Muslim Mohamad Faridi on finding Jesus and the hopelessness of Islam (interview)

        $1000 says you can’t prove the Quran! … Plus reading my hate mail (1000 subscriber celebration)

        Muslims Converting to Christianity in Record Numbers! (A Wind in the House of Islam introduction)

        Muslim Movements to Christ (interview with David Garrison, author of A Wind in the House of Islam)

        Quran Converts 35 Muslims to Christianity: The Spread of Christianity in Uganda

        Prove this Quran prophecy, win $500 or more (500 subscriber celebration contest)

        Iranian Intelligence Minister: Christianity spreading at “concerning” rate in Iran

        Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion, but will it continue?

        So it looks like my man has 1500$ floating around for us.


      2. I’m not sure. There’s plenty of scientific evidence, across various fields, to demonstrate the age of the earth. That being said, directly ignoring images of the earth is… absurd.

        But, are anti-vaxxers worse than both groups combined?

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      3. Many people don’t understand the scientific evidence. They don’t understand radiometric dating and geology. But there is no excuse for literally seeing a spheroid earth and still thinking it’s flat.

        Both are relatively benign but examples of ignorance. Anti-vaxxers are dangerous. They actually put people’s lives at risk.

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      4. I can understand how deep science can baffle people. I can stumble around a few concepts, but understanding in detail the finer points of it… not a chance. However, my ignorance would never be an excuse to ignore it, or pretend I know better, which is unfortunately the position of young earthers.

        As said, flat earthers… oh boy. I ended up being banned from a forum’s topic on the subject because I had low tolerance for the stupidity.

        Anti-vaxxers – you are right. To ignore one’s own health is one thing, but the willingness to put other peoples’ health at risk is appalling behaviour, especially since the vulnerable are not given a choice. It’s a bit like faith healing (another subject entirely, I know, but with a similar mentality).

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