Watch “Ex-Muslim: Quran plagiarized Poetry!” on YouTube

Gondal, who can’t even read Arabic properly, feels he is an expert on Arabic poetry. Farid smashes this pseudo-expert yet again. Poor Jalaluddin Al-Tabari…

7 thoughts on “Watch “Ex-Muslim: Quran plagiarized Poetry!” on YouTube

      1. Introverted smile was once complaining that he didn’t like having a beard as a Muslim coz it kept itching and it was some sort of HUGE problem for him, dude he had a beard for so long and still it kept itching? why blame Islam for his own lack of hygiene lmfao….2 years ago i remember another YouTube celebrity was once saying that she quit islam coz she couldn’t eat pork and she thought that pork was delicious…humans are amazing

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  1. stewjo004

    @ Muhamamd Rifat

    Salamualakum welcome to the blog. Just a note for next time if you go to the top under “links” or “open forum” is where we post this type of stuff so comment sections under different articles stay relevant and neat.


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