12 thoughts on “Watch “Ex-Muslim: Quran made up Words! [REFUTED]” on YouTube

  1. Sameer was struggling to read. He played dumb when he was asked to read. He acted like he didn’t hear what Gondal (Goro from Moral Kombat) said. Goro was like “can you hear me?”

    Sameer was paused with the biggest heart attack lol

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      1. No doubt they actually believe they do. Sameer is nothing but a joke. His voice sounds like a child learning to talk, he looks like a koala and he makes a fool of himself embarrassing Asians

        sorry mean no disrespect, but the guy is a shameless koala face idiot!

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  2. stewjo004

    @ Waltz

    I assure you that is not Ebonics lol. It did remind me of old slave talk (Yes massa! I’ll go gets it for ya!) Which is why I looked it up. It does show how jacked up our history is in the US as I didn’t know Hawaii even had plantations. (But it does make sense when you think about it)

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