Watch “Dr. David Wood: Muhammad Cross-dressing” on YouTube

Brother Farid returns after a short break to demolish the “cross dressing’ argument. It really just shows how pathetic Christian apologists are. Great job by brother Farid!

3 thoughts on “Watch “Dr. David Wood: Muhammad Cross-dressing” on YouTube

  1. Vaqas Rehman

    I wonder, do you think david wood didn’t know that the bible also forbids cross dressing? or is it that he thought the ends justify the means and sinned anyway? personally i wouldn’t be surprised if he treated cross dressing like the other prohibitions in the old testament. i.e maybe he thinks jesus died so he could wear his wives clothes.

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    1. I think I remember seeing him commenting that the Tanakh laws don’t matter anymore so he can dress up like that if he wants.

      But that’s not even the point. He’s a degenerate, so who cares what he does. The point is that he and other pseudoscholars have made an incredibly stupid argument that their equally stupid fans simply accepted. Christian apologists survive on the support of the ignorant.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        I agree even from a neutral perspective when we use arguments we’re usually quoting their scholars and mostly non-Muslims. However, if you watch them they mostly quote each other and never neutral scholarship (or God forbid what our scholars say other than selective fiqh quotes). Of course, to get around this they say scholarship is “scared” (with no proof) But that right there is telling, to me.

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