On Numbers 31, Christian compares Yahweh to a Mafia boss!

This is an interesting conversation between a CP fanboy and myself. After avoiding discussing the brutal murders of Midianite boys and the capture of the virgin girls as wives, this Christian was forced to admit that Yahweh’s actions are more akin to Don Ciccio in the Godfather movies rather than the compassionate and forgiving Creator of the world.

Meanwhile, he is still avoiding answering how it was determined which girls were virgins and which weren’t. Also, at first, he seemed deny that they were taken as wives, but eventually admitted that too, though he will not answer at what point they were to be married. I helped him with a hint and directed him to Deuteronomy 21. Let’s see if he can figure it out.

2 thoughts on “On Numbers 31, Christian compares Yahweh to a Mafia boss!

  1. Vaqas Rehman

    His argument about deaths via Allah(S.W.T) through his judgment and natural disasters is faulty. He’s ignoring the main issue’s. the morality of the conquests in question and the their results. That being said Allah(S.W.T) sends tribulations to innocents in this life for different reasons as laid out in scripture. And those innocents will have their reward in the hereafter. The creator has rights over his creation that the creation does not have.

    Now someone might ask “then whats the problem with God ordering soldiers to kill infants and children?” There is a distinct difference between God, his angels, and his prophets doing something on the one hand and his followers, the laypeople doing something on the other hand. For more detail see here


    the tldr from the link is these quotes

    “In order to carry out a divine commandment to kill a human baby, one must either be a complete saint, or the very opposite—an unbalanced, mentally unstable person whose soul is given to evil inclinations.”


    “For the same God to make such demands of laypeople would be unjust, however, because it is indeed a burden greater than we can bear.”

      Another reason why its wrong is the precedent it sets. It is clear if you read the OT the children of israel took these commands as the standard of warfare. 

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