Watch “Christian Prince challenged me to a Debate!!” on YouTube

Christian Dunce and his slaves, the ball is in your court. You dared to challenge brother Farid, and he accepts. Will you agree to a moderated debate, since you are always begging for Muslims to debate you? 🤔

22 thoughts on “Watch “Christian Prince challenged me to a Debate!!” on YouTube

  1. Shh, shh, shh. It’s okay little monkey. I know you’re upset that you and your master keep getting roasted. Just tell your master to accept the challenge. He knows he will get slaughtered like the pig he is, just like how you get slaughtered by me everytime. 😂😂😂


    1. mr.heathcliff

      shamoun, is it possible for you to confirm that the codex sinaiticus is full of heresies?

      do you agree with this

      can you confirm that it is you who is agreeing?

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    2. Atlas

      “You got till Monday before I reissue my debate challenge publicly.”

      Do you truly think anyone here cares???
      The only reason you are doing this is to give yourself the illusion that you have the upperhand cus you are one of the most egotistical lowlives I’ve ever seen. That’s why you need constant recognition from crossworshipers and hear them say you are better than us and are ‘winning’ debates in order to feel good, no matter how false they’re claimes are. That’s why on livestreams when one poses a question, you have to degrate them while after every sentence of ”refutation” you add the usual cheap bs ‘ you see guys? You see? You see how I’m owning this son of satan? You see? You see? You seeeeeeeeeeeee?’. Like how pathetic is that: you see guys, you seeeee pleaaaaaaaase tell me you see, I need to hear it guys so I can believe the delusion of having the upperhand. PLEAAAASE tell me you see it! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

      Pathetic, fat, ugly, pagan and stupid. Damn, you got nothing going for you. You see shamoun, you seeeeeeee?

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    1. mr.heathcliff

      Learn to pronounce
      voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse.

      wouldn’t this mean that shamouns wife was preferring to get bedded by another ?


  2. Why are those incels so obsessed with finding Muslims to debate, as if that’s gonna change anything…one bad or incomplete argument then boom, you’ll fine 15 post debate follow up videos popping up for counter refutation and to clarify their points which really shits on the whole point of a debate in the first place. All they care about is rhetoric, you touched a nerve towards our fatty incel here just like Farid did for the other one so they just wanna humiliate you guys by inviting you to their own games

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  3. Hey filthy Muhammadan dog, time to step out of your wife’s mirt since I am calling you out:


    I am reissuing my challenge to a vile, nasty Muhammadan who hides behind his blogposts where he tries to bombard folks with hundreds of highly selective and misapplied quotations. I, hereby, call out Faiz Massoud Sidiqi of to debate me on the following topics”

    1. What is the farthest mosque referred to in Quran 17:1?

    2. What is the sin that David repented of according to the Quran?

    3. What was Muhammad’s view of the Holy Bible?

    Please go to his blog and tell him he needs to stop hiding and man up and defend his claims and false prophet, instead of running away like he did the first time I called him out.

    To make it easier for this Muhammadan, we will arrange the debate on any social media platform he chooses, so he doesn’t have to leave the comfort of his home but can use his internet on his own computer.

    Now let’s see if he really believes in the force and weight of his arguments, since if he does then he should have no problem defending them against me


    1. stewjo004

      @ Shamoun

      You call Muhammad(saw) a “raping profit” but seem to have forgotten your text states Moses(as) had a bunch of little girls taken to be raped as sex slaves and then he and the priest pocketed the money after killing their families (Numbers 34)

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      1. you mean your filthy satan who claimed to be god breathed his spirit into a woman’s vagina per Quran 66:12 because he is a filthier pervert than your filthy women raping whore profit. And your god is so filthy he is going to turn women like your mother into whores in paradise so sick perverts like your profit can defile them.


      2. sam

        @ Shamoun – yes, that filthy satan who claimed to be god pretended to be a baby, because he wanted to taste a woman’s vagina and sucks woman’s breast. That’s right, that is your god who spread love so man and man can making love, woman and woman can making love, daughter and father can making love. Yes, that is your god, whom you worship everyday.

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