12 thoughts on “Watch “Christian Prince and Panties! [Lies #75-82]” on YouTube

  1. Monkey, stalling again? Why don’t don’t you tell your perverted uncle Christian princess to agree to a moderated debate? We know he’s a coward who hangs up on people who expose him. So tell him to man up and debate someone in public in a fair setting.

    Also, will you challenge Hijab, little coward monkey? Don’t stall. Man up monkey so you can get your face bashed in. I would pay to see that. 🤣


  2. Inbred monkey, why do you keep stalling? Do you dare to challenge Hijab? Does your pervert uncle Christian princess dare face a Muslim like Farid in a moderated debate? No, of course not. You’re just a bunch of perverted cowards. You know you’ll get an epic whooping if you show your monkey faces. 😁😁😁


    1. mr.heathcliff

      Churchgoer Reynhard Sinaga lived in Manchester city centre for more than a decade while studying various university courses.

      A gay man who looks younger than his age of 36, he chose to live close to the gay village and the Canal Street area where attitudes to homosexuality were very different than in his home nation of Indonesia.

      Sinaga is said to have had a small, close-knit group of friends who believed him to be friendly and good-natured.

      Born in the Jambi province of Indonesia into a relatively wealthy family, Sinaga arrived in the UK on a student visa in 2007 financed by his parents and remained in the country on those terms for the next 10 years.


      why crosstians are not PLUCKING OUT THEIR EYES. as long as u got scum bags like ken temple, these RAPES will continue.


      “jebus loves rapists” lol

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