Watch “Christian Prince ALWAYS wins!” on YouTube

The coward Christian Dunce does not allow knowledgeable Muslims to speak on his channel and hangs up when they expose him. So, what’s the point of calling this whack-job? 🤔

3 thoughts on “Watch “Christian Prince ALWAYS wins!” on YouTube

  1. Hey monkey, did you ask your mother about Premarin?

    While you’re at it, did you go challenge Hijab or are you still pissing your pants, coward? 🤣🤣🤣

    Also monkey, are you ready to admit that ISIS follows the example of your evil, perverted god? Don’t jump now monkey and ask where ISIS quotes the Bible. That doesn’t matter monkey. Now answer. You’re next roasting is about to begin. 😁😁😁


  2. Why are you running monkey? Go on coward, challenge Hijab so your monkey face can be bashed in and tell your master to agree to a moderated debate.

    Don’t get angry monkey. Your roasting is just beginning. 😁😁😁


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