The Day of Atonement

A blood sacrifice was not required for the removal of sins after all!

Blogging Theology

Christians claim that only through the shedding of blood can people’s sin be forgiven. But the Hebrew Bible teaches otherwise. Have a read of The Day of Atonement as described in Leviticus 16. Notice three things:


1) the high priest offers a bull as a sin offering for himself.

2) then the high priest offers a goat as the sin offering to purify the holy place from the people’s sins over the last year.

3) then the high priest takes another goat, lays his hands on it, confesses the people’s sins, and sets the goat loose into the wilderness. The goat carries the sins away. Notice the animal is not sacrificed or killed. The Day of Atonement refutes the Christian claim that only through a sacrifice can sin be removed.

The following brief paragraph neatly summarises how sins were removed on the Day of Atonement. Excerpt…

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