When Apostles Misquote the Bible – a red pill moment. Caution advised – your faith may be challenged

Newsflash for the brainwashed Christian: the NT authors made things up and your Bible is not “inerrant”.

Blogging Theology

Did the Hebrew prophets predict the Jesus of Christian faith? The short answer is, no. So why did the New Testament writers misquote the Old Testament prophets to make it seem so?

The modern reader expects the Bible to be the ONE book that is truthful and free from ‘made-up stories,’ right? We expect the New Testament writers not to quote the Old Testament prophets out of context, and not to put words in their mouths. But the New Testament authors let us down. They quote the prophets completely out of context. And, yes they do make stuff up – important stuff.

In this very informative, 15 minute clip, Peter Enns recounts the day of his own rude awakening to this harsh reality as a graduate student. He says: “For the first time in my life, having gone to churches my whole life, having gone to a very good academic…

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