Ken Temple gets refuted on Deuteronomy 17:17…

In the current discussion on the issue of polygamy and concubinage in the Bible, Ken Temple is doubling down on his lies and propaganda, even to the point of contradicting the words of God Himself, just to avoid admitting he is wrong.

I did not lie. 1 Kings 11:3 mentions concubines along with the many wives / women that Solomon had – verse 1 says he loved many foreign (pagan, polytheistic) women. concubines and wives are both women. The whole passage, 1 Kings 11:1-12 seems to indicate a negative view of polygamy and concubinage. Also, the clear commands of Deuteronomy 17 was for the king to “NOT multiply wives”.
The spirit of the entire passage is negative against polygamy and concubines.

Given the overall view of the OT that monogamy was the creation ideal (Genesis 1-2) – God created Adam and Eve, not “Adam and Eve and Julie and Susan and Sara and Maryam and Joanna”, etc.

“The two will become one” – God’s word. Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:3-6; Ephesians 5:21-33, etc.

You did lie, Pennywise. And now you’re lying to cover your lie. You see the difference between a scumbag like you and James White? He doesn’t lie like you do.

1 Kings 11 does not say anything about polygamy or concubinage being wrong. It only criticizes Solomon for marrying women from the foreign pagan nations who then turned him away from God.

Deuteronomy 17 only says don’t take “many” wives. It doesn’t say polygamy is bad. You’re lying again.

No. How does one know when “many” is “many”. It means more than one. One wife is all God originally planned and blessed. Adam and Eve. Genesis 1-2; Ephesians 5, Matthew 19:3-6, etc.

Your evil character is exposed again. It is you who twist the texts of the Bible to fit your anachronistic agenda of your false 600 year late religion.

LOL! So now Pennywise is saying “many” includes even two wives! Here, we see another example of his pathological need to lie.

Here is what Rashi said in his commentary on Deut. 17:17:

“And he shall not take many wives for himself: Only eighteen, for we find that David had six wives, and it was told to him [by Nathan the prophet] (II Sam. 12:8):“and if this is too little, I would add for you like them and like them” [totaling eighteen]. — [San. 21a and Sifrei]”

Let’s see what 2 Samuel 12:8 says, shall we?

“I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives into your arms. I gave you all Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more.”

OUCH! Even God was okay with David having more than one wife! But Pennywise thinks he knows better!

Nevertheless, one wife is the norm and ideal – Genesis 1-2; Proverbs 5:18; Ecclesiastes 9:9; Malachi 2:14. “rejoice in the wife of your youth” – the one you have had since you married and were young. when you get older, don’t get a younger wife and don’t commit adultery or polygamy.

Remarkable! Pennywise simply cannot admit when he is wrong!

Do you admit that polygamy and concubinage were not only allowed but were not considered a sin? Why did God Himself give David multiple wives? And why did He say that He would give more if David wanted?

Admit that you are wrong and that your foul polemic against Muhammad (pbuh) is based on an irrational hatred, bigotry, and hypocrisy. Give it up. Have some dignity.

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