Progress Report: What have we learned about Christian Prince(ss) (aka Christian Dunce) so far?

I will update this report as more videos exposing Christian Dunce (CD) are published by Muslims such as brother Farid and others. This is what we know so far about CD (note that this does not include the lies and ignorance of CD that have already been exposed by Muslim Allegation Hunters; updated 01/20/19):

1. He falsely claimed that the false apostle Paul is mentioned in the Quran as a true “prophet”. This was a blatant lie. He could only refer to an obscure and unreliable narration from Ibn Kathir, which Ibn Kathir even refuted.

2. He is a sexual predator and pervert, just like many of his fanboys.

3. He claimed that Imam Qurtubi once stole the black stone, when it was actually a heretical sect known as the Qarmatians. Christian Dunce, the so-called “scholar”, confused Qurtubi with Qarmatians.

4. He has mispronounced Arabic words from the Quran, despite claiming to be a “scholar”. Also, he is an Arab! This happened in his attempt at reciting Surah Tawba, verse 31.

5. He doesn’t know that the Greek word “Christ” or “Christos” means the “Messiah” or “Anointed One”, not “God”.

6. He lied about the Quran saying that the angels will carry Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) on the Day of Judgment. Again, he mispronounced the Arabic and blatantly lied about what it actually says (i.e., the throne will be carried by the angels).

7. He lied about Islamic scholars saying that sex with a child is not punishable by the Sharia, when in reality, the scholars said that there was no hadd punishment. Christian Dunce, who claims to have a degree in Sharia law, does not know the difference between hadd and ta’zeer. Furthermore, he only read part of the Arabic text when mentioning the views of the scholars, while completely ignoring that they also said that there is a punishment.

8. He mentioned a narration about Solomon (peace be upon him) having a flying carpet, while claiming that it is in the Quran! In reality, it is from Ibn Kathir’s tafsir and there is no authentic narration going back to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

9. He claimed that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) flirted with Zaynab (may Allah be pleased with her), and that this is in the Quran, but the “details” are in the ahadith!

10. He tried to quote a hadith from Ibn Al-Jawzi about a rooster (while again showcasing his terrible grasp of Arabic), but Ibn Al-Jawzi mentioned the hadith in a book that was about fabricated hadiths! In other words, Ibn Al-Jawzi was pointing out that the hadith is false and should not be believed by Muslims!

11. He claimed that there was an idol called “Ahad” in the Kaaba in the pre-Islamic days, but there is no evidence for this.

12. He misquoted Surah Al-Fatiha, which mentions the “sirat”, and claimed it says the something about “farting”. This once again shows what a liar he is. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Arabic would know he is full of hot air.

13. He denies ever asking anyone for money. Meanwhile, he advertises his Patreon account in all his videos.

14. He misquoted a tafsir which mentioned that a “red velvet cloth” was missing from the spoils collected after a battle, and instead claimed that some “underwear” had been stolen by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

15. He claimed that Islam supports the trinity doctrine because…wait for it…Allah is called “Al-Rahman” and Al-Raheem” in the opening invocating (In the name of Allah, The Beneficient, The Merciful). He also claimed that since Jesus was 33 years old in the Bible (or 32 depending on which number suits his purpose), and there are 99 names of Allah, this is evidence for the trinity since 33 x 3 = 99. No…really. This was his argument. Amazingly, some of his slaves (like Zozo the monkey) actually think that this is a valid argument.

16. He claimed that Hafs b. Sulayman was accused of being a “fraud” by the scholars of Islam, including Al-Bazzaz, Abu Dawud, Imam Bukhari and the mysterious Imam “Murra”. The reality is that Ibn al-Jawzi mentioned that Hafs’ full name was Hafs bin Sulayman bin Al-Mughira Al-Asadi A-Qari Al-Bazzaz, and also as Hafs bin Abi Dawud. In other words, Christian Dunce lied about the different scholars, or was stupid enough to think that Al-Bazzaz and Abu Dawud were among the scholars who rejected Hafs as narrator of ahadith. As for the mysterious Imam “Murra”, the dunce misread the report from Ibn Al-Jawzi and confused the statement “he once (marra) said” as a name (Imam Murra).

17. He claimed, without proof, that the moon miracle was simply an “eclipse”.

18. He lied about the meaning of Prophet Muhammad’s name, claiming that it meant “Hyena’s sperm” (disclaimer: the Arabic word he had in mind doesn’t even mean that either).

19. He lied to a Muslim caller that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not have a debate with the Christians of Najran (in fact, he did), but when the caller showed he was lying, he panicked and hung up on the caller.

20. He lied that Surah Al-Baqarah, and specifically verse 62, was revealed “early” in Muhammad’s prophethood (i.e., in Mecca) , when in reality, it was revealed in Medina. He lied to make it seem that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was deliberately trying to make himself acceptable to all religions. Ironically, this accusation is more appropriate with regards to the false apostle Paul (“to Jews I became a Jew…”). He then claimed that when some followers of the different religions rejected him, he started killing them. But brother Farid pointed out that the Christians of Najran openly rejected him, but he did not lay a finger on them!

21. He lied about the so-called “Satanic verses” story, which has been debunked as a myth. Muslim Allegation Hunters provided clear evidence that the scholars of Islam rejected the story, because it came from “mursal” chains. CD claimed that the scholars, such as Ibn Kathir, were only rejecting the part of the story that the Muslims who had fled to Abyssinia returned upon hearing that the pagans had accepted Islam because of the “Satanic verses”. But Ibn Kathir rejected the entire story! CD also showed that he does not know how to read, as Ibn Kathir clearly said that he does NOT regard the story as “sahih”!

22. He lied that a Muslim caller hung up, when in fact, CD had disconnected him!

23. He repeated the lie that Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) “prays”, which Farid refutes as a ridiculous Christian polemic.

24. He claimed that the Quran is wrong for saying that rain water comes from clouds. No, really. Christian Dunce evidently does not understand the water cycle. In the same video, he claimed that black people will go to hell, based on an unreliable hadith. However, the hadith was only describing the final destinations of good people (represented by the color white) and evil people (represented by the color black), and had nothing to do with skin color.

25. He lied by claiming that the Arabs used to put their penises and menstrual blood on the black stone.

26. He lied by claiming that all Muslims believe that Allah is a “physical” being and has a “shape”. Brother Emin refuted this absurd claim by citing actual Islamic sources, including the Aqidah of Imam Tahawi.

27. Showing his obsession with sex again, he lied by claiming that Muslim women could offer themselves to Muhammad (peace be upon him) with their “panties”, so he could have sex with them. The reality is that the Quran was referring to Muslim women who offered themselves in marriage, and the Prophet was not required to pay a dowry.

28. He repeated the lie about Zayd and Zaynab and the marriage of Zaynab to Muhammad (peace be upon him). CD claimed that Muhammad “flirted” with Zaynab, utilizing a narration in the commentary of Qurtubi. However, Al-Qurtubi himself refuted the narration, but CD kept that part hidden.

29. CD even lied about Christianity and Jesus! He claimed that when Jesus wanted to wash the feet of his disciples, the disciples refused by saying “you’re our god!” But the Bible (Gospel of John) does not say this at all.

30. He ignorantly claimed that Imam Bukhari was a “companion” of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) despite living more than 200 years after him! It seems CD confused Imam Bukhari for Abu Hurairah. In the same video, CD quoted Surah 3:110 and an interpretation of the verse from Abu Hurairah. The caller asked if the hadith was “sahih”, and said that he did not agree with the hadith. CD asked why he does not agree with Muhammad, even though the hadith does not say that Muhammad said it. It was a narration from Abu Hurairah only.

31. He lied multiple times when talking about the black stone. CD claimed that Umar contradicted Muhammad about the black stone, but this was not the case.

32. He lied by claiming that Umar was the one who wanted to change the direction of prayer. He quoted a hadith from Umar in which he said to the Prophet that he wished to take the Station of Ibrahim (Maqam Ibrahim) as a place of prayer, which has nothing to do with the direction of prayer. CD also claimed that the direction of prayer was changed because the Jews would not convert to Islam. The reality is that some Jews did convert to Islam. Also, CD contradicted himself by claiming that the direction of prayer changed because the Jews were killed. But, the direction of prayer was changed shortly after the emigration to Medina, so the Jews were still there! Finally, he claimed that Umar wanted to change the direction of prayer so the Muslims could make money from the Kaaba, but the Kaaba was controlled by the pagans at the time!

33. In a debate with a sheikh from Azhar, CD lied about that Surah 4:24 was about muta (temporary marriage), whereas the sheikh refuted this. When CD asked for one scholar that said the verse was not about muta, the sheikh provided the example of the Tafsir Al-Alusi. CD countered by claiming that Al-Alusi said the opposite, but he quoted a statement that Al-Alusi was actually criticizing as untrue! CD actually changed the screen during the discussion! CD also claimed that Al-Tabari and Ibn Kathir said that the verse was about muta, but neither one said this.

34. He lied about the phrase “bism” in the Basmalah. He claimed that it is a mistake and that Arabs actually “bi ism”. He claimed that Muslims removed the alif for lack of use, but was quoting Surah 96:1, which clearly includes the alif! As for the pronunciation of “bism”, this is due to the rules of Arabic grammar.

35. He lied by claiming that the hadith compilation of Ibn Majah is called “Sahih Ibn Majah” when actually it is called “Sunan Ibn Majah”. He claimed that all the hadiths in this book are “sahih”, when that is not the case.

36. He attempted to defend himself against the accusations made by Mohammad Hijab, and then proceeded to play a video which is barely audible.

37. He attempted to respond to Farid’s refutation of the “Paul is in the Quran” lie, but maintained that he did not lie when he claimed that Paul was in the Quran, despite having quoted the tafsir of Ibn Kathir (which actually refutes the false narration about “Bulus”). Also, Farid showed that Ibn Kathir narrated contradictory narrations (all of which are were weak) which provided different names for the 3 messengers. In one narration, “Bulus” is not even mentioned at all.

38. He attempted to respond to Farid about the weak hadith from “Sahih” Ibn Majah (it’s actually Sunan Ibn Majah) and claimed that “desirable front passages” means breasts and vaginas (the Arabic word actually means vaginas). He also attempted to cover-up for his false claim that Ibn Majah is one of the “sahih” books. He even tried to quote “” to support his stupid claim! Next, he showed us his mathematics skills when he tried to counted the the six books of ahadith (1, 1, 3, 4, 4, 6). Finally, he tried to respond to Farid about the Quranic verse that allowed Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to wed women without paying dowries and doubled-down on his lie that the verse allowed the Prophet to sleep with any woman by using a different translation. CP was so stupid that he thought that since the phrase “wed her” was not found in that particular translation, it somehow proved his point. Unfortunately for the jahil Christian, the translation clearly used the word “marriage”!

39. He claimed that the Quran says that humans have 2 hearts, when the verse says the opposite. He then claimed Khaula bint Hakim was Muhammad’s aunt and “brought him women” so he could have sex with them. The reality was that she was simply a match-maker for Muhammad (peace be upon him) and was involved in his marriages to Aisha and Sawdah (may Allah be pleased with them). Doubling down on the lie, he quoted a different hadith in which Khaula asked the Prophet whether women can have wet dreams. CP claimed that Khaula was the one who had the wet dream, but the hadith stated that she was asking a general question in case a woman does see a wet dream. Finally, CP claimed that he only hangs up on Muslims who change the subject, whereas the clip that Farid had shown clearly demonstrated the CP hung up on a caller who had refuted him on the subject of the Christians of Najran (that was the subject of the discussion). Maybe CP was confused because of the koka kota.

40. After being exposed so many times, CP really became desperate. He dug up an old video from 2017 in which (he claims) that he had debated Farid! However, there is no doubt

This is what we have seen so far, and we have barely just begun. Already, the conclusion has to be that Christian Dunce is a donkey, not a scholar.


Farid Responds:

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8 thoughts on “Progress Report: What have we learned about Christian Prince(ss) (aka Christian Dunce) so far?

  1. mr.heathcliff

    Sam Shamoun must genuinely believe his followers are idiots. This moron claims in a recent article that “23 of Islam’s earliest and best expositors who all confirm that the Apostle Paul was a true messenger of God and Christ” when the *only* early source he cites is the Tafsir of Ibn Abi Hatim which mentions the same narration from the rejected al-Jubba’i (and no affirmation from Ibn Abi Hatim himself). He also cites Ibn al-Jawzi twice and Ibn Kathir three times 🤣.

    Shibli Zaman The narration is spurious as Shu`ayb bin al-Aswad al-Jubba’i is Matruk. Unfortunately, Ali Attaie drew attention to this otherwise unknown narration in his Mad Mamluks podcast interview. I wish it would have remained in obscurity.

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