3 thoughts on “Watch “Christian Prince Answers: Who Stole the Black Stone?” on YouTube

  1. Go kiss your mother pussy. Why posting the pic of your wife pussy but she is white and the pic is black. O i see the sin of people like Muhammad Hijab and Ali Dawah had turned it black. And when is your wife breastfeeding me.


  2. Where is the answer. Just like Muhammad Hijab, he was panicked and his pimp Ali Dawah and Faiaz who has no answer. Play the whole video you son of Muta. At last what Christian Prince said you are just a kid and he is a scholar in Islam. This is why Shabbir Ali ran from debating career endind for Mimi hijab and Faiz.
    Sam screwed your arse. Great.


    1. 😂😂😂 Pissing your pants already monkey? Why don’t you go challenge Hijab so he can destroy and humiliate you like he did with your boyfriends Cp and Scam Shamoun? Make sure to tell your father Satan to bring a change of underwear after you piss your pants! 😂😂😂

      Your master the princess got roasted by Hijab. All he could do was babble incoherently. What was he doing? Speaking in tongues? 😆

      Now go take a bath. Your smell is bothering your father. Smelly Indian crosstian. 😂


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