Ken Temple’s amazing guide to evangelising Muslims: a method full of deception..

Ken Temple…another liar for Jesus!

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Yes, our very own Ken has some handy tips for wannabe missionaries who want to convert Muslims. This is a screenshot from an article by him on his employers website (here).

In a long rambling article Ken shares how he came to be an effective missionary to Muslims.

His first attempt at worming his way into Muslim company involved asking some local Muslims if he could join their football team. He reports gleefully:

Sure enough, they accepted me and also later made some interesting comments that I was the first “white guy” that wanted to play soccer with them.

But he didn’t tell them the real reason for his interest in them. Ken was deceiving them. He was not just some nice dude wanting to chill with some Muslims.


He had a hidden agenda. He was an evangelical missionary out to convert them.

Another “method” Ken used…

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4 thoughts on “Ken Temple’s amazing guide to evangelising Muslims: a method full of deception..

    1. stewjo004

      @ Sabit

      Agreed. He’s a real piece of sh!t. The only difference is he isn’t dealing with a bunch of retarded pagans like Paul was.

      Also, does anybody find it funny he is training how to preach to Muslims while it’s going horribly wrong for him? Shouldn’t he be the one getting more training?

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