Analysing The Incident Of Sa’d b. Abi Waqqas Shedding The First Blood

An excellent article by brother Kaleef on whether the Muslims attacked the Meccans pagans first.

Discover The Truth

Kaleef K. Karim

The Muslims in Makkah lived in harsh times. Apostating from the religion of their forefathers was a taboo in the 7th-century Arabia. Prophet Muhammad’s (p) following increased day by day. The Quraysh seen this as a threat. Instead of challenging Prophet Muhammed’s beliefs, they were busy persecuting his people. The early converts of Islam were tortured, and murdered cold bloodily. The early converts did not have a easy time by the Qurayshi polytheists. Historical sources attest to this. Contemporary critics of Islam try to paint a different picture to what history tells us. Not being able to argue the fact that Qurayshi polytheists did indeed persecute and murder Muslims in the Makkan period, they justify it by saying that the Muslims were the first aggressors. According to them, the Muslims deserved whatever the Quraysh did to them. What evidence do they have for this? It is…

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