Watch: Christian prince(ss) exposed for his ignorance of the Quran

32 thoughts on “Watch: Christian prince(ss) exposed for his ignorance of the Quran

    1. 🤣😂 Well obviously, it’s been edited dummy. They are simply showing the relevant part where the princess soiled herself. So you see monkey, your master has been humiliated when Muslims have called. But he hides behind his mic and cuts off people when they expose him.

      I honestly don’t understand why you monkeys are obsessed with calling cp. The liar has been exposed so many times already that it is obvious that he tries to deceive unsuspecting people. He prepares ahead of time on a topic, which only he knows. The guy is a charlatan. No wonder that zozo, the son of Satan is so attracted to him.

      Has your father visited you yet monkey? Don’t worry. He can’t keep neglecting you forever, plus you’ll have all the quality time in hell to look forward to. 😁😁

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    2. Atlas

      Everyone edits stuff when responding to someone’s video. This is as commonly known as 1+1+1=3 … o wait.

      Furthermore, if ‘editing’ is misdirecting and twisting cp’s sayings then feel free to quote/show the unedited parts where this is the case. Since those parts are imaginary like your mangod we’ll be eagerly not holding our breath for your non-upcoming rebuttal.

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  1. stewjo004

    But, but Zoze said Christian Prince destroys Muslims… Lol yeah, that’s pretty bad. Also to pile on:

    33:45. Prophet, I’ve sent you as a witness, a bearer of good news and a warner.
    33:46. One who calls people to God by His permission, ACTING AS A LAMP hat spreads forth light.
    33:47. ˹So˺ announce to those with faith the good news that great bounty awaits them from God.
    33:48. Don’t give in to the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Do not harm them and place your trust in God because God is enough in being the Manager of your affairs.

    This guy is stupid, common sense is if God sent the Quran as a guide and the Prophet is to teach the Quran his job description entails God using him as a guide to the people. For example what Musa(as) said to Firawn:

    79:15. Have you heard the story of Moses?
    79:16. When his Lord called to him, in the sacred valley of Tuwa:
    79:17. “Go to the Pharaoh without delay, for, he has rebelled and crossed all limits.”
    79:18. Ask him: “Are you willing to purify yourself of what you’re doing?”
    79:19. “Let me GUIDE you through knowledge to our Lord, so that you can fear something greater than yourself.”

    Or Ibrahim(as), Lut(as), Ishaq(as) and Yaqub(as)

    21:71. I saved him and Lot, and directed them to the land I blessed for all nations.
    21:72. I gave him Isaac and as an additional gift Jacob, and made each of them righteous men.
    21:73. I made them leaders, GUIDING others by My command. I inspired them to do good, establish regular prayer and give charity. They constantly served Me.

    Also some more indirect references:

    16:37. Though you might be eager to guide them, God doesn’t guide whomever He decides to misguide and they will have none who can help them.

    17:94. The only thing that’s really stopped people from believing, when the guidance came to them, was that they said: “How could God have sent a human being as a Messenger to guide us?”

    27:81. You can’t guide the blind out of their errors nor can you make anyone hear you EXCEPT those who believe in My signs and submit.

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      1. Now, now monkey. I know you’re angry and sexually-frustrated and can’t control your foul language. But I keep telling you. Your father will come visit you soon. Just take a bath once in a while.

        Why do you eat your god monkey? I’m waiting for an answer.


  2. mr.heathcliff

    zozo, where does bible say muta is illegal? yhwh said that if a preteen girl dont help my erection (meaning if she is not horny enough) i can let her go( no mention of providing her with divorce certificate)

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    1. Now, now monkey. Your filthy distractions will not save you. Answer the question that Heath asked.

      And while you’re at it, answer all the other questions you keep running from. Is your god evil? Why did he allow rape? Did you ask your mother about Premarin? Why do you eat your god and drink his blood?

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    2. Now, now monkey. I know you’re addicted to porn. But try to get your mind out of the gutter for a few minutes and answer the questions. Go on monkey. And did you take a bath yet? 🤔 Look, that smell coming from your monkey body is what’s keeping your father Satan from visiting you.

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    3. No, no monkey. We don’t have to answer your perverted fantasies. This is a blog for religious discussion, not a porn forum. Keep your filth in your fantasies and take them with you on your way to hell. 😉

      Now answer the questions monkey. No more running or jumping. Go on monkey.


    4. Again trying to distract? Why does your master cp keep hiding behind his mic? Oh and that reminds me of another question you haven’t answered. As the video shows, cp was busted for his ignorance of the Quran. If he’s such an expert, how come he didn’t know that the Quran refers to Muhammad (pbuh) as a guide? 🤔


    5. Still not answering? Look monkey, your master has been exposed. Why did he not know about the Quran? Answer the question. Why would I waste my time going to his channel where he can control the mic? If he’s so tough, tell him to come here. He shouldn’t need to hide. If he’s such an expert, he shouldn’t be afraid.

      Now answer the questions monkey. Stop running.


    6. Still not answering monkey? Hahaha, what’s the matter? Tongue-tied from eating your god’s fecal bread?

      We know why cp hides moron. We don’t have to ask him. He is a charlatan and a coward. He’s always begging for debates because he wants the attention and the money. He knows that morons like you will donate money to him. All he has to do is hide behind his mic and pretend he is unbeatable. 🤣😂

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