The “example of the church” – Aphraates the Persian Sage on how Jesus ate his OWN body and drank his OWN blood

Aphraates the Persian Sage (c. 280 – 345 A.D.)

After having spoken thus [“This is My body…This is My blood”], the Lord rose up from the place where He had made the Passover and had given His Body as food and His Blood as drink, and He went with His disciples to the place where He was to be arrested. But He ate of His own Body and drank of His own Blood, while He was pondering on the dead. With His own hands the Lord presented His own Body to be eaten, and before He was crucified He gave His blood as drink… (Treatises 12:6)


Was the Biblical Jesus an autocannibal?

8 thoughts on “The “example of the church” – Aphraates the Persian Sage on how Jesus ate his OWN body and drank his OWN blood

      1. mr.heathcliff

        your mother use hindi spice and make garam masalaa and put on flesh of jesus before she give u happy meal? how long u cook jesus before u eat him ? or do you eat him raw?

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      2. mr.heathcliff

        remember, no insult in reply, jebusyhwh told u to turn the other cheek and take it like a prostitute like mary madgalena. and other question, why did u remove your website after i showed u cartoon image of yhwh being born of a woman ?

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  1. mr.heathcliff

    as we have demonstrated, christians sucking on blood and putting jesus in their mouth in form of bread and wine (repetitive ritual) to remember roman sacrificial ritual does not cleanse the heart and mind of crosstians

    they wear expensive crosses and LOVE their lives

    they keep their bank accounts

    they are UNABLE to move mountains

    and last but no least, they excrete their god in the form of excrement

    I mean think about it, while a jew thought that eating pork was forbidden and refraining from it is blessing (obedience) , christ of mark turned it to “all foods clean”

    so prior they were not clean and was a sinful act in eating ?

    marks jesus in mark 7 has been understood to mean that foods dont reach heart (especially zozo’), putting jesus in mouth raw (repetitive ritual) help u in doing miracles and have clean heart LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL????????????

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