Ken Temple is a Hypocrite

As-salaam alaikum. A few months ago, I published a 3-part refutation of the ignorant Christian apologist Ken Temple on the Islamic concepts of “dhimmis” and “Jizya”. Temple offered no formal response, only bumbling comments to justify his idiocy and ignorance. But one thing I recently noticed was how he has kept my responses to him hidden from his blog readers (assuming he even has any). For those of you who are familiar with WordPress, you will know that when one WordPress blog links to another WordPress blog, you get a “pingback” request, which creates a counter-link to the blog post where the article was cited. 

Since I included the link to Temple’s article in my response, he would have received a pingback request. WordPress gives the blog owner the option to allow the pingback or to reject it. Unfortunately, being the cowardly clown that he is, Temple (whom I refer to as Pennywise the clown) did not allow the pingback. Keep in mind that this is the same Pennywise who defended the first Gulf War on the basis of spreading “freedom of thought” in Kuwait, a claim that I debunked in part 3 of my response. So Pennywise thinks that wars launched on a pack of lies to spread “freedom of thought” are okay (even if thousands of people are killed, but hey God “loves you”!), but simultaneously, he does not allow criticisms of his laughable articles and the lies they contain. Such is the hypocrisy of this shameless missionary. 

What’s even more laughable is how this liar tried to justify his censorship. It’s an “old article” he says. He couldn’t keep up with the “overload of information” he says. Oh and he doesn’t like it that I call him names. Wah, wah, wah. One can only laugh when hypocrites cry.

5 thoughts on “Ken Temple is a Hypocrite

    1. Yes, he is. The twerp defended a war that killed thousands of people and which was based on false propaganda and designed to increase American power in the Middle East, yet tries to censor refutations of his moronic article. I think it is safe to say that I really dislike that twerp.

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      1. mr.heathcliff

        when filthy kuffar like this have a philosophy of collateral damage and pulling the trigger by killing one life to save five others, then iraqi children, pregnant sisters , brothers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers are just “kilos of meat ” and “collateral damage”

        they have no regard for human life.

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