34 thoughts on “A Christian gives the honest answer about the age of marriage in the Bible…

    1. Hey Hanuman! We missed you!

      I had a feeling I would lure you back eventually! 😉

      I see you are still an idiot though. You still haven’t learned anything. We did refer to the Bible dummy: Ezekiel 16.

      So now answer monkey. What is the age of marriage in the Bible? Give references from the Bible. And don’t try to change the subject by giving a bunch of links to Memri. Ok dummy?

      Welcome back! Let the roasting begin anew!

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      1. I challenge you to show me from the Bible the age of marriage you coward. And why shouldn’t I give you from memri this is Islamic news so it is ok for you to give reference from encyclopaedia which is not a part of Bible. Give me the reference from the Bible or give me the name of your daughter’s father.


      2. Lol, you are such an idiot. Your fellow Christian referred to the encyclopedia dummy, not me! He was referring to the description in Ezekiel 16.

        So I see you again trying to deflect and not answering the question. Tell me Hanuman, what is the age of marriage in the Bible? Why won’t you answer this question? Why are you asking me? I don’t believe in the Bible. So go on. Answer little monkey.


      3. 🤣😂🤣 The Bible doesn’t speak about the age of marriage? So then how would people know when to get married? When did people in the Bible get married? At what age? Stop deflecting idiot. Answer the question. You know the answer. You are just too dishonest to say it, so you are lying through your teeth.


      4. Show me the age of marriage you impotent. I think you are not capable of becoming a father. So show me. Blooody swine coward and a lier quoting the encyclopaedia just to agree with the Son of Satan Muhammad. Listen impotent don’t waste time show me from the Bible or tell me the name of your daughter’s father.


      5. 😂 Hanuman is getting angry! I already showed it moron. And your fellow Christian agreed. Read Ezekiel 16. It shows that the age can be as young as 11. But we also know that it can be even lower. See Numbers 31.

        So there you go, since you were too much of a coward and liar to answer.


      6. Quote me Ezikel don’t say a Christian said or encyclopaedia, I am quoting your Quran and sunnah so quote me a verse from the chapter that tells about the age of marriage. Impotent like Muhammad. Ok did you give the bananas to your wife because your banana doesn’t work therefore you are an impotent. Now show me the verse from the Bible.


      7. 😂 Face it monkey. You’re stuck. Your Bible says puberty is the age of marriage. All your scholars agree on this. Why do you keep running moron?

        Your father’s bananas are here. Do you want them? 😂


      8. 😂🤣😂 Oh my goodness! You really are one of the stupidest crosstians I have ever met! Are all Indian.crosstians as you?

        Moron, Ezekiel uses language that applies to humans when describing the Israelites. It describes Jerusalem as a young girl after puberty. This symbolism refers to the age of marriage in that culture. Stop lying monkey.


      9. Right here dummy, verse 8:

        “Later I passed by, and when I looked at you and saw that you were old enough for love…”

        Has any Indian woman agreed to marry a disgusting monkey like you yet? How are those toilets coming along?


      10. Don’t worry give the bananas to your wife from my end. Listen impotent show me where it says that this the age of marriage.


        This verse is what the Lord is speaking about Jerusalem. You pervert. Son of Muta read my Bible and don’t try to pervert the true word of God. If you run short of bananas then give your wife my Banana. She will be happy because you are an impotent.


      11. 🤣 Moron, you got roasted on this. Now take your father’s bananas.

        Jerusalem represents the people of Israel. It is personified as a young girl who has entered puberty and is of marriageable age. Ezekiel is using the cultural views of marriage to describe how God “married” Israel. Get it dummy? The age of marriage is puberty according to the Bible. This is a fact that you are too embarrassed to accept. So you would rather lie about your so-called “true word of God” then accept what it actually says. You are just a lying monkey like the false apostle Paul. Don’t worry. He’ll give you some bananas while you’re both in hell.


      12. Don’t be a filthy lier want to debate then be honest I am giving you links. You spoke about Ezikel 16:8 and I showed you it is God speaking about Jerusalem. The words are clear Don’t be a filthy lier or I will block you. Is your wife enjoying my rock hard banana. Because you are an impotent.


      13. 🤣 You showed that you are an idiot who doesn’t understand how symbolism works. The chapter personified Jerusalem as a girl of marriageable age. What age is that? It is after puberty. You are embarrassing yourself monkey. Now go eat some of Paul’s bananas.


      14. Ezekiel:

        “‘Then I passed by and saw you kicking about in your blood, and as you lay there in your blood I said to you, “Live!”[a] 7 I made you grow like a plant of the field. You grew and developed and entered puberty. Your breasts had formed and your hair had grown, yet you were stark naked.

        8 “‘Later I passed by, and when I looked at you and saw that you were old enough for love, I spread the corner of my garment over you and covered your naked body. I gave you my solemn oath and entered into a covenant with you, declares the Sovereign Lord, and you became mine.


      15. Gill’s Exposition of the Bible commentary on Ezekiel 16:7:

        thine hair is grown; an euphemism, expressive of puberty, which in females was at twelve years of age:

        Of course, we know that puberty could start earlier than 12, but 12 is generally the average age. It could also start as early as age 8 or even age 7. So the age of marriage in the Bible is whenever puberty starts.


  1. So the monkey Zozo got roasted yet again and embarrassed himself and his religion. The pathetic simian is so embarrassed of his Bible that he has to lie about it. As we have seen, the age of marriage in the Bible is puberty. This is not new to anyone with knowledge or a brain, but dishonest monkeys like Zozo pretend like it’s not the case.


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