9 thoughts on “Check out “Mr. Islam Answers Back” on YouTube

  1. Obviously this is gonna be a shock to muslims since they can’t even read Quran so forget about their respect for Al-Qurtubi. They right away deny all top scholars and fatwa as fake and false because they have never studied anything about Islam. They can’t comprehend such evil things coming from their cult.
    Al-Qurtubi writes:
    Ibn Al-Arabi said, “Lineage is an expression referring to the mixture of fluids between a male and a female from a religious legal point of view. However, if this union (between male and female) occurs through disobedience (fornication) then the resulting child is not considered a part of a person’s true lineage. That is why a daughter born from adultery is not mentioned in Allah’s saying, ‘Prohibited to you (for marriage) are: your mothers and daughters’ (Surah 4:23) because she is not considered a daughter according to the most authentic teaching of our (Islamic) scholars and the most authentic teaching of our religion. If there is no legal lineage then there is no legal relationship; for adultery does not prohibit (from marriage) the daughter of the mother (you committed adultery with) nor the mother of a woman (you committed adultery with).


    1. 😂🤣😂 So Hanuman can’t refute the cp’s lie! Did you watch the video from Muslim Allegation Hunters, dummy? Imam Qurtubi was quoting multiple opinions, including Ibn Arabi. But Qurtubi also stated that Ali Ibn Abu Talib (ra) considered the marriage forbidden. Your masters deliberately failed to mention that. You people are such pathetic liars! 🤣

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      1. mr.heathcliff

        “Your masters deliberately failed to mention that. You people are such pathetic liars!”
        through their behavior they are doing a good job proving hebrews and jesus wrong. when crosstians see crosstians hating on muslims, they leave christianity. belief in jesus does not save from lies and hypocrisy.

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      2. And no response from the monkey yet again! Hey monkey, did your father Satan give you more bananas today? 😂🤣

        Your master Christian princess lied about Qurtubi. Admit it, monkey. You have been deceived by the princess and if you don’t repent, you will both burn in hell along with your father Satan. Repent, Hanuman, repent!

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      3. Hanuman, why don’t you find an Indian crosstian woman who would be willing to touch you with a pole? I mean we can’t expect any woman in her right mind to physically touch a filthy monkey like you, so that will be best for you.

        Is there any woman in India willing to marry a filthy monkey? He is currently single and works as a toilet-cleaner.

        Don’t worry Hanuman. I will find you a companion. I know you’re desperate.


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