Christians are like Elmer Fudd…

At BloggingTheology, an Islamophobic Christian apologist named “Erasmus” (aka “Ignoramus”) has been having some trouble with rabbits (and hares), like many of his co-religionists. These people are the Elmer Fudds of Christianity.

Ignoramus is so clueless about how to explain the rabbit error in Leviticus 11 that he asked me to “prove” that rabbits/hares do NOT chew the cud! In other words, he wants me to prove a negative, which is nothing more than a logical fallacy. It’s like asking me to “prove” that Bigfoot does NOT exist. Unfortunately for Ignoramus, the burden of proof is on him to refute the scientific evidence that rabbits/hares are lagomorphs that practice a process called caecotrophy, which is completely different from rumination (i.e., chewing the cud). Thus far, the Elmer Fudds of Christianity have failed to figure out a way to refute this error in the Bible. Many have tried.

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