Debate Challenge to Shamoun: Let’s Do This!

Now that I have your attention Shamoun, I would like to tell you that since you are always begging to debate someone, why not debate brother Nadir Ahmed on the evil, genocidal teachings of your Bible?

Oh wait…did you think this was a debate challenge from me to  you? Did you think that I had changed my mind about verbal debates just because your lowly minions asked me to? Silly goose. You should know better.

But since you are always barking and begging to debate (evidently, you have time to mouth off but not quite enough time to write a coherent, well thought-out response), why not debate brother Nadir? He and you have some unfinished business:

Brother Nadir personally asked me to issue this debate challenge on his behalf. This is what he said:

“I would send it to him and point out his hypocrisy that in that tape when was not able to respond he ran way. Until today, he’s avoiding my debate challenge yet he’s accusing you of the same thing.”

He also said:

“I’m ready any time for him to finish.”

Those are strong words. So, do you accept the challenge? Brother Nadir is waiting to slaughter you on the genocidal and murderous verses in your Bible (pun intended).

Let’s see if you will accept or if you will make excuses…

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