Christians in the Central African Republic sheltered 800 Muslims from Christian terrorists

Good to hear that there are people on both sides who repudiate hatred and bigotry. This reminds me of the Nigerian imam who saved hundreds of Christians.

62 thoughts on “Christians in the Central African Republic sheltered 800 Muslims from Christian terrorists

  1. Don’t come with your filth lie. It was because of Muslims Christians had to pick up weapons. So Muslims can attack but when Christians retaliate then you Muslims cry just like Muhammad. What a big fat and fart liers. This is what Muhammad perfected in you.


    1. You just showed once again why you are a filthy monkey who justifies terrorism when Christians do it. You are a filthy terrorist sympathizer and an ignoramus.

      The conflict between Muslims and Christians is largely based on ethnic differences. Their religions conflict is an extension of that. But it is also because of extremists on both sides who justify attacking unarmed civilians and those who excuse such brutality, such as satanic monkeys like you. This is what Yahweh perfected in you.

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      1. 😂🤣😂 What’s wrong monkey? Deflecting again? Still trying to hide in your master’s rear-end? Does cp nurse you like your Portuguese father? 🤣

        Why don’t you ask cp to move Mt Everest for you, since you can’t do it?


      2. 😂🤣😂 Go find some bananas for yours. Oh wait, I forgot. What woman would be crazy enough to touch a filthy monkey like you, even with a 10 foot pole?

        So, what’s going on Mt Everest? Did your god run out of pixie dust?


      3. 😂🤣😂 Shabbir Ally has embarrassed your best apologists. Not a single one of your clowns has managed to beat him in a debate.

        Your master cp will not agree to a moderated debate because he knows he will lose. That’s why he keeps insisting on people calling his pathetic YouTube channel so he can control what they say.


  2. stewjo004

    @ QB
    Isn’t it hilarious that Christians think people like Dr.Ally are our greatest scholars? No offense to Dr.Ally but who is he compared to someone like Ibn Taymiyyah? When Ibn Taymiyyah (someone who was ACTUALLY one of our greatest scholars) did his refutation of Paul of Damascus there was no back and forth.

    These people who you all quiver under are for the most part regular Muslims like myself or QB.

    PS. Tell CP to some here or like the 1000th time now.

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      1. 🤣 Hanuman, a proper debate involves a moderator and a specific topic. Your master the princess will not agree to either.

        Now go suck on some your father’s bananas and then eat some of Yahweh’s poop bread.


    1. ooooooo, really now the great Tafsir writer Ibn Taymiyyah had become real but i gave you In Khatir the student of Ibn Taymiyyah then you Muslims rejected hem. This shows you Muslims are hypocrites and cannot be trusted.

      When Ibn Taymiyyah (someone who was ACTUALLY one of our greatest scholars) did his refutation of Paul of Damascus there was no back and forth.

      I challenge you where Ibn Taymiyyah challenged Paul. Show me if not you are a big fat and fart lier. Show me. cowards.


  3. stewjo004

    @ QB

    Where, where, where. Show me?

    @ Zoze

    Not Paul of Tarsus the creator of your religion, Paul of Damascus a famous Christian Bishop who challenged the Muslims and didn’t respond after Ibn Taymiyyah lit him up in his response (kind bad you don’t know the difference):

    Click to access Answering%20those%20who%20Altered%20the%20Religion%20of%20Jesus%20Christ.pdf

    Some side notes:

    1. Ibn Taymiyyah was more a scholar of Aqeedah and Fiqh, not tafsir

    2. Never rejected Ibn Kathir show me where, where, where, where, where?

    3. My point still stands, Dr.Ally someone who is not one of our greatest scholars still lit up pretty much your best apologist you got.

    4. You keep not answering this question, is the Son All-Knowing or not?

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    1. 2. Never rejected Ibn Kathir show me where, where, where, where, where?

      oooooo,really big fat lier. Remember when i questioned on surah 36 that is proves Paul is the greatest messenger and showed you Ibn Khatir you rejected your scholar now you are trying to justify your case. big time lier go give some carrots to your mother son of Muta.


      1. 😂😂😂 He didn’t reject Ibn Kathir you idiot. He rejected the baseless story that Ibn Kathir had mentioned. Big difference dummy. We are not obligated to believe every story in the tafsirs, especially if they have no reliable chain.

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      2. Yes suddenly Ibn Khatir is baseless and son of Muta who come 1500 years know more than Ibn Khatri. By the way how do you know that Ibn Khatri narration for surah 36 is baseless.

        Keep enjoying. Son of Muta when will you tell your Amie or mother to breastfeed me


      3. Hanuman, ask your father to breastfeed you. I know you like that.

        And it’s Ibn Kathir, not Ibn Kathri, dummy Ibn Shaitan.

        Dummy, as I said, Ibn Kathir did not provide any chain. He just related a story he had heard. We know he was wrong, so so reject that story. We use our brains, unlike zombies such as yourself. We are not stupid like you. Now go get some bananas from your father. 😂

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  4. stewjo004

    @ QB

    You have to remember they take their rabbis and pastors as lords (Q 9:31) so they follow what they say blindly and believe everybody else does as well.

    @ Zoze

    Ibn Kathir gave no basis of where he got his story from (all honesty he was probably just quoting Christians). People forget ibn Kathir lived during the time of knights walking around and can’t verify everything effectively. We Muslims are under no obligation to believe something that didn’t come from the Prophet(saw). Paul is disqualified because he claimed to be a prophet. Had ibn Kathir known this he would have rejected him as well because we know there were no prophets between Jesus(as) and Muhammad(saw).

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      1. No, no monkey. In summary, Hanuman the Indian crosstian is a jackass who doesn’t know how to make a logical argument. Now go nibble on your father’s breasts. I know you’re desperate for any type of affection. 😂

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  5. stewjo004

    @ Zoze

    You know what’s an easy way to see if the story has no basis lol? Go back to ibn Kathir and tell us where he heard the story from? What’s his reference?

    Is the Son All-Knowing? It appears you’re avoiding answering this. If someone asked me is God All-Knowing I would say yes. QB what about you is God All-Knowing?

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    1. Ok now I know you Muslims know more than Ibn Khatir. Great you are not in Islamic nations if not you would had been killed. So Muslims of 21 St century know more than Ibn Khatir this is why Shabbir Ally is terrified from debating Christian Prince or Sam Shamon.


    2. Not Hanuman’s god. He wouldn’t know his rear-end from a hole in the ground!

      But yes, the true is All-Knowing.

      Hanuman is getting angry. You’re upsetting the monkey stew. He’s like a drunk spewing obscenities at every thing. Next, he will start yelling at the clouds to give him some carrots. 😂


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