8 thoughts on “Thou shalt not kill…Nevermind, kill them all…

  1. Hanuman, the inbred monkey, still living in c princess’ rear-end? Why don’t you her to come here?

    How’s the poop bread? Did you convert anyone lately?😉

    So why did your god contradict himself by saying don’t kill but then saying kill everyone? 🤔


    1. Son of Muta you don’t give your ID you don’t give your address so how will I request CP to debate you. You keep saying come here, here is where. In your house, in your dreams where. Give a proper location


      1. 😂😂😂 Um moron, just tell your master to come here, to the blog, just like you’re here. It’s not that difficult. I know you’re a dim-witted monkey, but still. You can’t be THAT dim-witted, can you? Well, I guess you can. You’ve been eating Yahweh’s poop bread for a long time. It’s had an effect on your mind.

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      2. Listen son of Muta CP in love in the air give him your blog link and let him decide. Why should I do your job. If you can defend your Islam then give CP your link and prove to be a man. Not Son of Muta who don’t know his father.


      3. Listen son of Satan, you’re the one who lives in the princess’ rear-end. So you tell him to come out from his lair where he can hide and mute anyone who exposes him, and come here or anywhere else where he can be exposed as the liar. Tell him to go over to Muslim Allegation Hunters on Youtube. They will really roast him.

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