40 thoughts on “Peter Hitchens on Islam

      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Basically. You want me to keep it real? While he is thinking this is some sort of victory I am GLAD they took thise idiots (though I have never seen this live I only see apostasy to Atheism) We get thise weak people out of the Ummah and become stronger.

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      2. What you study nothing just copy paste. This is why you failed to show 114 surah manuscript, the word Mecca from the Bible and all what is left to prove who Muhammad is from Christine doctrine. Why the early Muslims didn’t take Muhammad seriously or was Muhammad another clown in the town. At least the son of Hamas has the guts to say he has converted to Christianity openly. But you are a coward who even runs from debating online.


      3. 😂🤣 No, no monkey. You’re the one who does copy paste. The rest of us do actual research. That’s why you jump around like a diseased, inbred monkey everytime you got refuted, babbling like a moron “where, where, show me…”


      4. Listen son of Muta give me your ID and let’s debate. We will then see who does research and who is a copy paste. Give me your ID and let’s go live on Air so that I can spank you and Muhammad and Allah.


      5. Listen monkey, don’t get mad. Just answer the question. You’re getting roasted on a daily basis. Get over it monkey. And maybe get a life too. There’s more to life than just cleaning toilets and yelling at clouds and being a loudmouth on the internet. 😂


      1. Monkey, you really need to do something about your addiction. Otherwise, you’ll remain a toilet-cleaning bachelor your whole life. No woman would come near you. 😂

        Now eat some poop bread and answer the question.


      2. Monkey, your porn mind only exposes your pagan religion. Pagans are as obsessed and filthy as you are. And that will only make your agony in hell that much worse. So keep it up. You expose your pagan religion more. 😂

        Now answer the question. 😉


      3. Inbred baboon, you need to take the false apostle’s advice and clean your filthy mind and mouth:

        “But now you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.”


      4. 😂😂 No, no monkey, you are actually showing the real fruits of your pagan, porn-infested religion. Taking little girls as sex slaves, using filthy language, making poop bread. That’s all in your religion. All of that will make your roasting in hell that much more worse.

        Now answer the question monkey.


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