“Can there be any doubt about Allah – the Originator and Creator of the heavens and earth?!” [Surah Ibrahim; 10]

God’s design on display!

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This is a magnification of a mosquito’s leg. It was made through a special lens that magnified it 800 times. To give you an idea how much that is, a picture of an average grain of rice, if magnified to that extent, would be around six meters, or roughly twenty feet long.

We are expected to believe by those who deny God that such beauty, precision, utility and effectiveness simply ‘came to be’, on its own. We are told that such is the Law of Nature and so states the Theory of Evolution. Changes at the DNA level simply occurred as random mutations, such that the aggregate result of billions and billions of random mutations is seen in this picture.

But at what point does it actually become more rational and reasonable to believe in a Supreme Deity – a Being who not only created this perfectly sculpted leg on…

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12 thoughts on ““Can there be any doubt about Allah – the Originator and Creator of the heavens and earth?!” [Surah Ibrahim; 10]

    1. Vaqas Rehman

      greetings diosescucha i couldn’t help but notice some errors in your comments that i could hopefully clarify. first “His name is Yahweh, not Allah” is not accurate because as brother stew mentioned Allah is used in the bible. in fact it is used multiple times in multiple forms. El, Elohim, Eloah,ʼĔlāhā, Alaha, Ilah and Allah are all related names/terms derived from the same source and are often interchangeable. this point is made clearer not only with arabic translations of the bible but with hebrew translations of the quran.


      So a more accurate statement would be “His name is Yahweh AND Allah.” This is not simply muslim apologetics but an established fact agreed upon by academics and by the majority of atheists, musims, christians, and jews the world over. In my experience the only people who deny the connection are people either ignorant of the facts or desperate to portray muslims as the “other.”

      secondly your comment “No, the Bible calls Him יהוה, pronounced YAHUWAH, meaning I AM THAT I AM” is wrong for a number of reasons. first “i am that i am” or ehyeh asher ehyeh in hebrew is not literally yhwh. while the two are related they are obviously not the same name/term as you see by comparing them. Jews are allowed to speak and write ehey asher ehey and are forbidden from speaking or writing out the Tetragrammaton rendering it only as yhwh or yhvh. to prove this simply go on youtube or google watch the video

      “Is ‘I AM’ the name of God? Rabbi Tovia Singer reveals why it is forbidden to utter the name of God”

      from 25:00 onward. i’d link it myself i can’t seem to be able to. even if you disagree with rabbi singer’s interpretations you should at least acknowledge his evidences.

      the second error in your second comment is the pronunciation you provided. The fact of the matter is the original pronunciation is lost to history. There are multiple ways to pronounce it floating around today. All of them, even the one you brought are guesswork nothing more. Which of course makes the promise attached to the name a false promise/false prophecy “This is my name forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation. – [Exodus 3:15]

      However if you are still attached to the sacred name then know that Islam has far greater claim to the name than Christianity and has purified it from any pagan influences that brother QB has mentioned. you can see this here https://islamreigns.wordpress.com/tag/yhwh-means-hayyul-qayyum/

      or the youtube video
      ‘Yahweh’ in Islam
      by sheen khan

      Sorry for the long post and i hope i helped. If there are any errors then those are mine. and if there is any good then that if from Allah(S.W.T)

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  1. stewjo004

    @ diosescucha

    Yes, QB is right the “El” is the more proper name. YHWH is kinda out there and may have pagan origins (but this is debated). You have to remember much of the Hebrew Bible’s stories are stitched together from two different stories.

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  2. stewjo004

    @ diosescucha

    To begin I just wanted to applaud you for the humility which is a rare thing when discussing things online in general let alone a topic like religion. So if you don’t mind me asking what else have you heard about Islam and have you ever thought of becoming Muslim?

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  3. Vaqas Rehman

    @ diosescucha

    i’m just glad i was able to contribute to the discussion and not come off as intrusive or annoying. And echoing brother stew, i thank you as well. Because respectful dialogue is always appreciated no matter the context.

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