64 thoughts on “Watch “Qur’an Mistakes Or Your Mistakes? Br Farid on Daniel Brubakers Book” on YouTube

      1. Abdul I asked Faiz Masood Sidiq the son of Muta to show me one Islamic website that has 114 surahs with all its Verses. Can you just answer this simple question. Show me. Don’t give your garbage but proof.


      2. Zozo, you stupid Indian Abdul, you are too stupid for words. 😂 We have already shown you numerous evidences for this. You are just a loser who can’t admit defeat. I have destroyed you and your pathetic
        pagan religion so many times already.

        But let’s humiliate you again little monkey abdul-Cp:


        Here you go abdul-cp, son of Satan. 😁 This website provides the full text of the Quran plus all the major manuscripts. The Quran’s amazing accuracy and preservation blows your pathetic Bible out of the water. 🤣🤣


      3. What happened abdul-cp, you filthy monkey? You got angry again because I humiliated you? 😂😂

        You asked for a website that shows all the manuscripts and text of the Quran. I gave you one. Becoming embarrassed, you moved the goalpost again and are now complaining about Western scholars being involved. So what idiot? Go back to serving your master CP and cleaning toilets. 🤣


      4. Monkey, why did you lie about your evil god’s genocidal commands? You are the filth of Christianity. Thank you for showing everyone the rotten fruits of your lagan religion. This will help many people leave your filth inshaAllah. 🤣


      5. How is Baal the pagan god treating you abdul-cp? Oh actually, we should call you abdul-Baal. Hellfire is waiting for you monkey. I can just hear you calling out from the fire “help me, help me”. 😁


      6. Monkey, your filthy language and obsession with sex and women’s bodies are only showing the filth of your religion. You keep showing how evil you are. 😁 It’s no wonder your religion is dying. There are MILLIONS leaving your religion every year. After a while, only the perverts like you and other abdul-Baals will be left. And then straight to hell you will go. 🤣🤣


      7. abdul-Baal, stop stalling and answer my question. Why did you lie about your pagan god’s evil command to kill babies? Stop worshiping Baal for a second you filthy pagan Indian and face your humiliation. 😁


      8. abdul-Baal, are all Indian Christians…oops I’m sorry…are all Indian Abdul-Baals as perverted and sexually frustrated as you are? 😂 It must be tough to be so unattractive to women. Poor abdul-Baal Zozo. 😂


      9. Zozo, you pagan abdul, spamming won’t help you. I am thoroughly enjoying you struggling to explain your evil god’s genocidal commands and your lies to cover it up. The longer you stall, the worse it will get for you. Remember, hell is waiting for you. You will go there eventually anyway, if God wills it. 🔥🔥🔥


      10. Abdul-Baal, you’re still trying to spam. It won’t work monkey. I know you’re embarrassed. I want to embarrass you more. Answer the question so I can destroy you again. Pretty please? 😂😂


      11. Enjoy the filth of Christianity, abdul-Baal:


        “In Zimbabwe, an early marriage is seen as path to avoid sin. Child marriage is often encouraged among the 1.2 million followers of churches that combine evangelical Christianity and traditional African beliefs, according to Human Rights Watch. Church leaders also enforce virginity testing rituals on girls as young as 12.

        “The problem is that girls and women are not allowed to speak,” a church elder told Human Rights Watch. “If a man stands up in church and says God showed him in a dream that he should marry a certain girl, then that is God’s commandment which must be obeyed.””


      12. Hahahaha, here we go again! The filthy monkey is embarrassed of his Bible!

        “…but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.”

        The women and young boys had already been killed, so only the little girls were left. Christian scholars admit that they were spared for MARRIAGE:

        Elicott’s Commentary:

        “The Israelites were allowed to make slaves of their captives. Shortly after the capture of these Midianitish women, and, it may be, as arising out of it, the law concerning marriage with captives was enacted. (See Deuteronomy 21:10-14.)”


        Ouch! 😂😂


      13. Monkey, pay attention. Don’t deflect. We’re talking about your Bible, abdul-Baal. Your scholars agree that marrying little Midianite girls was allowed by your god. Admit defeat monkey. I will have to make a video about this inshaAllah! 😁


      14. More humiliation for Abdul-Baal, Zozo. Here is what Tertullian, the 2nd-century church father said about veiling and marriage for girls:

        “…doubtless the age from which the law of the veil will come into operation will be that from which ‘the daughters of men’ were able to invite concupiscence of their persons, and to experience marriage. For a virgin ceases to be a virgin from the time that it becomes possible for her not to be one.” (“On the Veiling of Virgins”, Chapter 11)

        So Tertullian taught that girls should wear the veil when they reached the age when sexual intercourse and marriage were possible, which was at the onset of puberty.


      15. Monkey, son of Satan, you idiot abdul-Baal, can you refute me on Numbers 31:18? Your Bible and scholars all agreed that little girls could be taken as wives. You have done a terrible job so far. 🤣


      16. Strong’s Definitions:




        taf (Key)

        Part of Speech

        masculine noun

        Root Word (Etymology)

        From טָפַף (H2952) (perhaps referring to the tripping gait of children)

        Dictionary Aids

        TWOT Reference: 821a

        KJV Translation Count — Total: 42x

        The KJV translates Strong’s H2945 in the following manner: little ones (29x), children (12x), families (1x).

        Outline of Biblical Usage [?]

        children, little children, little ones

        Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)

        טַף ṭaph, taf; from H2952 (perhaps referring to the tripping gait of children); a family (mostly used collectively in the singular):—(little) children (ones), families.

        Hahahaha, abdul-Baal is contradicting his own Bible and scholars. 😂


      17. It keeps getting worse for Zozo, the lying monkey:

        Pulpit Commentary – Verse 18. – Keep alive for yourselves, i.e., for domestic slaves in the first instance. Subsequently no doubt many of them became inferior wives of their masters, or were married to their sons. Infants were probably put to death with their mothers.

        Admit it abdul-Baal. You have been spanked badly. Admit defeat and I might not laugh at you. 😁


      18. 😂😂😂 abdul-Baal, your fellow Abdul CP got spanked by Farid. No wonder he’s afraid.

        Admit defeat monkey. Numbers 31:18 talks about little girls. I promise I’ll only laugh at you only a little bit. 🤣


      19. Monkey, tell CP to stop making excuses and accept Farid’s challenge so he can get spanked in public. We know he’s afraid.

        Now admit defeat abdul-Baal. Stop stalling. Take your humiliation like CP. Numbers 31:18 is about little girls, not women.


      20. We are online son of Satan. Your deflections won’t work idiot. They only expose you as a lying pig. 🐖 😂

        So go on and admit defeat abdul-Baal. Your Bible allowed the Israelites to take young girls as wives. Do you admit it pagan abdul? 😁


      21. Why would I give an Indian Creep like you my Skype? Be a man and answer right here monkey. Just admit you got spanked. 😁

        Numbers 31:18 refers to little girls, not young women. You lied as you lied about the Amalekite genocide and your god’s commands about burning trees. Admit it now abdul-Baal. I promise I will only laugh a little. 🤣


      22. Hahahaha, what happened abdul-Baal? You can’t admit defeat you little monkey? 🐒 Go eat some more bananas and clean some toilets, then come back here and get smashed some more. 🤣😁😂


      23. Now, now abdul-Baal, I know you’re angry at being humiliated but you still gotta answer. The girls in Numbers 31:18 were not “young women”. They were little girls. Come on. Admit it. You lied and were refuted. 😁


      24. Abdul-Baal, you impotent monkey. No need to get angry. Just answer the question here for all to see. You can use all the foul language you want you pagan simian, it won’t help you. And stop asking for my Skype ID (I don’t have one) like some creepy, gay loser. 😂😂


      25. 😂😂😂 Abdul-Baal, you had to do some desperate Googling to come up with that, huh? The verse doesn’t say Allah will literally come with the clouds, you moron. 🤣 It’s responding the pagans for not believing in the day of Judgement, so it gives a metaphorical example of their stupidity, just like your stupidity.

        In contrast, Daniel 7 is literally copied from pagan mythology. What a silly copy paste religion Christianity is. 😁😁😁🐒 🐒 🐒

        Let’s see some more copying of pagan myths. Daniel 7 says Yahweh has white hair. This is a copy of El in Canaanite myth. The Bible talks about Leviathan. This is a copy of Lotan in Canaanite myth. And there are more examples. What a fart and a copy paste religion Christianity is 😁😁😁🐒 🐒 🐒


      26. Why are you running monkey? Stop deflecting and admit your humiliation. Why did your god allow little Midianite girls to be taken as slaves and wives? Answer the question abdul-Baal.


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      1. Abdul-Baal, your religion is a copycat of paganism. Your mangod is based on a copy of Baal. And by the way, Hinduism has its own trinity. 🤣🤣 You will join the pagans in hell and will beg to be let out. 😂


    1. You got that right! Since Christians believe that the son of man in Daniel 7 was their mangod, but in reality, he is a plagiarized version of Baal, it is appropriate to call them abdul-Baal, or at least the fanboys/lovers of Christian princess and Scam Shamoun like Zozo. 😂

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