12 thoughts on “Watch “Zakir Hussain DISMANTLES Christian arguments for ‘The Comforter’ being the ‘Holy Spirit’!” on YouTube

    1. Hey monkey, so what’s your point? The textbook says that unbelievers will go to hell.

      Now, do you have an actual response to the video, which makes a good case that the Comforter was going to be a human, and not the holy spirit?

      Also, you need to answer my questions monkey. I haven’t forgotten. 😉


    2. stewjo004

      @ Zoze

      Wow… I am so, so proud of the Muslims in India for clearly defining proper belief and refuting deviants. Thank you for that link it really made my day. No doubt the best thing you have ever posted.

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Atlas

      My thoughts exactly would love to see more debates from him. However, from a neutral perspective I think White kept his head together better than most when they debated. (He still was pissed though)

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  1. Atlas

    Zakir Hussain is a BEAST!
    I LOOOOVEEEEE his debate style. Can’t forget how he manhandled crossdressing Wood in that epic debate.
    To bad he doesn’t do many debates.

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  2. stewjo004

    @ Atlas

    Oh, I agree wholeheartedly hence the pissed part but from a performance perspective, I think did a much better job weathering Zakir’s blitz than most people who start to panic (for example Richard Lucas). Again I like the brother’s debate style ( in my personal opinion probably a toss-up between him and Ijaz Ahmed as the best) But I’m giving White his due, he kept calm during the blitz and attempted to build his defense in their debate about Muhammad(saw) in the Bible.

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