72 thoughts on “Watch “AMAZING STORY – Woman Who Cleaned The Prophet’s Mosque – EMOTIONAL” on YouTube

  1. Hey Hanuman, you inbred monkey. Your comment was deleted because you’re an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This woman’s name was Umm Mihjan. Now show me where it says that she drank the Prophet’s urine. Where? Where? By the way, you might want to check out the Hadith Database dummy. 😂

    And also, answer my questions monkey.


    1. https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur%27an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Urine#cite_note-Imam_Suyuti-3



      really, are you serious??? Look son of Muta don’t tell me all these news are fake. you have no knowledge with whom you are debating. I am your godfather. so enjoy. And what about the answers still running. Ok go, just like your prophet Muhammad.Who had no answers of anything.


      1. 🤣😂 Once again moron, show me where Umm Mijhan drank. You said this woman drank the Prophet’s urine. So show me monkey. The links you gave don’t show that moron. This just shows again what an uneducated little pagan you are. Educated people do real research. Uneducated people, like you, do Google searches.

        So I ask again: where does it say that Umm Mihjan drank the Prophet’s urine? Go on monkey. Try to answer and then go eat some bread baked over your own excrement as your god commanded Ezekiel. 😂


      2. Yes you did monkey. Don’t lie! You think you can get away just because I deleted the comment? 🤣😂 There, it’s restored little lying monkey. You responded to the video saying that you woman drank the Prophet’s urine. And now you’re lying that you never said that. Satan is the father of all lies little baboon!

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      3. yes but i didn’t say that this was the woman. Go read the comment. Abdul son of muta. And didn’t your son of muta muhammad have any shame he should had said that this is nonsense drinking my piss, but in return he blessed. Thank God Muhammad didn’t say to -. Hahahahah and this is the prophet you muhammedans follow.


      4. 🤣😂 Still trying to lie little monkey? The video was about Umm Mihjan. You, being the ignorant moron, did not know her name and thought that she must have been the same woman mentioned in the weak hadiths about a slavewoman from Ethiopia drinking the Prophet’s urine. Now that you’re cornered, you try to pathetically excuse your stupidity. 🤣🤣🤣
        Even if the hadiths are accurate, which they are not, the Prophet never ordered anyone to drink his urine. The hadiths say that someone had already drank it. What could be do at that point? It’s not like he could magically reverse time. Perhaps he was trying to make them feel better by reassuring them that they would not be harmed.
        But again, there is no reason to take those hadiths at face value. There are many more authentic hadiths which show that one should avoid contact with urine. The Prophet himself cleaned himself, as anyone would, after urinating. Why would he do that if it was pure, as some people claim?
        And thank God that we weren’t told to bake bread over human feces, as your sick god commanded. So was your god evil? Answer my questions monkey. You can run, but you can’t hide.

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      5. Where’d you run off to monkey? Are you frantically Googling to find someway to respond? Or are you busy cleaning toilets in Goa? Is it Bombay? Delhi? How many toilets do you clean a day?


      6. 😆 You were answered monkey. Your pathetic challenge was to show a website that has digital images of a manuscript. But this is a meaningless challenge. Just because there is no website does not mean anything. Only a moron of your low IQ would think that this is a good argument.

        Now answer me monkey and stop running. You can’t escape.


      7. hahahhah, that means Quran is garbage. how can we Christians can produce evidence but Muslims cannot. Yes it means lot it is a serious issue. A small request stop saying you have 114 surah manuscripts. Now muahmmedans are back peddling. Great. So we can boost and say and show buy Muslims fail miserably.


      8. 🤣😂 Hanuman is such an idiot! How does this prove anything you said moron? Scholars have studied the Quran mss and they have found that it is preserved. In contrast, your Bible has tell-tale signs of corruptions. Even your own scholars admit that! So tell me. What does having a website prove you brainless monkey? Go on. Answer me.


      9. After all the we can prove all the Books from Genesis till Revelation. but Muslims cannot prove the entire 114 sura manuscript. Dan Brubekar has contradicted your quran. Really, he is an authority in Quranic studies. And who care if you believe in hadiths or not who are you a chilly pork. The links are clear that Muhammad blessed the woman for drinking the piss of his. What a pervert Muhammad you Muhammedans follow.


      10. 😂😂 Oh you moron! Your Bible mss shows undeniable signs of corruptions! This is not even a matter of debate.

        Brother Ijaz refuted you idiots for appealing to Brubaker. That’s how we met. Remember moron?

        Sean Anthony has stated that the Quran is much better preserved than other ancient documents, including your silly Bible. This is the scholarly consensus. All you morons can do is take one scholar and twist what he says to make it sound palatable to you.

        Now answer my questions monkey. Stop running.

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      11. https://enduringword.com/bible-commentary/ezekiel-4/ open and read

        Really, Brother Ijaz refuted you idiots for appealing to Brubaker. That’s how we met. Remember moron? but he has no guts to debate Dan Brubekar just like you chilly pork who can refute behind the screens. If izaz Ahmed is your hero then why doesn’t he debate Christian prince and did you forget the spanking that Sam Shmoun gave him. What a fart.

        Sean Anthony has stated that the Quran is much better preserved than other ancient documents, including your silly Bible. This is the scholarly consensus. All you morons can do is take one scholar and twist what he says to make it sound palatable to you.

        Really did he say so, then how come you cannot show me 114 surah manuscript website. not a handmade drawn table but a website where the manuscripts are digitally photographed according to the surahs and verses. can you produce one. go tell your hero Izaz Ahmed to first debate. Why did he run away from debating jay Smith in Hong Kong. And who is Sean Anthony is he a scholar??? So, this means Muslims are hypocrites they will choose those who support their argument and reject anyone who goes against them for ex Dan Brubekar.


      12. 🤣😂 So you were frantically Googling to explain why your sick god ordered Ezekiel to eat poop bread!

        I already know the background moron. I have done the research. I’m not a low-IQ and lazy idiot like you. Whatever the reason was, what kind of a sick order is that?

        And it gets even worse. Your god also told the Israelites that he would make them eat their children! 😱 What is this? What kind of a god do you worship?

        You’re still not explaining how having a website somehow proves anything about preservation. Do you know what a non-sequitur is monkey? I know I asked you this before.

        Sean Anthony is a well-known scholar. You, being the ignorant moron, are not up to date with the scholarship. And again, as iIjaz showed, Brubaker did not prove anything about corruption.

        Jay Smith? 🤣😂🤣 The guy whose been humiliated by Shabbir Ally?

        Now answer my questions monkey. Stop running. And when you’re done cleaning the toilets, go eat some poop bread. It’s what your god would have wanted.

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      13. https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-sites-places/biblical-archaeology-sites/huqoq-2019-newly-discovered-1600-year-old-mosaic-exodus/?mqsc=E4067004&dk=ZE9A7CZ42&utm_source=WhatCountsEmail&utm_medium=BHDDaily%20Newsletter&utm_campaign=ZE9A7CZ42

        We are still finding about the Bible. Where is Islam, nowhere, no new discovery nor new archaeological sites. Yes i can understand that if there are no 114 surah manuscripts. Then i can accept there cannot be any archaeological discoveries. Enjoy the pagan cult. Why cannot Izaj Ahmed debate Jay Smith and what about the spanking he got from Sam Shamoun. And you said you did research ok show me 114 surah manuscript website. Can you or you just another talking fart.


      14. 😆 What does this prove idiot? Muslims also believe in the Exodus. So?

        Plus, this mosaic is only 1600 years old. That would be about 1600 years after the Exodus. So it’s not very impressive at all.

        In contrast, we have literally a treasure trove of mss, inscriptions and other archaeological evidence for Islam. The documentary evidence for Islam far surpasses anything that Christianity has.

        Now answer my questions monkey.

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      15. Show me, you have nothing only mouth full of fart.

        In contrast, we have literally a treasure trove of mss, inscriptions and other archaeological evidence for Islam. The documentary evidence for Islam far surpasses anything that Christianity has.

        Really, but until now you could not produce 114 surah manuscript. Are you serious and show me the Exodus account in the Quran it is not there. Show me archaeological evidence for Islam hahahahh what a fart. And why will CP debate you outside. It is much better to debate over skype so that he can give you evidence online and you can do the same. This is just an excuse of not debating. I know you Muslims have mastered this trick from not debating by Dr. Zakir Naik. Who says”bring 20,000 people on your sermon and then he will debate” And this comes from Muhammad who ran from debating the Christians of Najran. So, i can understand all the Muhammedans are cowards. Go practice human shield or suicide bombings. A coward act.


      16. 😂🤣 Here we go again for the 15th time! Hanuman with his characteristic “where, where…show me… where…”

        First, answer my questions that you have been avoiding monkey. You will not jump anymore.

        Cp hides behind his channel so he can control everything. When someone starts to refute hint, he mutes them. This tells you that he is a satanic liar and trickster. Only morons like you fall for his tricks.

        The Christians of Najran were unwilling to swear and invoke God’s curse. They ran from debating. Plus, they were probably Nestorians idiot. You morons regard them as heretics. Your church tried to wipe them out.

        Now go eat some poop bread and your children (if you have any) as your god wanted.


      17. Abdul do you have the backbone to debate CP, who butchers your Muhammad everyday. I feel sorry for your prophet. Really, if Muhammad would had been living he would had wept tears of blood.


      18. Hanuman, get out from cp’s rectum and tell him to come here.

        He will get roasted just like you, inshaAllah. We know he won’t come out of hiding because he’s a coward.

        Now go eat some poop bread while you clean toilets in Goa. 🤣


      19. Cowards, hahaha what a fart. Say you don’t have the balls to debate CP. Ok What about Robert Spencer, Jay Smith or David Wood or Sam Shamoun. Any Muslims can handle them. They will certainly debate. Did you forget how Sam Shamoun roasted Anjem Choudary.


      20. HAHAHAHA, so your master doesn’t have the testes to come out of hiding?

        I have been debating Shamoun online. I have responded to his articles and have refuted him on such things as the rabbit error in Leviticus and the flat-earth in the Bible. Presently, I am working on another article that will refute him some more.

        So, you and your.masters are getting roasted and a you can do is pose pathetic challenges to act like youre tough. If cp is such a scholar, then why doesn’t he come out of hiding?

        Many Muslims have already demolished these clowns. Shabbir Ally, Mohammad Hijab, Ali Ataie, etc.


      21. 🤣😂 Oh man, you morons display typical cult behavior. You all think the same idiotic way! Debating through written correspondence is highly preferred as it allows both sides to thoroughly research their claims and counterclaims. This is why you idiots are always begging for debates. You will try to blitz the opponent and then claim victory. This is why you always lose in written correspondence. We have seen that with the way you have been roasted for the last 3 weeks. We have seen that with my roasting of Shamoun on a number of occasions. Alhamdulillah!


      22. 🤣😂 Hanuman is getting desperate! Is that all you do? Googling all day long little monkey?

        Sir Isaac Newton was not a historian dummy. He was a scientist who also didn’t believe in your pathetic and idiotic trinity. He was a Unitarian.


      23. 🤣😂 Everytime you get cornered, you try to weasel your way out by asking Muslims to refute your master cp. Why doesn’t your master agree to a debate outside of his channel? What is he afraid of? Tell him to come here. We’ll see how well he does.


    1. 😆 Still running, huh monkey? No scholar agrees with Spencer, the fake scholar. You’re embarrassing yourself monkey! Spencer also ran away from debating Danios on Loonwatch. The pathetic fat clown knew he was gonna get SLAUGHTERED.


      1. 🤣 Hanuman, I can find the debate myself. I’ll watch it later. Frankly, I doubt your silly assessment. Spencer is a pathetic pseudo-scholar who ran away from debating Danios.

        Still waiting for you to answer my questions. You didn’t think I forgot with your attempts at deflecting, did you little monkey?


      2. Really, Islamic awareness is your best defense. Ok one simple question can you show me the name of your prophet from the entire Quran. Show me if you can then i will consider becoming a Muslim what say. So read the question and answer, since you say we have evidence ok show me the name of your prophet from the Quran. We will talk about who got more evidence Muhammad or Jesus existence later. But answer this simple question.


      3. And he jumps again! So no response, eh monkey? You’re overwhelmed and have no idea how to respond? That’s what happens when biased morons stick their noses where they don’t belong. Did you look at the link moron? It provides archaeological evidence from the early and mid-7th century that proves that Muhammad (pbuh) was a historical person.

        I see you’re running again. Provide similar evidence for Jesus or Moses, monkey. Let’s see if you can be consistent for once in your pathetic monkey life. 🤣


      4. ooooooooo my God what ??? are you serious so Muslims are referring to Christian sources but no Islamic sources. But all these Christian sources refer Muhammad to be a false prophet, a beast, a fake prophet, a womanizer, a ruthless barbaric killer. Great, so come to Christian sources to prove Islam and Muhammad. this is why Muslims need to go to Bible to prove the prophecy of Muhammad but cannot show any prophecy from Quran. Hahahah, this is the best you got.


      5. 😆 ooooooh my God what? Are you serious monkey? The fact that even biased Christian sources mention Muhammad proves that he existed. It doesn’t matter what they say about him. What matters is that if he was a mythical figure, then the Christians would have showed some evidence of skepticism.

        This is what Islamic-Awareness says:

        Non-Muslim writers (read Christian) of the first century hijra depict Muhammad variously as a Prophet/Preacher with a spiritual motivation (Doctrina Iacobi Nuper Baptizati, Sebeos Bishop of the Bagratunis, The Gospel of the Twelve Apostles, The History of the Patriarchs of Alexandria), a King/Leader (A Chronicler Of Khuzistan; Fragments Of The Chart Of Jacob (= James) Of Edessa; Ad Annum 705), a warrior (The Gospel of the Twelve Apostles), a Guide/Instructor (John bar Penkaye), a trader/merchant (Fragments Of The Chart Of Jacob (= James) Of Edessa; Ad Annum 705), whom the Arabs derived their authority from (Maronite Chronicle), especially when battling their opponents (A Record of the Arab Conquest of Syria; Thomas, the Presbyter) or negotiating treaties (The History of the Patriarchs of Alexandria). He originated from Mecca or its environs and was an instructor who instituted a definite kind of legislation and tradition which his followers were to adhere to, including prayer in direction towards the Ka’ba (The History of the Patriarchs of Alexandria). The early Arabs were the followers of Muhammad (Thomas the Presbyter; Sebeos, Bishop of the Bagratunis; Chronicler of Khuzistan), who was their ‘guide’ and ‘instructor’ (John bar Penkaye) whose ‘traditions’ and ‘laws’ they fiercely upheld (John bar Penkaye; The History of the Patriarchs of Alexandria) and who prescribed for them abstinence from carrion, wine, falsehood and fornication (Sebeos, Bishop of the Bagratunis). Furthermore, the non-Muslim sources of the first century hijra also attest that the religion of the followers of Muhammad was strictly monotheistic (Sebeos, Bishop of the Bagratunis; John bar Penkaye; The History Of The Patriarchs Of Alexandria) and of Abrahamic associations (Chronicler of Khuzistan).[64]Sebeos, Bishop of the Bagratunis points out that Muhammad legislated the law proscribing carrion (Qur’an 5:3), wine (Qur’an 2:219, 5:90), falsehood (Qur’an 39:3, 16:116, 33:24) and fornication (Qur’an 17:32, 24:2). More importantly, it shows that early Muslims adhered to a religion that had definite practices and beliefs and was clearly distinct from other currently existing faiths. The Syriac sources from the middle until the end of the first/seventh century constitute the majority of the literary texts and emphasize Muhammad’s centrality for the Muslims, just like the Muslim sources from the same period.


      6. So, you are saying no Muslims (o, i am sorry no Saracen or Ishmaelite )took Muhammad seriously. This is why Christians had to mention him. Even if we agree with the earliest source then who is Muhammad??? because the earliest Christian Source grade
        1) Muhammad to be the ruler of Saracen or Ishmaelite and not of Muslims.
        2) Who is the person named by Bukhari is he the same person or you Muhammedans have two Muhammads.So, take your own sweet time.


      7. More jumping monkey? Your Googling is truly a testament to how lazy and stupid you really are. Can you ever produce one scholarly sources dummy? Instead of randon links?

        I’m still waiting for your answers to my questions, inbred monkey. The longer you stall, the worse it will get for you. So where’s your evidence for Moses or Jesus? Hmmm? Is your god evil? Why did he make the Israelites eat poop bread and their children? 🤮


      8. What happen you are quoting Richard Carrier or the best Islamic Awarness. These are two historians in your bag. richard carrier is an atheist if he doesn’t believes in the Bibilical God do you think he will believe in Allaha. What a fart? What happen no reply of who your prophet is. Why Christians are mentioning Saracens didn’t take Muhammad seriously or he was just another clown in the town.

        But he is the same person, so you accept that Muhammad was bloody swine, a beastly and a fake prophet do you accept. The argument of the earliest sources.


      9. HAHAHAHA! Look at the monkey run!

        Richard Carrier is an actual HISTORIAN, monkey. He has published PEER-REVIEWED journals, moron! Can you show me even ONE PEER-REVIEWED article that the fake scholar Robert Spencer has published?

        You obviously don’t want to apply the same standards to Jesus’ existence that you want to apply to Muhammad’s existence. This shows that you are a pathetic and biased poop-bread eating crosstian. You are incapable of serious research. You just look for any crackpot theory that might make Islam look bad, and you run with it.

        So I ask again: where is your evidence for the existence of Moses or Jesus? Answer the question monkey. No more running.

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      10. LOL, as I already said, it’s not what they said about him that matters. They were biased, pagan crosstians. You can’t expect them to be objective in their assessment of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It would be like if we had actual Roman sources from Jesus’ time which referred to him as an impostor. What would that prove, besides that he existed? But of course, we don’t even have such sources, do we?

        The fact that even Christian sources admit that he existed completely demolishes the laughable ramblings of pseudoscholars like Spencer. Do you admit that now monkey? Muhammad (pbuh) did exist. Yes? Answer the question, baboon.

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    2. mr.heathcliff

      you S.O.B did u read YASIN_100 review ? did u see the way spencers bitches GET SCHOOLED in that review?

      read yasin 100 review , its there from the link

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      1. mr.heathcliff

        muhammad pbuh

        1. mother and father
        2. wives

        zoes pagan god

        1. impregnates his mother like other pagan gods
        2. has no father
        3. an angel god-man

        do i need to say anymore?

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    1. mr.heathcliff

      “Lol, did you ever stop to think that Muslims already knew about him, as he is mentioned in the Quran and the hadiths? Are you really this stupid?”

      thats what caused me to write the above comment.

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  2. stewjo004

    @ Zoze

    You said:

    “Ok one simple question can you show me the name of your prophet from the entire Quran. Show me if you can then i will consider becoming a Muslim …”

    Deal. I’ll do you one better and give you multiple:

    Muhammad is only a Messenger. Many Messengers have passed away before him, if he dies or is killed, will you retrace your steps ˹and go back to what you used to be˺? Whoever turns back will not harm God in any way, and God will soon reward the grateful. (3:144)

    Muhammad is not the father of any man among you; he is the Messenger of God and the Seal of Prophets; and God knows everything. (33:40)

    Those who disbelieve and block others from God’s way, He will cause their deeds to go to waste. And those who have faith, do good and believe what was sent down to Muhammad is the Truth from their Lord; He will bury away their sins and correct their situation. (47:1-2)

    Muhammad is the Messenger of God and those who are with him are unyielding against the disbelievers, while loving and merciful among themselves… (48:29)

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