9 thoughts on “Watch “Conversation with Yahweh” on YouTube

    1. 🤣😂 Did you watch the video moron? It’s not about merely speaking dummy. It’s about speaking nonsensically, like you do.

      Are you ready to admit your god is evil? Ready to renounce your religion?


  1. Son of Muta Christian Prince is on air do you have the fart. Ok if you debate him and Destroy right away I am ready to say anything you want. What say will you come online or will run. Just debate him and and destroy him I will do what you say. But don’t forget to take my name.


    1. 😆 Are you still trying to get your master some attention, son of Satan? Why do you keep running and changing the subject? Send your master here and we’ll roast him just like we roasted you. Tell him to come out of hiding behind his channel.

      Was your god evil for ordering the murders of babies? Yes or no? Will you renounce your religion? Yes or no? How many toilets did you clean today?

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