7 thoughts on “No offence intended but don’t these Christians realise they sound like vampires?

  1. mr.heathcliff

    they made a human into a livitical sacrifice , the priestly writers would have vomited. there is no way those priestly writers would have imagined this fetish for human flesh and blood. this is 100 % mind cannibalism.

    these guys imagine the gory details to “connect” with their gods. lol
    how about the circumcision of jesus, when the flesh was cut, it bled.
    but they don’t want cuts, then need proper hardcore roman flesh piercing act. they need to make “virgin jesus” bleeeeed.


  2. mr.heathcliff

    just imagine this gory detail

    a roman slices jesus’ flesh and then this christian opens his mouth and drinks the blood. what the hell is this?


  3. mr.heathcliff

    read the comments on academic biblical

    from aractus

    Not exactly, Craig Evans lied as I’ve pointed out in my reply below, and so did Gary Habermas, he claimed here (January 2018!) that the manuscript dated to 80-110 AD and that the date was “just given”. Now in the entire affair Habermas’ lie is far less serious, but it does show to what extent the American Evangelicals will lie to their own audience! Evens however had to have been involved with the deception, or if not him someone else directly connected to the Greens who told him that information. However we have to assume it was him, and possibly in collaboration with others.

    MORE swimming in jesus’ blood.
    never TRUST a crosstian!

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