One thought on “Watch “QURAN CHALLENGE…Failed!” on YouTube

  1. stewjo004

    What’s also not being brought up is the Qur’an is a FREESTYLE. So if you REALLY want to get technical the person should have been doing this live. So not only does it fail but it failed after the person got to go home and think about it.

    It’s funny because people would think were we’re spreading propaganda against the false prophets when we talk about their bad poetry when they tried this challenge like such jewels from Musaylamah al Kathab:

    “The Elephant. And what will make you know the Elephant? He has a long trunk, and a short tail.”

    or who could forget:

    Surah Al-Dhifd’ah (i.e. the Frog).”

    “Oh Frog, you clean what you want to clean. Neither do you drink, nor do you disturb the mud.”

    For those of you who would like to hear his “suwar” in Arabic:

    This dude who studied classical Arabic will be remembered as the one who swore by the boiled egg lol.

    Also great points on the unique structure of sentence and plagiarism.

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