Corrections in Early Qurʾān Manuscripts: Twenty Examples – Dan Brubaker

It seems whenever a book comes out that the missionaries think they can use for the purpose of propaganda against Islam, they almost always forget to actually read it! Case in point…a good discussion by brother Ijaz Ahmed.

Calling Christians


A recent publication by Dan Brubaker has received quite serious praise from a crowd of individuals who do not seem to have read it and those that have read it cannot seem to articulate what about it was meant to be praiseworthy in the first place. Having read it myself roughly a week or two ago, I forgot about its existence as I was thoroughly nonplussed about its contents, I proceeded with my Ramadan (and subsequently my Eid) until today when I thought to myself that perhaps I can do a very brief review of the work in an effort to put to some use the time I invested in having read the very short book.

To begin with, I have had several interactions with missionaries who seem to consider this book to be one of the greatest literary pieces ever published, yet I cannot seem to find anyone who…

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