Ken Temple Cannot Explain the Difference Between Christian and Hindu Man-Worship

At Blogging Theology, the brainwashed Trinitarian apologist Ken Temple is struggling to explain how his worship of Jesus (peace be upon him) is any different from the Hindu worship of their “gods”, such as Krishna. Temple has tried to wiggle his way out of the uncomfortable conundrum by going off on tangents, such as how Christianity is supposedly “monotheistic” while Hinduism is polytheistic. He has also tried to deny the existence of Krishna as a historical person, as well as denouncing the Hindu gods as “cartoons”. But the problem for him is that none of these excuses refutes the main issue, which is that both Christians and Hindus worship flesh-and-blood people (whether real or imagined). Like Jesus (peace be upon him), Krishna is depicted as a man (albeit, usually a blue man). Both were miraculously born, and both died. Whatever his feelings about Hinduism as a false religion (which, of course, it is), it does NOT change the fact that his fellow Christians have one thing in common with Hindus: they all engage in man-worship, which is nothing more than idolatry and paganism.

Besides, even if Krishna was not a historical person (whether he was or wasn’t is not the issue), Temple’s troubles do not disappear. History is full of undeniable examples of historical figures who were worshipped as “gods”. One need not look further than the Roman emperors or the Egyptian pharaohs. Another good example is Mahavira, who is worshiped by followers of Jainism. He is even referred to as “Lord Mahavira”, just as Christians refer to Jesus as “Lord Jesus”.  Yet another example is Sai Baba, who is worshiped by many Hindus (and even many Indian so-called “Muslims”). All of this is paganism, so how is Christian worship of Jesus (peace be upon him) any different. These acts of devotion are inspired by Satan, and are nothing more than sickening idolatry, and Temple’s failure to refute this is further proof that Christianity is a false religion which will lead it’s followers to the fires of hell. Consequently, Ken Temple has been honored with his rightful place on the Quran and Bible Blog’s “Missionary Wall of Shame“.

Repent, oh you Christians! Come to Islam and worship the One True God, Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He), who is not a man, but the Creator of all that exists.



38 thoughts on “Ken Temple Cannot Explain the Difference Between Christian and Hindu Man-Worship

  1. mr.heathcliff

    “Like Jesus (peace be upon him), Krishna is depicted as a man (albeit, usually a blue man). Both were miraculously born, and both died. Whatever his feelings about Hinduism as a false religion (which, of course, it is), it does NOT change the fact that his fellow Christians have one thing in common with Hindus: they all engage in man-worship, which is nothing more than idolatry and paganism.”

    to a hindu ,the idea that god only INCARNATES once is FALSE .hahahaha
    thats why they tell the crosstians that their god came down many times to “relate to human beings”

    from a pagan thinking perspective, the hindus have a POINT over the pagan crosstians. if you want to PUT god in the earth, and have him pop out of a vagina as “fully man and fully god,” and suckle on his “vessel” (remember , in crosstianity, mary is JUST A vessel) , why are you saying yhwh DID not become INDIAN? are you racist? do you want him to be kept in a land where israelities worshiped any MOVING thing? give the hindus a chance man, give freedom to yhwh to take on any race.

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  2. mr.heathcliff

    “He has also tried to deny the existence of Krishna as a historical person, as well as denouncing the Hindu gods as “cartoons”. ”

    believes in ALL the stories in the OT.
    believes in all the “yhwhistic appearances” in ot
    believes yhwh BECAME jewish
    blieves in a god that CONSIDERS NON-jews as DOGS!

    i sense a bit of RACISM here.

    the IDEA that god BECOMES created and “relates” PRE DATES crosstianity, here is the EVIDENCE :


    If you read what the pagans wrote about the Jews, it wasn’t the Jews’ monotheism that they found odd. It’s the fact that the Jewish temple had no god inside of it. That is to say, the Jews didn’t represent their god with some form of statue or image. The Holy of Holies in the Temple was literally empty. The notion of an all-powerful Creator godhead wasn’t that odd to the pagans. The lack of a physical representation is what the pagans found odd.


    In response, an anonymous poet wrote a hymn celebrating the actions and character of Demetrius, associating him with the great goddess of Greece, Demeter. Here is an extract of his hymn:

    The greatest among the gods have drawn close to our city…
    Both Demeter and Demetrius…
    Hail to you, O Son of the mighty god Poseidon and of Aphrodite.
    The other gods dwell so far away,
    or else they have no ears,
    or they do not exist, or do not care at all about us
    We see you in our midst,
    not a wooden or stone presence, but bodily
    And so we pray to you… bring about peace
    for you are the Lord (κύριος)

    Notice what is said of Demetrius. He is one of the “greatest gods,” the son of God” (specifically of the gods Poseidon and Aphrodite), one who is “near” his own people – not remote, off on Mount Olympus, the one who “brings peace,” who can be called “Lord.”

    These ascriptions to Demetrius should sound familiar to anyone who knows about early Christianity, where Jesus too was known as the incarnation of a divine being, the Son of God, the bringer of peace, the Lord, and God in the flesh. My ultimate point: Jesus was not the first to be called such things, or thought to be a kind of incarnation of the divine. He had predecessors.

    + The gods in Greek and Roman thought were considered to be superhuman. Unlike, say, the (animal-shaped) gods of Egypt, the Greek and Roman gods were literally in human form. When they appeared here on earth to humans they were often “bigger than life,” but they could assume regular human form when they wanted to and they were human-shaped even when attending to their heavenly duties. In the Greek and Roman myths, they acted in human ways, they experienced the range of human emotions, they manifested human foibles, and so on.


    the idea EXISTED prior to crosstianity. man being man wants to BOX his creator in a BOX because man himself IS boxed and FEELS God is TOO far, so he CREATES god in his MIND and sees him as himself. christianity is CREATION of man.

    so you will see that this kafir will say that the father has no idea how it is when going to the toilet, he created a spare god for that job. and the funny thing is that even that spare god CAN’T relate toilet feelings to “father in heaven”


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  3. Allah subhana wa ta’ala ordered: “And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do.” (Qur’an, al-An’am 6:108)

    “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.” (Quran, al-Dhaariyat 51:55)

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  4. Vaqas Rehman

    Of course Ken can’t explain it. How can he when the core of both theologies is essentially the same? Both religions worship a plurality of persons sharing a single divine substance.

    ” Why are there so many Hindu Gods?
    Hindus actually only believe in one God, Brahman, the eternal origin who is the cause and foundation of all existence. The gods of the Hindu faith represent different forms of Brahman. These gods are sent to help people find the universal God (Brahman).

    Most Hindus have a personal god or godess such as Shiva, Krishna or Lakshmi to whom they pray regularly.”

    “A: Hindus all believe in one Supreme God who created the universe. He is all-pervasive. He created many Gods, highly advanced spiritual beings, to be His helpers.”

    A quick simplistic tldr explanation can be found in this video from 0.56 to 1.50

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Absolutely, I know a brother personally who traveled to India for like 2 weeks and actually got physically sick from all the idol worship. He said he just got overwhelmed because he just used to Christians but never full on idolatry taking place.

        Same thing this one Hindu guy actually tried to make sujood to my wife and her father in law just because they gave him a small amount of help. Idk how the brothers over there do it.

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      2. mr.heathcliff

        i have a friend called Hatem, he takes on atheistic arguments against God. shall i invite him here to contribute to your blog articles?

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Vaqas

      That’s hilarious I argued the EXACT same thing to Ken on the blog. One thing I don’t get though if I was a Hindu. if I know Brahman is the almighty then why do I need the other gods to worship Him why not cut out the middle man?

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Carl

        Within 2:12 minutes of your video, it already shows its lack of knowledge regarding Islam. Basically, it states because the Quran has not rained down on all nations, therefore, Islam is universally revealed. This is laughably wrong as the religion of Islam was eternally revealed as the Quran clearly states prophets were sent to EVERY nation and people had various reactions to the truth:

        I appointed a Messenger for each nation telling them to worship God and to stay away from forces calling to rebellion. Among them is some God guided and some who misguidance materialized so they deserved to be led astray. Just travel throughout the earth and take a look for yourself. How was the fate of those who denied? (16:37)

        I have sent many Messengers before you. Some I have told you of their story, while others I did not. It’s not becoming of a Messenger throughout the ages to bring a sign except with God’s permission. So, when the Judgement of God comes it is decided with purpose. Then at that moment those who try to cancel out this Message will have lost. (40:78)

        To attempt to do a refutation and mess up a fundamental belief of the religion you’re trying to refute makes watching the rest no longer necessary. EVERY prophet came with Islam for mankind Muhammad(saw) is simply the FINAL manifestation of the true religion:

        I have sent you only to bring good news and a warning to all people, but most of them don’t even realize it. (34:28)

        Also, Muhammad(saw) said:

        “…Every Prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind.”

        become a Muslim.

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      2. Carl


        Salaam, and namastë.

        It’s not “my” video, though; but thanks for responding. Sorry to have offended you.
        By summary, “God is to be experienced yourself” without relying heavily on the materialistic, outside world for once. Take a moment and meditate to heart.

        It is true that religions/faiths before al-Islam carry the same message of worshipping the One, true God/Source. The concepts of methods of communicating with the God keep evolving to this very day. Many reject the messenger’s teachings of the day because they were uninformed, inexperienced, or otherwise indoctrinated with other things.

        Indeed Muhammad and his Recitations were sent to all humankind; but the by-product, as seen in the 15:34 mark, shows a degree of division and diversity. Is it a good or bad thing?

        I only accept the dictionary definition of a Muslim: one who surrendered the Self, in peace, to the God. That’s where the meditation, theosis (spiritual experience), etc. comes in.

        Stew, my advice is not to be an exclusivist. I’m a mystic and I know there is some truth(s) in al-Islam and al-Qur’an. There’s a degree of respect in that; and am not refuting anything but informing the basics of the Dharma to anyone who is willing. I hope humanity frees itself from ignorance and bigotry.

        Many thanks, once again.
        – Carl

        (29:46 – “Do not argue with the people of the Kitab… unless who give it in wrongdoing…”. I myself believe and worship the same God as you, and yet still speaks to me.)

        Oh, I forgot, the “previous video” was:


  5. stewjo004

    @ Carl

    Not offended just think that’s a poor mistake to make on an opponent’s theology especially when trying to “enlighten” the folly of their ways.

    Regarding 15:34 I think you might have misquoted because it says:

    I said: “Get out from it. You are an outcast,” (15:34)

    And I don’t think this is what you meant.

    Regarding being an “inclusive” this comes from not being confident in beliefs. Religions have major contradictions among each other for example Hindus and Christians both claim God became a man and worship humans while Muslims say this is blasphemy worthy of God’s punishment. Both CANNOT be true and one is wrong therefore the wrong side is false and created by men, not God. Muhammad(saw) says he is the final prophet and it is obigatory to follow what God has told him, you say it’s not, both of you CANNOT be right. If Muhammad(saw) was wrong then he is a liar and thus should not be followed. If he was right then you are wrong and worthy of God’s punishment for committing the ULTIMATE offense against Him.

    If God was to send communication to mankind it would not be contradictory and clearly state this is from Him this is what He wants you to do.

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    1. I agree. It is simply not possible to say that all religions are correct and lead to God. Islam is exclusive. It does not negotiate with beliefs that are false just for the sake of “inclusivity”. It states that idolatry is an abomination. Hinduism is okay with it. So how can both lead to God?

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      1. Carl

        It’s not whether one religion is “correct”, which is the big tug-of-war of both mainstream Christianity and Islam. It is whether we can get close to God according to the scripture/religion/methods of our choosing. Set aside the dogma/falsity tests for once.

        I *actually* have no problem with you Muslims. Just came here to clear the misunderstandings of the Sanatana Dharma. God did not send a whole book from heaven. But to one who wishes to seek further: ask and it shall be given.

        By the way, I am not a Hindu. God be with you and your Umma.

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      2. Carl, whatever you identify yourself as, the fact is that as Muslims, we believe that all other religions have been corrupted by man-made ideas. Such things as “Dharma”, reincarnation etc.are foreign to our understanding. And since we believe that Islam is divinely revealed, there is no logical reason to accept other religions, which contradict Islam in so many ways, as equally valid options to get “close to God”.


  6. Carl

    @stewjo004, I wasn’t quoting al-Qur’an 15:34, it was the video “Christianity and Islam the only way? A Hindu response” at the 15:34 mark. So much misunderstanding!

    The Hindus do worship the one God aka Paramātmā but in many manifestations, monism. Not pantheism. It’s like the Kaaba. You pray to God in the direction of Kaaba but not through the Kaaba since that would be shirk. Hindus pray to God in the manifestation of their choosing towards a manifestation/altar. Same with the Christians and their statues, icons, crosses, towards the sky, etc. They don’t pray to the items mentioned but to the God (doesn’t matter if Trinitarian/Unitarian) who is in heaven, and these items serve as a guide/direction/qibla.

    Yes, God has no image, form, personality, etc., all this time God according all the major scriptures is invisible! Unseen. A force beyond human comprehension. The major world scriptures only go as close to give a personality(ies) to the God just to express this unknown force.

    Being the seal of the Prophets mean that Muhammad may be the last of the Abrahamic prophets according to al-Islam. However, I don’t need to follow all of al-Quran because the transmitters of the book are human like the other world scriptures. I cannot call Muhammad a liar because that is disrespectful to al-Islam. He is to be respected like other important people of the past (if I count Alexander o Megas that is).

    I have no problem with Muslims; it is only through their free will/choice they can go beyond their faith to experience the God within us. Like what has Jesus taught (healing, raising the dead, our God is one, kingdom is within, make clay birds, etc.). Setting aside our differences, prejudices, and the past is just the beginning. It doesn’t matter if Muhammad is the last messenger, who is God, are we going to be punished in the hereafter, or if reincarnation exists. What matters is *now*, the present that we are alive.

    You are many stepping stones ahead of the average Christian. My advice to you is, explore Sanatana Dharma for yourself and see if offends or benefits you. Remember: dictionary definition of al-Islam and Muslim! The gate of Dharma remains open to willing seekers.

    I already became a seeker: my spiritual training and the injustice in the present world attest to my Jihad. Being one with God without anomaly is still a goal to humanity to follow. That’s salvation in a nutshell. If I still offended/mislead you, reply away.

    God be with you and your Umma.


    1. Carl, the difference between Hindus using idols or Christians their statues and Muslims praying in the direction of the Kaaba is quite obvious. Hindus give their idols baths and so on. This is not just praying to God using a “manifestation” but flat-out idolatry. It’s not the same as praying towards a building. Muslims don’t bathe the Kaaba (except for basic maintenance and cleanliness) or chant mantras to “invite” the deity to reside in the Kaaba. There is a huge difference between what you do and what Muslims do, and frankly it’s offensive that you would compare the two. I know you didn’t mean it but you were basically saying that Muslims unwittingly practice idol worship.

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    2. stewjo004

      @ Carl

      To begin I am familiar that Hinduism’s “gods” are various manifestations of God.

      Let me first help you, the Kaaba has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the direction God is in. It is a marker for which direction we pray for uniformity like say for example when in school every desk faces the chalkboard. You can stand on it, go in it, destroy it and it would affect NOTHING to us. Also, the Kaaba is not an image of things, again a marker like a chalkboard. You all give forms and images and claim this is what God looks like.

      Also, you don’t follow anything from Islam so quite frankly nobody cares about you moving toward your deserved punishment. Yes, by denying what Muhammad (saw) said CLEARLY and what his text says CLEARLY you are calling him a liar no matter what you say otherwise. Again just because you pagans worship everything under the sun don’t expect others to as well.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Carl

        Also as of note, you are NOT a Muslim from your very loose definition:

        “one who surrendered the Self, in peace, to the God.”

        You have NOT done this because you put yourself above what God has revealed and reject what the person He sent has said, thus rejecting Him as well. By doing this you have not surrendered and instead arrogantly thought you knew better.

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  7. Carl

    That’s where the problem begins: the ordinary Muslim to this day is being misunderstood about how the Hindus, Christians, etc. worship God; and the other way around is probably true. As long as you assert the exclusivity of your faith, unless you explore both sides with open intention and understanding, it’s a futile war of arguments.

    This is all I can say. My will is free. I only surrender my self to God in my own terms; and firmly believe God can still speak to me (and you), the reward being enlightenment that was long-sought. Don’t have to tell you how or in what ways it is done.

    God be with you wherever you are. I meant no disrespect to anyone, even if it was unintentional.

    My final word from an influential person:
    “But because you are growing from belief system, you are not willing to make the effort of going beyond what you have gathered from others and looking at life by yourself. That is why there is conflict.” – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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    1. That’s the problem. You admit that you “surrendered” to God on your terms, instead of on His terms.

      Frankly, when I see a Hindu giving a bath to an idol, that’s it for me. I’ve seen enough. Similarly, when I see a Christian praying to Jesus, a man, despite the fact that Jesus prayed to God, I’ve seen enough. There is no “misunderstanding” here. It is what it is, and to me, it’s idolatry, something that God has forbidden.

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    2. stewjo004

      @ Carl

      Lol, my dude, I was not born Muslim I looked at other religions and concluded it was true, so there goes that from random dude who’s accomplished nothing in his life, hasn’t changed the world and is just talking out of his back pocket.

      Next, you’re not harming me in any way, shape or form you’re only harming yourself. God is in no need of you and you do not have “free will”. If so stop your heart from beating. You are a creation being arrogant about what He has commanded you to do and thus you have not surrendered yourself.

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      1. Carl

        The majority of Hindus do not perform this since their culture is very diverse. This is only found in a small village in southwestern India so this is only a speckle of what a Hindu festival is.
        My guess: this is one way of getting close to God as it benefits the community or collective. Despite the negative comments, that’s their way of thanking God for keeping them alive.

        It would’ve been better it if had subtitles to the Hindi/Kannada to what they’re saying.


      2. I don’t doubt that this is done by minority but if it’s just as good a way of getting close to God or “thanking” Him, then why did you even point that out?

        And how exactly does it “benefit” the community? By spreading disease? How does poor hygiene benefit people?

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      3. Carl

        Do you see anyone in the video sick due to the effects? The devotees look fine. Ruptly would have recorded the sick person(s). The video description says the dung is thought to have medicinal benefits. Or it might make them sick, however through their faith the benefit outweighs. Logically, they would take showers or baths in the river to clean themselves.

        Other than that, ask them. It’s my first time seeing a festival like this. From what I have witnessed, they already felt the power of God in them.


      4. My goodness! Are you seriously trying to justify this? And do I really need to educate you on the dangers of rolling around in feces?

        If you need to roll around in feces to “feel the power of God”, then you’re insane. Like I said, when I see stuff like that, I’ve seen enough. This is not how you get close to God. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m just fine seeking God through Islam and believing it is the only way to do so. Thank God for Islam! Otherwise, who knows? I may have been one of those ignoramuses rolling around in filth.

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    1. stewjo004


      Hmmm…looking back at this post Carl said:

      “…Logically, they would take showers or baths in the river to clean themselves.”

      I’m no biologist but…wouldn’t that…present a problem in the drinking water or those “without faith”?


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